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How to make a wooden toilet at the cottage: building codes + an example of a device

How to make a wooden toilet at the cottage: building codes + an example of a device

Landscaping suburban area usually begins with the construction of the toilet. Without this structure cottager to do can not. All other buildings such as a country house, sauna, gazebo, appear later. Building a wooden toilet at the dacha with his hands, a person can safely engage in gardening chores, enjoying the breaks in the fresh air and admiring the beauty of the countryside. Before the excavation it is necessary to plan your site and choose a place safe from the point of view of sanitary requirements for facilities of this kind.

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This video clearly shows the process of construction of suburban toilet. After reviewing the video, you will understand how to do toilet in the country on their own, but also determine the choice of necessary construction materials.

The selection of a suitable site for country toilet

In Russia there are sanitary norms and rules in accordance with which it is necessary to make the construction of a wooden toilet at the cottage. Thus it is necessary to consider not only their interests, but also in terms of neighbors, ways to equip their plots.

When choosing the best places to wooden toilet with a cesspool, consider the following rules:

  • Distance from well (your neighbor) to the toilet should be at least 25 meters. Only under this condition can guarantee the quality of well water used for domestic purposes. If the water from the well will not be used for drinking, it is better to analyze its quality in the laboratory.
  • Such buildings as a toilet, not usually erected at the center of a suburban area. Better to find a place at some distance from the house, so people could comfortably use the building for its intended purpose, not causing inconvenience to others. To respect the rights of neighbors, it is necessary to retreat from the border separating the sections, not less than a meter. If you ignore this requirement, the fundamental neighbor will force you to move the construction by the court. Still have to pay court costs.
  • If the site is located under the slope, the toilet building at the lowest point.
  • Take into account when choosing the location and the wind rose. This will get rid of unpleasant odors. Although with proper care for the object, this problem should not occur.

Think also about how you will clean the latrines. If possible, arrange the access for vacuum trucks, pumping wastes from septic tanks, cesspools and drain.

The choice of the best places on the dacha

The choice of good locations in the suburban area for the construction of wooden toilet have to do with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules

Construction of toilet in the country with a cesspool

From all types of country toilets this option is the most common. Street construction is simple and convenient to operate. Because waste generated in the process of human life, fall into the deep pit, specially dug for this goal.

Once the pit is filled to two thirds its depth, the owner of the land conducts its clearing by hand or by machine. You can preserve the object and covered the pit with earth. However, it will have to find a new place to host the WC. If the area is a suburban area is large, the option of conservation and transfer of an object you can consider. If the site is small, it is better to clean the hole from the accumulated waste.

Stage #1 — digging of the sump and the strengthening of the walls

Construction of outdoor toilet in the country begins with the digging of the sump. Its depth should be at least two meters. The shape of the pit is square, all sides equal to one meter.

To prevent sloughing of the soil, the walls of the sump to strengthen using precast concrete rings, boards, brick or stone masonry. The bottom of the pit is sealed with a concrete screed or just filled with gravel, providing drainage. If there is a threat of groundwater pollution, the walls and the bottom of the pit waterproof make, sure sealing them with special materials.

Diagram of the device of wooden cottage toilets

Diagram of the device of wooden cottage toilets with sealed cesspool, vent pipe, discharge unpleasant odors, hatch for waste disposal

Phase #2 — construction of bath house

Over a cesspool of a protective structure in the form of a house. A rectangular frame fixed on a pier Foundation in all four corners of wooden boxes enclose blocks or bricks. Provide waterproofing with roofing material, padding material between the Foundation and wooden frame. The algorithm then works like this:

  • The timber used to build frame structures, it is necessary to cover the primer mixture and then painted. The resulting coating will protect the frame from premature decay.
  • Treated timber fastened together, getting the frame size. The collected design put on Foundation piles.
  • Then attach to the frame four, upright, rack, with metal plates and bolts. To put vertically stand allows building level.
  • Then proceed to the installation of counters needed for hanging doors.
  • Fix beams for the construction of the roof, so they were a little around the perimeter for edge of the construction. The surface of the shed roof should be placed under a small bias. To provide the desired angle allow the rear shortened struts.
  • Above the cesspool a podium seat, why collect additional frame bars and attach it to the main structure.
  • The roof pitch from a sheet of slate, laid on beams, covered with tar paper.
  • It remains to carry out interior and exterior trim, choosing the available material. We often use clapboard, siding, sheet metal or a Board, if the toilet is built for temporary use. For fastening sheathing nailed to the frame with additional beams, sawn to size timber or thick boards. Podium seat also sheathed with clapboard.

The complete construction of hanging the doors, knocked out of boards, hinges.

The construction of wooden frame of suburban toilet

Construction of timber the wooden frame of suburban toilet over the pit latrine walls which is reinforced with old car tires

Roof and wall paneling of a suburban toilet

Device shed roof, and lining the side walls of suburban toilet built with his own hands on the site of inexpensive building materials

At the stage of construction of the toilet must take care of his artificial light. Will have to supply power and connect a small lighting fixture. Day interior space of the toilet house is illuminated through a small window cut over the door.

Vacationers, who love to put their plot in a creative manner to the device, and the decoration of the toilet at the cottage. The photos posted below, you can see the designs of bath houses.

Country toilet in the form of a fairytale wooden house

Country toilet in the form of fabulous wooden house, built by skillful hands of this master, is the decoration of the suburban area

Country toilet, built in a quaint wooden hut

Country toilet, built in a quaint wooden hut, immersed in greenery growing on the joy of caring owners of the site

Stage #3 — how to build a ventilation?

To remove odors coming from the sump, the design of the toilet should include ventilation. For its arrangement suitable plastic sewer pipe with 100 mm in diameter. Pipe metal clamps to pull the back of the toilet.

The lower end of the tyre by 15 cm in the cesspool, for which the seat-the catwalk cut a hole the desired diameter. The upper end of the vent tube output up through a hole cut in the roof of the building. The end of the pipe is at a height equal to 20 cm above the plane of the roof. To increase the thrust on the top of the ventilation pipe fixed nozzle-deflector.

Features of construction of powders-rest rooms

In some cases it is impractical to build a toilet with a cesspool. Why choose a wooden toilet, called a powder-closet. The main difference between structures of this type is the lack of pit latrines. Instead, the toilet is equipped with a capacity, which when filling easily slides out from under the seat and transported from the site for emptying.


Usually in powder-closet install a small box with peat, sawdust, dry hay or regular ground. After using the toilet bulk material «powder» waste.

Without ventilation in these structures is also not necessary. Installation ventilation do according to the above-described method.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the process of building a wooden toilet there. You can come up with their versions of the device that need structure. Surprised the neighbors will be asking for advice, asking you about how to build a toilet at dacha with his own hands. Talk to around your area were all beautiful.

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