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Cinema under the open sky: how to build a cinema in the open air

Cinema under the open sky: how to build a cinema in the open air

Residents of the city, even being in nature, unable to refuse the benefits of civilization. They strive to provide such conditions of life, are accustomed to. This means that part of the video and TV we are not planning. In contrast, summer and fresh air are pushing us to ensure that this popular entertainment has been moved from the stuffy room into the yard. Agree that there is something romantic about watching a movie about love right under the night sky, strewn with twinkling constellations. This is the conclusion reached by many, then the idea of building a home theater outdoors has ceased to be exotic.

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All our plans you can implement, if you set a goal and move in her direction. If you still have doubts, check out one of the already implemented projects of creating such a video hall.

A cinema room with projector

A fairly simple version of the cinema room with projector, screen and folding chairs that you can install and then remove. Most importantly – a pleasant and friendly atmosphere

In order to enjoy outdoor home theater, you need to know the peculiarities of its creation. This knowledge will help you to provide not only high quality of entertainment right in the backyard of your home, but also its safety. After all, you didn’t think all the work on the creation of such a hall would be just to equip outdoor electrical outlet? No, no difficult task to solve is not necessary, but, nevertheless, to work you will have.

Projector or TV?

Initially, it should be decided what will be our home theater. As its base can be used as a projector and a TV.

Cinema in pergola

TV has literally transformed this building, making it cozy suburban leisure centre. Comfortable furniture and pleasant lighting in the evening will allow you to relax

The projector is a fairly compact device that can broadcast images to the big screen from the carrier, which is used as a DVD player or a laptop. The budget option is an LCD projector. If you choose a DLP projector, then you will pay more but will get more impressive image and superior color reproduction. In addition to the projector will need a screen. Bed sheet stretched over a frame will look too simple and light canvas might be harder to find. You can just buy the screen or make it like in the videos below.

Most often their choice homeowners stop TVs. But current models of these devices also varied. Before making the choice necessary to determine future conditions.

Be prepared for bad weather

If the TV will be installed outside the house, you can be sure that his contacts with atmospheric moisture is unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate it from such impacts, or to choose the model for which this fact does not matter.

There are all-weather models of home theater systems that can withstand not only the morning’s high humidity, but watering from a garden hose. In addition, they are able to operate in a temperature range from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. But, with such an important for a street machine features, they are inferior interior TV functions: they have no Internet connectivity, no 3D. And they are unreasonably expensive.

Weatherproof TV

Only all-weather TV is able to decorate a luxury interior. Gorgeous and reliable – two words that best describes what he saw

Protected regular TV

Regular TV can look very nice if will be protected from rain and around it will create comfortable atmosphere

In search of an alternative, some homeowners get a regular TV, but protect them in special boxes or placed on the porches and under the eaves. In this case, provide a risk of rain, accompanied by strong side wind. The protection will be more reliable if the outside will be the only TV screen, and his body will be embedded in a partition or wall.

Careful, bright sunlight!

Direct sunlight is contraindicated not only the interior television but also models that are specifically recommended as a street of theaters. If you want to enjoy daytime viewing, you need to ensure that the sun’s rays falling on the screen. In the evening or in the morning use to escape special screen.

TV under a canopy

Under this canopy the rays of the sun we are not afraid. They just can’t get to the TV screen, which is conveniently located above the fireplace

Ensure their safety

Wiring located outside the home should be thoroughly protected from negative external influences, including not only natural phenomena, but also curious animals, and also birds, which nest nearby. For that the wiring should be hidden in special boxes, which are rigidly fixed. Acoustic system to use the wireless and DVD player – built in a common housing of the device. On the street it is necessary to apply only those sockets that are intended for outdoor use.

To not have to strain your ears

Indoors, thanks to the acoustics, we can settle for the ordinary sound power, whereas natural background noises force us to increase the volume of the broadcast so as not to strain your hearing. For operation of the cinema is to buy a fairly powerful speaker system equipped with a subwoofer. Special outdoor equipment are protected from natural disasters.

Video hall

Even the cinema is such a decent size, set in the backyard and out of reach of neighbours, will not stop their peaceful rest

So as not to interfere with neighbors who also want quality rest, you need to specify them in advance of the location of your auditorium. If you do decide to put him dangerously close to the fence, take care of the acoustic screen. Good relations with neighbours are worth a lot.

Convenient location – comfortable stay

Furnished recreation area with a home cinema, it is very important to make her as comfortable as possible. You are going to relax? Make the whole control system was located in an accessible place and in fact would be at hand.

Often the TV screen TV directly above the fireplace. Some such accommodation may seem uncomfortable high. The advantage of this choice is considered a mantel that is adapted for storing individual supplies required during viewing. For example, the remote control or the same 3D glasses.

The TV above the fireplace

The TV is above the fireplace and, although the screen is really high, it is tilted so that fans can see everything

Area must be well lit in the evening. For this purpose, not only electric lighting but also improvised lamps, ideas which are on our website, as well as simple landscape models on batteries.

Choose the right furniture

Another element of comfort was and always will be the furniture. Of course, the choice of furniture is always a personal matter of the owner, but overall sound advice you won’t regret.

Football fans will appreciate the imitation of a real grandstand with wooden benches, and located immediately to the grill or bar they will be received with genuine enthusiasm. Why not make yourself a pleasure? If you are a fan of the series, the time allotted for your browsing, may be delayed. You will need a cozy and soft furniture, headrests and backrests which can be adjusted. However, you can do normal fabric chairs that do with your hands.

Summer weather is rapidly changing. If the furniture will be on the street, give preference to that which is well protected from moisture and quickly cleaned from dust. But the best option may be to consider easy foldable tables and chairs that can be set only at the time of viewing, and then again to clean up where they usually stored.

Comfortable furniture

The beauty of home outdoor theater system is that you set the rules of his visit: as you prefer to sit or lie down, and so you arranged it

Mini pool

Having such a wonderful pool, you can do without any furniture. It is important to feel «at ease»

Rotating TV

The budget option – here is a rotating TV that can rotate both inside the room and open veranda

Finally some tips

It is always nice if you can do something well and without any extra costs. Perhaps these tips will help you or come across your own wonderful ideas.

  • Do not have the whole cinema to make the open air. Sometimes it is enough to move the yard just spectators. If you make one of the walls of buildings sliding, and the screen to roll to the side of the yard will only have to use external speakers. They should fix under a canopy in the summer site, adjacent to the facade. Don’t forget that you need to choose the speaker cable that is recommended for outdoor use.
  • If special equipment for your home theater is too expensive, you can use a modern LCD TV. The disadvantage is that it has to bear and to return back after viewing.
  • Function, home theater accessories can be significantly enhanced if the use of such devices as Apple’s AirPlay or IOGEAR Wireless USB.

Just imagine how much pleasure you can bring a movie theater under the open sky. You can listen to your favorite music while lying in a lawn chair to watch a football match together with friends or relax with a movie, swimming in the pool.

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