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How to choose a high pressure washer + parsing the homemade version

How to choose a high pressure washer + parsing the homemade version

Our roads are far from perfect. Even in large cities, storm water drain does not cope with the flow of water after rain, and the mud flowing down from the curb into the roadway, stain all passing cars. What to say about town trips? However, the appearance of your car every driver is obliged to follow. If you constantly splashed with the mud of the sides of the car just negatively characterize its owner, the unreadable numbers can result in a fine. But washing the car at the city car wash ruinous for family budget. Helps minisink for the car, which to choose will help this article.

The contents

The main advantages of this device are its portability and mobility. You can forget about visiting a stationary car washes, if you buy the right washer for your car. It can be kept in the car trunk and use when the need arises.

Portable sink

Compact and mobile sink is convenient and in the process of storage and transportation: it will be always at hand, when can be useful

Arranged car washer is quite simple. Water under pressure is supplied through the hose, at the end of which a nozzle-divider. Pressure pump the pump operating motor. The water passing through small (approximately 0.7 mm in diameter) hole under high pressure, forms a powerful jet. With this jet and is removed from the surface of car pollution.

What to look for when you buy the unit?

If you easier to buy the device than to make it yourself, it is advisable to navigate in the operating parameters of the washer and other circumstances of its operation. Such as availability in your region service centers are able to provide warranty service of the device.

The performance of the device

Performance – measure of water flow per unit of time (minute or hour). The higher the performance of the device, the more the generated pressure. The average productivity of 7-12 litres per minute or 420-720 liters per hour.

Water pressure is the main parameter

The magnitude of water pressure depends on how efficiently and quickly it will be washed your car. An inexpensive embodiment provides a pressure of 70-100 bar. Note that this number can easily become 50 to 80 bar, if the car wash will be carried out by using water, not running water. It is clear that while the process may be delayed.

Washer high-pressure (150-180 bar) are more expensive but wash you can use them faster, and the result will be better. Therefore, on one scale put the money and on the other the quality and time. The choice is yours.

Washer different classes

Washer come in different types, but need to be chosen taking into account its own needs and capabilities: not always we need that extra class

Pay attention to the filter

The modern washer is equipped with filters. But the quality of our water is so low that the extra filter in the device is not exactly hurt. If a small abrasive particle gets into the pump device, this will cause breakage. Try to avoid replacement cartridges. Filters multiple applications are more efficient and they can be easily washed.

Different types of pumps

Pump washers are made of metal or plastic. The latter are divided into and dismountable. The cost of the pump is approximately 70% of the total price of the device, so buying a new disposable pump if its possible breakdown would be too expensive. The model with the collapsible pump is more expensive when buying, but as a result of its operation you will benefit.

However, plastic pumps, metal worse. They deteriorate from overheating and too hot water. On this circumstance we must not forget.

The washer has the resource

The lack of information on the device resource does not give us full understanding of the product. But we must clearly understand how we plan to operate, and the purposes for which it.

For example, if some models of washers can withstand up to half an hour of continuous operation, then for other 20 minutes are the limit load. The device the company Karcher series 2 and 3 can per day to wash only one car, and a series of 7 – up to seven cars a day.

What is «total stop»?

A system in which when releasing the handle automatically stops the flow of water is called «total stop». Its presence prolongs the life of any model of washing.

The washer can have a broad scope

The washer can have a broad scope, especially in the presence of different nozzles and the ability to connect that device to the water supply

The technology of water intake

To instantly provide the pressure in the system helps the device’s connection to the water supply, where water intake occurs involuntarily. But not every time there is a possibility of such connection. In this case, the washer should work with the abstraction of water from the tank. Sometimes it is such a work ban imposed and the manual says that internal parts can get extra wear. Operate the product only as provided in the instructions.

Attachments and add-ons

Various optional attachments extend the application of washers. Karcher with 1-2 nozzles included in the basic package, offers to buy up to 20 different accessories. Other producers choice less.

The possibility of using chemicals

Some models include the addition of chemicals to the tank, in other cases, chemicals can flow through a special device or you need a special foaming agent that is put on the tank. The last two options to wash the engine with the addition of aggressive chemicals would be difficult.

Guarantee and service

Ready minisink intended to open her could only service centers. Warranty conditions and availability of centers definitely need to figure out in advance.

A few words about how to choose the purchase floor, you will hear from the expert on this video:

If there is no money — do the floor yourself

Hand made minisink will not only save a family budget, but will bring additional pleasure to the motorist: accessibility used in its production detail is simply inspiring. Operating voltage for the device is 12 volts: can be operated by inserting the plug into «cigarette lighter» or from the mains through a rectifier.

Required work items:

  • working motor washer «Volga», «nine» or another machine;
  • brush for washing machines, put on the hose;
  • cigarette lighter plug;
  • two three-metre hose 6 and 10mm in diameter;
  • cut gofroshlanga 25mm in diameter;
  • button-switch;
  • twisted pair wiring 5-6m in length;
  • bolt M8 brass with washer and nut;
  • two plastic 10-liter Jerry cans;
  • 6 galvanized screws-screws with a diameter of 4х12мм;
  • a little sealant.

So, the order of execution of work. Thin hose and wire are placed in the larger diameter hose. Then he tucks into a hole that need to be done in the canister, and fixed sleeve. To a motor of the washer is attached to each tube. The brush is installed the button switch. If desired, decorate with a cut corrugated hose 25mm in diameter. Joining the lower part of the wire is well shown in the diagram.

One of the two cans you have to cut to make her second bottom of the sink with the Shuttle, which will be wound the power cord and turning the lid. For supplying water to the brush you have to press the button-switch. Quite a short push to the 50s at intervals of 15-20 seconds.

Diagram of the homemade washer

Homemade minisink very easy to make and wonderful to use: rode where there are no people and washed the car without problems and costs

Minisink on the basis of the cans

How to cut the canister can be clearly seen in the photos. On the right photo shows the bottom of the canister attached to it a motor washer

The motor of the washer need to be fixed yoke, which is cut from the remnants of the second canister. For mounting, use the M8 screws, planted on the sealant. The hoses are wound on a plastic sleeve, which is perfect the body from bullets or ordinary ballpoint pens.

After desoldering the wires by screws is attached to the second bottom, then tilt cover. Don’t forget to use sealant wherever it is needed.

Homemade minisink Assembly

All that is needed to make the washer depicted in this and the previous photos and diagrams: left to stock up on parts and patience

After car wash:

  • hose hide inside;
  • the wire is wound onto the Shuttle, closed rotary cap;
  • in winter, the remaining water to drain.

This washer allows not to depend on the water source, to wash the car often and with pleasure.

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