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How to make a tandoor at his country house: from the brick, wooden or plastic barrel

How to make a tandoor at his country house: from the brick, wooden or plastic barrel

Stay in the country – is the unity with nature. Want to cook food on the fire, sit around the campfire listening to the twilight sounds. For cooking on the fire are often used or barbecue grill, and we invite you to make a tandoor with your hands. What is it? This Oriental oven-roaster that allows you to cook a lot of delicacies that are otherwise simply impossible to cook. Samosas, pita bread, meat East all this can be done in the tandoor. And the meat turns out very tasty, because that is suspended in a horizontal position, as a result, the fat does not drip on the coals, and runs down the meat, making it juicy and soft.

Skewers in the tandoor

Skewers in a tandoor oven turns out much tastier because of the vertically placed skewers. On the grill meat need to pour the marinade or sprinkle it with water, and it turns out tender and juicy

Very interesting, in the opinion of the European in the tandoor prepared cakes and samosas – they are attached directly to the walls of the furnace and baked so.

The Eastern flat bread and samsa in tandoor

The Eastern flat bread and samsa in tandoor baked and stuck to the walls of the furnace. This bread special taste. Do tandoor, you can bake samosas, pitas and delicious cakes

The contents

The traditional form of such a furnace is round. It can be located above the ground and below the ground. Today the tandoor of a brick building with many gardeners to make it not too difficult, but Eastern cuisine will provide plenty of fun and family members, and guests.

In the East, the tandoor can be placed in a house, it is set in the center of the room to warm the air in the room in the cold season.

Option #1 manufacturer of brick tandoor

Small tandoor can be done on a platform with wheels, you can transport it anywhere in the garden.

Ready tandoor

Tandoor you can buy, if funds allow. Here’s a ready-made tandoor with a platform on wheels can be installed anywhere in the garden or in the house

If the furnace is stationary, it is better positioned on rocky or sandy soil, away from buildings and green spaces. The land under the tandoor needs to be dry.

How to make a tandoor? For construction you can use the stone blocks, vitrified clay or brick white refractory brick. In the beginning laid the Foundation. Tandoor brick is quite heavy, so the base should be strong. The base of the furnace like the Foundation, which is the opening where fuel is charged.

It is possible to build a tandoor on the ground, in this case, under the ground need to dig a hole in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 120-130 cm fill with sand (a layer of 15-20 cm), and begin to lay brick well.


The ground under tandoor — sand cushion is on the bottom of the base, the area around is also filled with sand. At the bottom is convenient to place the bars under the coals

As a mortar for masonry you can use the stove mixture. It consists of a plasticizer, red clay and quartz sand. The laying can be both horizontal and vertical, in the first case, the oven will take longer to save heat, the second is more economical bricks will need much less.

Vertical masonry

Tandoor, lined with vertical walls with a pipe for exhaust gases. Material for the manufacture of such furnace uses less

Horizontal masonry

Brick tandoor, horizontal lined walls — the wall thickness is more, so it holds the heat longer inside. In any tandoor bottom should be a hole for the flue gases

So you can see the dimensions of the future furnace, you can first make the lining – masonry without mortar. Brick work with a grinder with a cutting diamond grinding ceramics.

The lining

The lining is done to visualize how it will look in your tandoor. After such calculations, you can begin working with the solution. The tandoor can be built on the ground or on a brick platform

To do the round the clutch hard, you will help drawing in natural size, made with the help of a protractor and compass, not the last importance is the skill with a grinder.

Circuit manufacturing tandoor

The diagram shows the device of a brick tandoor. Features manufacturer of the furnace may vary, but the basic construction principle is always the same — base with hole for fuel and building, curving upward

The pattern of bricks – the basis for the formation of the circle. Do not spare the mortar in masonry, and use a level to check the horizontal position.

Construction template

For the manufacture of tandoor Oriental masters used a similar template. Laying the bricks according to the pattern, the furnace will be progressively tapering upward rounded shape

Tandoor, narrowed upwards – this is to ensure that the heat is kept inside. In order to achieve this effect, the lower layer of bricks to cut, when laying form will resemble an arch. Once the walls are ready, you should clean the furnace interior from the traces of the solution. Dry clay used for filling the joints from the outside. The inner surface is also coated with clay, which is mixed with melkorublenoy grass.

When the oven has dried, it heated first paper, and then the calcination temperature increases. This is the easiest way to make a tandoor, but if you want to Refine, design can be coat with clay. The East furnace is decorated with mosaic tiles, Sandstone, ceramics.

The video demonstrates how to make a brick tandoor, using a template:

Option #2 — tandoor from wooden barrels

Of course, brick tandoor is the most durable and practical, but if you want you can use other ways, which we now describe. Here the essential skill of working with clay.

Need to find a small barrel with a bad fitting hoops. The barrel inside is impregnated with refined sunflower oil for impregnation leave her for the night.

Then prepare a solution – fleece for reinforcement (length up to 15 cm), fireclay, chamotte sand. The ratio respectively– 0,05 – 1 – 2. Make a thick solution and vyleplivat on the inner surface of the barrel of the furnace body (thickness 20-30 cm). The solution is smoothed and dried for a week with the help of incandescent lamps. Then the hoops can be removed and the barrel dismantled. Subsequently, the product undergoes a secondary firing.

Option #3 — roaster using barrels, plastic

You will need a plastic barrel classic form. Fill it with water, after filling the barrel slightly increases in size, its external surface coated with a refractory solution, it compacted, smoothed, until the contour of the furnace. The product also dried a week, and then the water should be drained. The barrel will be less and it will be possible to extract from the new tandoor.

On top of the furnace can be put cauldron for cooking pilaf and other dishes, but it needs to fit the crown under the scope of the cauldron, the crown coated with clay.

Mounts to skewer

The construction of the furnace — the main point, but you also need to make metal fittings for Sapara. For example — here are three brackets with a metal Hoop in the center. The easiest option is to use a sturdy rod to put it along the crown and attach the skewer

Tandoor decor

If you have the skills of pottery, tandoor you can make also a decoration on the site. For example, to create a «house» for cooking delicious Oriental dishes

We have considered several simple ways of making tandoor in the country. This is the most simple answers to the question of how to make a tandoor with your hands. More sophisticated versions offer production design that resembles a Russian stove, but it’s bulky construction and to build it quite troublesome and difficult, and simple tandoor is quite suitable for the garden and meals in it are very tasty, try it and you will see it yourself.

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