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Outdoor shower for summer: circuit of the device + step-by-step construction of their own hands

Outdoor shower for summer: circuit of the device + step-by-step construction of their own hands

In the hot outside shower for the garden – not a luxury but a necessary outbuildings. Shower gives you the opportunity to cool off, wash away dirt after gardening. The presence of soul in the plot ensures a comfortable stay in the country, especially if you are not near the pond, suitable for swimming. When designing a country’s soul is taken into account its size, the materials used and the location where you plan to build. Cabinet needs to be quite spacious, so it can be convenient to place all the necessary and to move freely. Comfortable shower height – 2.5 m, the most frequent of the cabin, the size of which is 190/140 mm 160/100 mm. Want more details? — read on, today we are building an outside shower with his own hands along with!

The contents

The choice of location on the site and Foundation

For a garden shower it is better to choose a Sunny location away from other buildings. In the sun the water heats up quickly, which is handy if you plan to build a shower without heating. If the tank is painted in black color, the water will heat up faster. Consider also that water flow in the shower was free, preferably automated. To climb up a ladder with a bucket of water for filling the tank – not the best way.

So, the place chosen for the shower. Now we need to prepare the ground – remove the top layer of soil to level the area and cover it with sand. To create the right Foundation is the markup with the help of pegs hammered in the corners, and stretched the rope.

Shower can be a easy design, and can be construction. The type of Foundation depends on the materials used. If the shower is brick, use concrete Foundation, the depth of which must be at least 30 cm Before you start pouring, and prepare a place for tubes – need to lay a log, wrapped with roofing material. Fill the base with concrete is carried out using the rails and level, to be smooth. When the base is ready, you can run the clutch. Brick shower is more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, if it oblitsevat tile. But this is an expensive time-consuming option.

Option #1 — frame budget summer shower canvas

This option will allow you to build a summer shower, without the high costs. After all, if you come to the cottage only in the summer, you can do a simplified version. For example, to build a canvas shower using a metal frame.

A metal frame will cost the most, but will still be much cheaper than brick. For the construction of the frame, the soul will need: canvas canvas (3/5 meters), metal profile (18 m, 40/25 mm), tank for showering made of plastic, preferably black in color (volume 50-100 l), showerhead, spigot ? and faucet with this thread. Details such as lake, nuts, spigot, tap, gaskets and washers are in-demand materials, so often they are sold one set, which is especially convenient.

Frame canvas shower

Canvas shower build is easy, it is convenient and functional for the winter canvas painting can be removed, the frame cover with cellophane to not rusty

Similar to this design – shower for the cottages of flat slate. He’s exactly the frame, but the profile in this case replaces the square (40/40 mm).

Water from the base in the shower needs to drain towards the drain pipe, and the top is placed a shield (usually made of wood) on which a person stands and performs hygiene procedures.

Ready shower

If there is no desire to build a shower yourself, you can buy ready-made, for example, with the Cabinet made of polycarbonate, or very sociable, and enjoy the water treatments in the garden

Council. Better water flow to do with a waterproof layer to put a film of PVC, roofing felt or gidrostekloizol on an inclined embankment. The emphasis is thus to the drain of the shower was aimed at the side of the trench or drainage capacity. Well, if the drain is ventilated, it dispels unpleasant odors.

The problem of water runoff today can be solved successfully using the septic tank. With the installation of a septic tank should not place it directly under the shower. In the summer, when consumed large volumes of water, the septic tank can be flooded, and the drainage work is bad, the result will be odors. Stoke is better to arrange at a distance of several meters from the shower, next to place the septic tank.

Council. The plants do well growing in moist soil near the shower would be appropriate – they will perform a drainage function.

Option #2 — solid construction on pile foundations

At a fairly high altitude in the soul must be the steady basis. For the construction of a summer shower sturdy construction, you can make the pile Foundation of the pipes. Pipe shall have a height of 2 meters (diameter 100 mm), in the land need to drill holes under them a four-foot depth. Above the soil pipe should rise approximately 30 cm Size of timber for the frame – 100/100 mm.

The Foundation

In order to drill holes for the supports, you can call the team who installs the fences, the work will take about half an hour

On the ground measured a rectangle the size of the soul, the corners set the Foundation supports. The next stage – installation of timber and ligation of the pillars. Frame is convenient to assemble on the ground and staple design long bolts. Then made the dressing inside of the frame structure – this will be the joists of the floor in the shower. Rigid elements are placed between adjacent pillars in the wall.

The floor you can do with the gaps between the boards for water drainage. But sometimes you have to make and cool weather, and blowing in the slot the air will not add to the comfort. You can also install a sump from which water will drain through the hose. More shower, consisting of locker rooms and offices for bathing, which can be divided by a curtain for the bathroom. The locker room must be separated by a threshold to avoid the water flow.

The exterior trim is most often used paneling, sheets of plywood, hardboard. If all the buildings on the site are made in the same style, the shower should not be too different from them.

If you want to use the shower, not only during the heat of summer, it should be warm. Preferred to use polystyrene. The internal finishes should be used waterproof materials – plastic, film, PVC, linoleum. Wood paneling is necessary proolifit and paint.

Outdoor shower

Rooftop design sets the water tank. It can be connected to the water supply or fill with a pump. Well equipped with a barrel of plumbing valve that will shut off the water when the capacity will be filled

To keep water in tank better heated, you can make a tank frame that serves as a greenhouse. It is the size capacity of the timber and fitted by a film. In this frame the water in the barrel will stay warm even if the sun goes down. The wind also will be no reason for reducing its temperature.

As the saying goes — better to see once:

Selection schemes and sample solutions shower

A summer shower the drawings below will help you choose the right size, choose suitable materials, to imagine vividly, what kind of shower you want to see on the site.

Options covering the soul

Options covering different soul materials: boards, siding, moisture resistant wood panels, different types of tanks


There are simple devices to use the shower more comfortable and the float intake is to take warm water from the upper layer; b – crane driven by a foot pedal (through the unit fishing line being transferred from the pedal, it joins the return spring and to the valve, opening under the right angle that will allow the economical use of water); the improved circuit connecting the heater to the water tank will allow water to warm and circulate evenly

Heated shower

Outside shower heated: 1 – tank, 2 — pipe, 3 — tap for supplying water from the tank, 4, 5 — blowtorch, 6 — lake, 7 — tap for dispensing water from a watering can

The choice of design, materials, work on the drawing — important points that should pay attention to the process of creating a soul was uninterrupted and error free.

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