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A fence made of wooden fence: the technology of erection of the most popular fencing

A fence made of wooden fence: the technology of erection of the most popular fencing

In Russia the tree has been used as a building material. Building a log home, frame for Windows, interior items, kitchen utensils. This natural material allows you to create an atmosphere of inner peace and comfort. Wooden picket fence – one of the most popular types of fencing in the residential construction, which is indispensable for the regeneration of the area in rustic style. Such a fence on one side delineates the borders of the plot, and with another – not dimmed his territory.

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Fences from the fence can be any height, shape, color, and even the distance of the lumen, so that they become original appearance and its appearance complement the design of the suburban area.

Wood fence – beautiful framing and protection

A fence made of wooden fence used as a reliable fencing the infield, element zoning, decorative frames, garden beds and flower beds

A wooden fence, twined with flowering plants

The flower stems, filling the gaps in the gaps between the vertical slats give the fence a more attractive appearance

Continuing popularity of this type of fencing due to a number of its parameters and properties, the major among which are:

  • Versatility. Wooden fences fit in perfectly with any landscape. They go perfectly with any other foundations blend seamlessly into the interior, made of stone or brick, concrete or metal.
  • Easy installation. The installation of fences from the fence the strength to carry out independently any vacationer and the owner of a country house, not resorting to services of professional masters.
  • The ease of care. Care fence is only timely staining of the surface and elimination of defects that might arise in the process of operation due to mechanical stress and seasonal precipitation.
  • Reliability. A high wooden fence will perform not only a decorative element of landscape design, but also reliable protection of the owners of the site.

One of the advantages of a picket fence compared to traditional solid fence, is the ability to plant directly at its base.

Procurement of material for construction of fence

For the construction of the fence will need:

  • The support poles. They can be made of metal pipes or thick bars.
  • Fence. The narrow slats are made from cut or planed boards.
  • Prozhiliny. Strips placed horizontally between the support posts, a length of 2-2,5 meters are made of bars section 40 mm.

Choosing the material to make a picket fence, you can go two ways: to buy ready-made fence or make it yourself from the boards. The first method allows you to save time. The finished fence can be set on the day of purchase. But a significant drawback can serve as low-quality raw wood, serving the basis for the fence, which is in the process of operation «lead» the fence. Choosing the second way, the owner will need to make the effort to spend a few days making all the fence elements. But he will have a fence, which completely corresponds to his ideas and wishes.

First we need to calculate the length of the future fence, its height, the distance between the supporting pillars and the dimension of the fence. When purchasing the boards for the fence, to give preference to well-dried products.

Drying boards for fence construction

If the material is sufficiently dried, it is necessary to use special dryers for wood, because in natural conditions, drying may take a few seasons

Service dry forests, as well as the cutting of transoms and stattin can be enjoyed in the place where the manufacture of wood products. In preparing the material on their own, should be thoroughly washed down and sanding all the tops.

Varieties of tops of fence

The designs of the tops of wooden fence

The lower part of the wooden supporting posts need to coat with hot pitch. This will help to prevent wood rot and extend the life of your structure.

Installation and installation of fences

The arrangement of the fence runs on the same principle as the construction of other types of fences. First of all, determines the future direction of the fence. It must be free from weeds, bushes and branches of trees that will be disturbed during construction. Then, on the cleared area stretched beacons, and a tight lace plan a place under the posts. The distance between the posts should not exceed three meters. Otherwise, long spans between supports can cause the sagging of the cross members under the weight of shtaketin.

The support poles can be set directly in the ground, but for a more robust design they are better to build with the use of fill cement-sand mortar.

Preparation of the base for supporting columns

For installation of the columns will require using a drill to dig a hole the depth of which is determined by the height of the fence. On average, enough depth of 1.3 m

Install bollards at 20cm gravel cushion, which can prevent the extrusion of the support during the freezing of the soil. Vertically fixed columns poured alternating layers of mortar of concrete and soil.

Following the installation of the columns on the line of the fence, can be set between prozhiliny. In principle, to install a fence in two ways: first, the first cross member mounted between the posts, and after it is nailed to the fence, and the second spans are collected separately and fixed to the supports already blocks.

The first bat is mounted vertically

The first bat is mounted vertically and the other aligned t-shaped pattern in which the width of the legs of the letter «t» equal to the pitch of Stettin, and nailed

The average distance between shtaketiny equal to the width dostochek themselves. Pin strips on a wooden support pillars using screws, bolts or conventional nails. The metal bars prozhiliny are mounted on a specially welded area for fixing beam.

Finishing and decoration of the fence

The finished fence is only to protect from weather effects and other negatively influencing factors.

Surface treatment with stain

It is necessary to seal all cracks and chips of putty compounds, impregnating the fence with antiseptic, and then to varnish, stain or paint

On freshly-planed boards of film-forming means bad and not for long to stay. Below «to zagrabiti» wood surface, you can clean it the medium-grain sandpaper.

Fence honey-Golden hue

Stain is an excellent preservative that protects wood from microbial growth and mold

The varnish will protect the wood from moisture. Using stain and clear coat, you can also simulate various types of wood.

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