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How to install the lock on the gate or gate of profile pipes

How to install the lock on the gate or gate of profile pipes

The installation of the lock on the gate – the final stage of the installation of the fence. We most often gardeners and owners of private houses, establish gates, whose skeletons are made of profile tubes is robust design, which beautifully decorate the gates with elements of forging. In addition, the core tube provides a ready place for the mounts, and not have to think about how it is more convenient to cut the lock. To mount the lock in the profile tube is easy – just cut the slot and make the necessary holes to weld to use in this case is not necessary. Let’s consider how to install a padlock on the gate with his own hands specifically for this design.

The gates of profile pipes

Gates of profile pipes we have are very common — it is a convenient and inexpensive option, and install the lock in such a construction it is possible on their own

The contents

Varieties of designs of locks

About which castle is better to put on the gate, many owners think. Varieties of locks today, there are many, but the principle of installation for most of them General.

So, on the market are:

  • Mortise and overhead. Still the most widespread mortise locks are fitted into the groove, sawed grinder, and rim locks that require drilling holes for mounting.
  • Combination locks. Often used combination locks on the gates, this system is convenient that the keys are not required. To enter you need to dial the code (which you can change at will), and outside the lock is opened by pressing a button or twist of a lever.
  • Magnetic locks. Many owners choose magnetic locks as convenient and reliable. Magnetic lock design with no moving parts, consists of a plate anchor installed in the painting of a gate and an electromagnet, which is mounted on the box. To unlock this castle needs a magnetic key, the gate opens after its attachment to the reader.
Combination lock

Code or magnetic lock is also convenient for installation of profile pipes, this option is mainly for those who live in the house permanently


Alternatively, the gate can be set and the latch on the inside, and use it as needed when you are at home for faster locking gate

The tools required for the job

To install castle you will need:

  • set of drills;
  • Bulgarian;
  • bit to secure the screws;
  • screwdriver.

The kit components of the lock have to enter the connection square, heart, second strap, set of keys, coupling bolts, handles. When buying is not superfluous will be to check whether all these components are included in the.

Complect lock

Kit components for lock. At the time of purchase it is advisable to check whether all elements are available, then while working was not that some detail is missing

The process of installation of the castle

Initially, the frame is applied to the markup – marked locations for castle, bolts and fasteners. For drilling it is important to choose the correct nozzle that the holes were not too big. Then you can start drilling holes.

When the holes are ready, proceed to install the lock. It needs to be well-fixed. Insert the heart, anchoring it on the screws, then square. After the square is set, set knobs. Handles with plates tightened with screws. It often happens that the square and pinch bolts length not appropriate to the pipe profile, since the castle is designed for installation in a door thickness that exceeds the thickness of the pipe from which the gate. Here and need an angle grinder to give the desired size of the through-bolts and square.

On the second leaf of the gate is set to web, fixing the lock, it also need to make a layout. When you install the return bar, you need to check the work of the castle. If the constipation turns difficult, lubricate it with oil.

The quality of the mechanism located on the street, will always fall under the influence of aggressive environment – the lock can freeze up, there can get snow from such loads much faster it wears out and breaks. Ensure that the lock worked properly and lasts longer, you can also make a protective metal pocket which will prevent the ingress of liquid, and will also make the structure more rigid and reliable. The handle in this case will also be applied to more clearly and firmly.


Practical lock for the gate mounted in the core tube. Design protects internal mechanism from the elements, which prolongs the life of

Castle pocket

Lock with protective pocket installed successfully. The mechanism is now protected more reliably, and the design became more stable and durable

This short manual is suitable for most devices. Following it, you will be able without difficulty to make a lock on your gate or gate, without the services of specialists. I hope this brief overview helped you to understand the technology and installation, and to choose the most appropriate kind of lock. If you have any questions — please write in comments.

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