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Garden swing your hands: a collection of design ideas and their realization

Garden swing your hands: a collection of design ideas and their realization

How you can diversify stay at the cottage, make it easy, fun and enjoyable? A lot of ways, and one of them is the installation of swings in the garden or on a specially laid out Playground. Will it be a separate structure or device in the gaming system – no difference, the main thing that it brought a lot of joy and positivity. To save money, and at the same time and surprise your loved ones, you can build a garden swing with their hands, they will compare favorably with the purchase models of the original ideas and exclusive finish.

The contents

The choice of the design and the installation

Before you begin creating your sketch, you need to answer two questions: where will be installed the construction and for whom it is intended? Depending on the answers, estimate, prepare a drawing of a garden swing, pick up tools and material.

Swing with canopy

Swing, located on the street, often equipped with a canopy which serves to protect from the sun (rain), and at the same time is an interesting decor

A simple model

One of the simplest structures — swing on A-shaped supports with a seat-strap

Solutions very much, so for convenience, all products can be divided into three categories:

  • For the whole family. It is a large size structure, often in the form of a bench with a high back, which can accommodate several people. The product is suspended to a sturdy frame of U-shape with chains. Small shed on the cross beam allows you to use the swing in any weather.
  • Baby. Quite a diverse group here and frameless products, consisting only of suspension and seat, and sturdy construction with a seat in the armchair, and large structures of type «pumps». Wireframe safer. On the swings of any type for the youngest children should be provided with fixation straps.
  • Portable. Mobile swing this type is usually hung indoors: the house, on the veranda, in the gazebo. They can be in any minute to remove and install in another place.

Each of these types has its own advantages and can be used in the country for recreation and entertainment.

Swing-bench: a step by step guide

Swing one, of course, boring, so we present the option for a company – swing in the form of wide benches that can seat several people.

The proposed parameters can be changed — for example, to make the seat wider or narrower, the height of the back a little more or less. Most importantly, to be able to comfortably sit and relax. This swing is suitable for garden or relaxation areas, use them can both children and adults.


Based on the seat bench, it is possible to invent various options for the design of the swing in General

The swing-sofa

The swing-sofa is suitable for relaxing with a book, and for a fun conversation with friends

Country swing can be hung to a large horizontal branch, but it is better for them to install two posts with a cross beam.

Training materials and tools

If in the country recently, was the construction, in search of materials will not have any questions because everything you need is already at hand. For the manufacture best suited the wood soft and pliable in handling the material, but durable enough to withstand the weight of several people. Birch, spruce or pine are ideal characteristics, and cost.


The Board is a suitable and inexpensive material for the construction of the swing

So, the list of materials:

  • pine boards (100 mm x 25 mm) 2500 mm long – 15 pieces;
  • Board (150 mm x 50 mm) 2500 mm – 1 piece;
  • screws (80 x 4.5) – 30-40 pieces;
  • screws (51×3,5) – 180-200 pieces;
  • carabiners – 6 pieces;
  • welded chain (5 mm) – at the height of the swing;
  • galvanized screws with rings – 4 pieces (pair 12х100 and a couple 12х80).

Metal parts and screws can be combined in color with the wood or, on the contrary, to be a contrast (e.g., black).

For construction of garden swing from wood to fit the traditional tools for handling this material: drill with various drill bits, circular saw, hammer, jigsaw or handsaw, plane. A square, tape measure and pencil will come in handy for measuring workpieces.


From the boards you should cut off pieces with a length of five feet. The corners of the blanks must be straight.


Thanks to the precise marking of the swing will be smooth and beautiful

The thickness of the finished strips should not be less than 20 mm. Load on the back will be much less, therefore, sufficient thickness of 12-13 mm. Approximate number of straps for the seat (500 mm) – 17 pieces for the back (450 mm) – 15 pieces.

To protect the wood from cracking holes for screws drill drill, choosing the drill thin. The depth of the hole under the screw – 2-2,5 mm.


The holes for the screws will help to preserve the wood

To the seat and back were comfortable, the parts of the base to which are attached straps, it is better to do not straight, and curly. For their manufacture you will need the thickest Board (150 mm x 50 mm). Thus, you get a six-figure parts for the frame.

The contours

The General outline of the parts printed on the workpiece with a pencil or marker helps accurately cut

Selecting the connection angle of the backrest and seat, combine parts into a frame and alternately to fix the strap, making the same intervals between them. Please fasten the ends of the parts, then the middle.


Beat first Central bar, it is easier to align other elements

The armrests are made of two bars of arbitrary width, then fix one end on the seat, and the other on the frame of the backrest.


Ready to swing need to varnish or paint

The best place for the fixing screw with the ring – the lower part of the rack of the armrest.

Place mount ring for chain

Place mount ring for chain

That the nut is not fully entered the wood, you must use washers. A similar ring bolted to the upper beam for hanging a swing. The chain to the rings attached using carabiners is a place of relaxation and entertainment ready!

Simple swing with various seat options

A simple and versatile option – side plates for the swing that you can hang different types of seats. Let us dwell on the installation of holding structures.

Double swing

Part of the chain can be replaced with wooden bars, cylindrical shape

Material and tools for construction are the same as in the previous description.

The couch

One of the Seating options — sofa, designed for 2-3 people

Externally, the design looks like this: two racks in the form of letters «And», United top rail. For starters, it is important to calculate the connection angle vertically standing parts. The greater the width of the intended seat, the greater should be placed in the rack. The bars (or columns) are fastened in the upper part with screws – for reliability.


The rack supporting structure

The vertical elements are not dispersed, they are fixed rails at a height 1/3 from the soil. When installing the crossbar will be placed parallel to each other. The best mounts for them – corners, planted on the screws.

The crossbar

Fixing carrier beam with additional elements

Usually, only one pair of rails to ties, but sometimes I do second – in the upper part of the structure. Together with them, reinforce the mounting location of the top rail inside mount a metal or wooden plate in the form of a trapezoid.


Transverse bars increase the stability of the support structure

On the finished side of the rack, attach the supporting cross beam, and then set the building into the ground. To do this, dig two pairs of pits (not less than 70-80 cm deep for greater stability) on the bottom are satisfied with the cushion of gravel (20 cm), insert the struts and fill them with concrete. To check level, horizontal position of upper beam use building level.

Swing for kids

For the youngest truckers will fit armchair with insurance

The top crossbeam can be equipped with mounts, mounted on different width, the result is a design on which to hang various swing – from a simple rope to the family couch.

Some useful tips

Installing a children’s swing, it should be remembered that in the first place – security, so all parts should be thoroughly sanded with sandpaper. For the same reason, wood elements should be «without a hitch, without a hitch» — defective wood not suitable for load-bearing structures. Sharp corners must be smoothed with a file.


For fast processing of wood use grinding machine

Also need to be concerned about the swing. The colour treatment, finish with paint or varnish will extend the existence of the construction and galvanized fasteners to avoid destruction of the wood from the inside.

Gallery of original ideas

So how will you make a swing by yourself, then you can dream up and give them some originality. Of course, the item is a purely personal decision, but some ideas can be borrow from ready-made designs.

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