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How to attach a porch to the wooden private house

How to attach a porch to the wooden private house

The front porch is a functionally important element of the architectural ensemble of the country house, which in addition to the practical purpose serves an aesthetic function, emphasizing the beauty of the building. Speaking in front of the buildings, the porch of a private home has much to tell about its owner: his tastes, attitude toward his land, wealth and material prosperity. That is why many of us try to make the front of the house so that it stood out against the others. And even if in the construction phase, the owner has no way to attach a beautiful wooden porch to the house, he always can embody a desired later time.

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The designs of porch

Porch of a wooden house is the extension in front of the building, which serves as a transition from ground level to the floor level.

Wooden porch with stairs

Since the difference in height between the ground floor and often reaches from 50 to 200 and even more cm, is equipped with a porch lined with stairs staircase

The practical function of the porch lies in the fact that the wooden extension is designed to protect the front entrance from snow and rain. And therefore adjacent to the front door area also is equipped with a canopy. Depending on the form and purpose porch can be one of the design options, consider some of them.

Option #1 — open area on the steps

Open area on the steps

Compact the ground with attached stairs stands an excellent addition to the architectural ensemble of one – and two-story wooden house small size

Option #2 — a platform with a partially closed wall

When building a porch, located on a small hill, low fencing perform a protective function, protecting from falls and possible injury.

Area with a partially closed wall

On the porch, the height of which does not exceed half a meter, such railings and partially covered by the walls act more as a decorative design

Option #3 — front porch enclosed

Glazed porch owners of country houses are often equipped with in if have the opportunity to build a forward entrance and a more spacious area.

Porch enclosed

The space of such a porch – veranda with comfortable outdoor furniture, allowing you to take guests and to enjoy a pleasant holiday in the fresh air

Self-build wooden porch

Stage #1 — design of buildings

Before you begin construction of a porch to the house, it is important to determine not only size and design, but also consider the existence of steps, the height of the railings and General appearance of the porch.

A drawing of the future front porch

The detailed design and future design or at least a drawing of the porch will allow you to visually execute the idea and to calculate the required amount of material

In designing the structure, consider several points:

  1. Width of the area of a porch shall not be less than half the width of the main entrance. The porch is placed on the same level with the first floor of the building. This should provide the stock in 5 cm from the level of the platforms of the porch to the front door. It will in the future to avoid difficulties in the event of deformation of the surface of the wooden platform under the influence of moisture when you open the front door. After all, according to fire safety requirements the door must open outwards only.
  2. The number of stages is calculated with reference to when lifting the man stepped to the platform of a porch leading to the front door, on the right leg, with which the movement began. When building a porch in a country house usually do three, five and seven steps. The optimal size of steps: height of 15-20 cm and depth 30 cm.
  3. Wooden steps leading to the porch should be placed at a slight slope of a few degrees. This would prevent stagnation of puddles after a rain or the melting of ice in the cold season.
  4. It is desirable to provide the arrangement of the canopy that protects the entrance from rain. The presence of fences and railings will facilitate the ascent and descent of stairs, which is particularly important in winter, when the surface is covered with a crust of ice. From the point of view of ergonomics, the most comfortable handrail height 80-100cm.
  5. During the construction of the porch should also be considered that adding an extension to a monolithic building, it is desirable to connect the building structure «tightly». This is due to the fact that the house and porch, with different weights, different shrinkage. This can cause the formation of cracks and deformities in the joints.

Step #2 — prepare materials and the construction of the base

For production of wooden porch you will need materials:

  • The timber section 100 x 200 mm for installation of support poles;
  • Board thickness 30 mm for the arrangement of the platform and steps;
  • Reiki is a cross section of 50 mm for lateral racks and a handrail;
  • Preservatives for surface treatment of wood;
  • Cement mortar.

From building tools should be prepared:

  • Saw or jigsaw;
  • Hammer;
  • Level;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Fixing materials (nails, screws);
  • Shovel.

The construction of any building structure begins with the laying of the Foundation.

The construction of pile Foundation

The best option bookmarks a reliable and durable support for the construction of a wooden porch to the house – the construction of pile Foundation

Unlike traditional concrete Foundation types, pile Foundation does not require large financial costs for the construction. Besides it is quite easy to install: to build a pile Foundation can any owner that owns the basic skills of construction.

Wooden bars designed for supports, and before installation should be treated with antiseptic compounds. This allows you to prevent wood rot and extend the life of the support structure. In the place of installation of the supports dig the hole to a depth of 80 cm, the bottom of which vystelim sand and gravel «pillow».

Installation of support stands

Aligning the base, set vertically supporting columns, aligning their level, check the height, and then fill with cement mortar

The height of the piles should be calculated taking into account the fact that even after they went to ground, the distance to the doors remained at least 5 cm.

Gulf cement mortar vertically mounted support poles, wait until it is completely dry. Only after that fix the extreme number of support posts to the wall using screws. This will greatly increase the structural strength. Logs laid horizontally directly on the support poles.

Step #3 — making of the stringer and installation steps

For the arrangement of the flight of stairs you will need to make a special inclined Board – kosour or string.

Options stair designs

The staircase may have two versions: with embedded steps, or with the cut out ledges

Using special triangle patterns make the notches for the string. To make such a template by yourself by cutting a blank of cardboard. One of the sides of the patterns corresponds to a horizontal part of future steps – treads, and the second vertical – riser. The number of stages depends on the size of the porch and the anticipated load they will have to endure.

Calculating the necessary number and sizes of steps on the Board executed the layout of the profile of the future string. As a basis for making bowstrings is better to use uncut timber, which is way wider than the usual edging boards.

For fixing the lower part of the string you need to pour a concrete bearing pad. To protect the lower level from the pair of lifting from the ground the upper layer is preferably covered vapor barrier.

The concrete arrangement of a reference platform

At this stage of construction it is also necessary to envision the device «pillow» to drain the excessive moisture

Bay base plate grout, wait for complete drying of the base and only after that start the erection of the bowstring. On supports fix them using screws or nails. The distance between the stringers should not exceed five feet.

Step #4 — build a wooden structure

The finished stringers by zapilivanija, or using method «the tongue-and-groove», fasten to the joists of the platform. For this Board with grooves to capture areal beam so that subsequent spikes of the string inserted into the recess of the Board.

After that, proceed to the installation of the wooden floor of the platform. Stacking Board, preferably as close as possible to fit them together. This will enable you to avoid large gaps in the process of desiccation of wood.

Install the tread and riser

The final step in the Assembly of wooden porch is to install the treads and risers

Laying begin on the bottom rung by performing the mounting method «the tongue-and-groove» and additionally locking them with screws. Please fasten the risers, and then he tread.

The porch is almost ready. Just have to make the railings and build the canopy. To make the structure more attractive and complete look is enough to cover the surface with varnish or paint.

Videos with examples of the device of a porch

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