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The patio area in the country: step-by-step arrangement of their hands + design ideas

The patio area in the country: step-by-step arrangement of their hands + design ideas

Living under the open sky in the shade of plants – a cozy area on the site where you can retreat from the bustle of the street, enjoying the unity with nature or socializing in a pleasant company. With this element of landscape design as a patio at the cottage you can equip in their area a kind of courtyard in which to enjoy spending time, devoting his Hobbies or recreation. The original appearance of this area, which became widespread during the Roman Empire, was a court, enclosed by a high walls of the house. A modern variant of patio for patio as protective structures involves the use of green hedges, screens and fences. Deciding to equip your patio area with your hands, it is important to correctly choose the place for the location of this rest area.

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Choose a place under the arrangement of the patio

Traditionally, the patio area is given a platform at the back wall of the house.

The inner courtyard with three open walls

With this placement one side of the recreation area becomes fully closed, and the other three are completely open or protected from the outside world by grilles, screens or fences

Very convenient to stay when in the adjoining patio, the wall provides an additional output that does not go around the building once again, heading to the kitchen for a favorite food, or at any time to hide from the weather.

Place under a patio, you can choose the cozy shady corner of the garden, which does not penetrate the noise and curious glances from the street. Using mobile screens and trellis, as well as stationary fences and railings, twined with flowering creepers, even on the outdoor patio in the garden to create an atmosphere of security.

A cozy corner near the pond

Well, if patio will be placed near an artificial pond with that in the heat of the noon, the air above the ground was becoming more moist and fresh, thus providing more comfortable conditions for complete rest

The shape and size of the site will depend on its intended use: for decorating «Paradise» enough areas 2-3 sq meters, a company of 3-4 people comfortably will be placed on a patio with an area of 4 square meters.

Select the best coverage

Because a patio is a paved area, the reason it is desirable to use a dense coating.

The outdoor area is decorated by a geometric

The concrete slab is the most economical and durable option for covering for playgrounds. The combination in the design of square and rectangular shapes of the product gives an interesting effect

A more elegant design of the venue can be obtained using a slab of natural stone.

Coating of natural stone always has a spectacular view

Broken slices products, patches, give the surface sites of natural and special refinement

Not less solid Foundation that can be obtained using paving tiles.

Intricate patterns of paving

The variety of forms and shades of paving slabs allows to embody any design decisions, laying out the different ornaments and patterns

Garden flooring, created on the basis of a combination of wood waste and polymers, has excellent performance and, unlike natural wood, does not rot.

Outdoor patio flooring gives a home-like atmosphere

As the wooden cover for the open areas can be used as a natural flooring of wood and modern building material decking, externally difficult to distinguish from planks of real wood

Prepare the base and stacked platform

So, the first thing you need to prepare the ground. The place under the future site of the fenced pegs. After this fenced area, remove the top layer of soil, buried base 10-15 cm For alignment and arrangement of the pad recess is filled with a layer of sand, with the aim of seal is applied to alternate watering with water and leveling the surface with a rake. The height of the sand «pillow» should be 1-2 cm above ground level.

The stages of the construction pad of the tiles

Technology of paving depends on what materials stopped the choice. In any case, the coating is laid on an incline 1-3 degrees towards the garden with the tight fit of the products with each other

Concrete slabs and paving slabs can be laid directly on «pillow» sand filling the cracks between the stones or tiles on top sprinkled with sand or mortar. Flooring wood provide to style inserted in a wooden frame boards from boards.

In the construction with his own hands the Foundation for the patio at the cottage, it is desirable to provide for the laying of drainage grooves with a width of 40 cm and a depth of 10-15 cm, which will be summed up to the total catchment system. The rise of the ground level patio, 1-2 cm above in relation to the level of the adjacent lawn in order to facilitate the mowing of the lawn trimmer or a lawn mower.

To protect the area from the sun and weather over the area you can make a tent with translucent polycarbonate. An alternative to the stationary protective structure made of glass or polycarbonate can make awnings – mobile design, which, if desired can be easily moved to any corner of the garden.

The arrangement of the patio

A patio can be fenced and a hedge in which there may be tall shrubs and conifers. An original addition to the interior can be not only as plants collected in motley multilevel mixed borders, but also planted the soloists in the planting pockets or floor vases.

Dekorativnolistvennye plants – a worthy decoration patio

Dwarf conifers or evergreens, are planted in planting pockets unpaved areas of the yard, will allow you to preserve attractiveness and beauty of the patio throughout the year


Wanting to make the platform closed to third-party eyes and wind, protective designs, you can use the openwork latticed walls decorated with weaving vines or climbing roses

As one of the main conditions of the arrangement of recreation areas is the view of the picturesque landscape, in patio design in addition to landscaping required small architectural decoration in the form of pond or fountain, miniature unusual sculptures, stone paths.

As plants for container gardening, which fill the surrounding space a pleasant aroma, you can use: Bay tree, rosemary and lavender and tangerine and lemon trees. Wall patio can decorate plant pots with begonias, the nasturtiums, a basket of petunias and Lobelia.

Choosing garden furniture for decorating the patio you need to be guided not only its aesthetic appeal but also practicality and performance:

  • Aesthetic and «warm» wooden furniture is not known for its resistance to weather conditions.
  • Solid and durable wrought iron furniture is heavy, difficult to move.
  • Lightweight and durable, wicker furniture is the best option because the material used for making it resistant to stress, exposure to sunlight and high humidity.
Outdoor furniture sets the mood of the whole composition

Chairs and benches, garden sofas and chairs – these elements of the interior allow you to attach yard of uniqueness and individuality

Hearth – functional piece of furniture

An integral part of camping is, and barbecue grills. Therefore, the patio is desirable to take place under the arrangement of the hearth

In the courtyard is pleasant to spend time in the evening, enjoying the chirring of the grasshoppers and crickets. In the fresh air and comfortable to receive guests, treating a company with a delicious dinner. And because get-togethers with friends often ends after sunset, with a guarantee of comfortable rest in the evening becoming light.

Properly designed lighting will transform the patio in the evening

Adjacent to the house wall to hang sconces in the flower beds, the garden figurines with solar panels. Around the perimeter of the yard, you can install lights on posts or garden torches

Furnished patio in the country the main thing – to strive not to flashy beauty, and to create an atmosphere of comfort, to feel in this man-made space is always comfortable.

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