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Device canopy over the porch: the best design ideas and master classes

Device canopy over the porch: the best design ideas and master classes

Enough the owner of the cottage porch in the rain or snow, as a question of fact to be investigated or not, is clearly resolved in favor of this design. That’s just a convenient time for its construction would be lost: we’ll have to wait for spring. During this time, the steps can one morning covered with ice. Or a snow build-up, and he will be so high that even the front door to open would be difficult. Another scenario is familiar to motorists: evening rain came, which flooded the castle, and the night freezing. Don’t want to be in this situation? Time to make the visor over the porch!

The contents

What should be the visor?

Not had to alter the visor, you need to imagine what you want to get a result. A minimum list of requirements which must be met by this structure, shown below:

  • it needs to withstand not only the weight, but the weight of climatic precipitation to account for the fact of snow that may fall on him from the roof, and the weight of green spaces wrapped around it;
  • since it will drain the water, it is necessary to provide a system in which it is collected in a holding tank or the outflow in ownesboro drains;
  • it is desirable that the design protects not only the front door but the porch as a whole;
  • construction should not look alien spot: it must fully conform to the General style decision of the cottage.

With regard to the latter, with external indicators and the design will be fine if you focus on the material from which is created the visor. It needs to blend with the exterior of the house, by the porch and roof. While not necessarily a full match material. It is important to choose the shape, size, color, any shade or reasonable contrast.

The visor as part of the construction

Sometimes the canopy over the entrance is created as part of the main building. Then this is a solid structure under the plan of the structure provided with columns that are so eager to decorate for Christmas


The shape and dimensions of the canopy should depend on the appearance and location entrance. Sometimes the visor is better to replace the canopy: it is in this case is more appropriate facility

Choose design of the future design

If you have an hour to finalize the list of items, which is focused on your choice, because your own time you the results and save, when deciding on the design of the visor. Outlining his views in writing, you do not miss the sight.

Option #1 — polycarbonate

As the main material for the construction of visor polycarbonate far surpassed all of its competitors. In addition to these wonderful qualities like durability, reliability and practicality, polycarbonate is different and more visual appeal. Due to the diversity used in production of colors it is able to meet any design ideas. There are, of course, the materials are polycarbonate and cheaper, but working with him is a pleasure.

Visor made of polycarbonate

Before you build your own canopy with the use of polycarbonate, it is necessary to learn the rules of working with him: nothing supernatural, but to comply with recommended

Option #2 — metal

Design is fully assembled out of metal is fairly simple and not too expensive option. Metal work is not as easy as with polycarbonate, because welding requires a special apparatus. This means that you must have at least some skills work with it. However, if desired, welding can be exchanged for riveting or used to design connection nuts and bolts.

The disadvantage of this option is that metal requires anti-corrosion treatment. Note that this design, unlike the previous one, completely made of metal, and therefore requires more attention.

Visor metal

Any product will look great, if touched by the hand of the Master. In this respect, the choice of a particular material does not matter

Option #3 — corrugated sheet

Corrugated sheet in popularity can be compared with the polycarbonate. Cute polymer coating allows it to compete with this material. But there is a corrugated sheet significant disadvantage that should not forget – while it is mechanical damage, its surface is irreparably distorted.

Visor made of corrugated sheet

Well, who’s to say that a peak of the corrugated sheet looks too «simply»? As for mechanical damage, the hail in our area — not a frequent occurrence

To offset this disadvantage will have to look as a thicker corrugated sheet, but to pay for it will have more. It should be noted that working with them is much easier than, for example, metal and even metal.

Option #4 — lightweight plastic

This material is very similar to polycarbonate, but it really is a special PVC plate. They are used in outdoor applications, they should not be confused with cheap plastic, going for interior decoration. Feature of this material is its truly unique lightness. The material is durable and completely reliable. Plastic is available in different colors, but can be brought to the desired shade and with film.

Visor, plastic

Very simple and easy. But not «rustic», note! This awning is similar to the king’s speech: terse and essentially

Option #5 — metal and shingles

Two very different materials. Visors are better to construct simultaneously with the construction of the roof of the structure. Then the visor will go waste and it will be almost free. In addition, these materials will be appropriate only in the case if the coating of the roof and canopy will be completely identical. Otherwise, the difference will be too evident.

The visor of metal

Cute visor with reddish brown metal that looks quite unusual. Its Gothic form fully meets the architectural design of the entire cottage

These kinds of tiles are diametrically opposed in weight. Metal is a heavy material, and shingles – easy. However, both of the visor will be a good one and of high quality. The product of the metal will be somewhat more noisy in case of rain.

A shed with shingles

It’s not even a complete canopy, and a canopy covered with shingles. Pleasant bonus of such a coating is silence in times of rain. Nothing like metal, metal roofing and sheeting should not wait

Option #6 — artistic forging

From the point of view of the design of wrought visor always looked and will look exactly as it is: expensive and original decoration. Yes, forging is expensive. But how beautiful! If you do not have enough money for a fully forged item, stop your choice on a combined option.

Visor with elements of forging

Yes… Well, in principle, entirely forged and visor are not necessary. Look it will be hard, and weigh too much. But it is a work of art combined with railings and lights looks luxurious

In combination with a polycarbonate tile, plastic forging will still be consistently good. The only drawback of this qualitative design is its hefty weight. This circumstance will certainly need to consider and to entrust the installation of the visor to the proven professionals so that in the winter it collapsed under the additional load of snow.

Option #7 — classic wood

In recent years, among the country houses became increasingly rare to come across a lurid Gothic, increasingly attention is paid to high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly houses. Most harmoniously with such massive structures look wooden porch canopy, also made of wood.

Wooden visor

Flimsy European structure on mighty Russian log house will look like alien, though it’s funny. But everything is in place: durable construction and shingles as protection from rain and snow

As well as the entire frame, the visor needs to be processed by means of protecting against decay, insects, and other troubles that can befall wood. In addition, the binding needs to be waterproofing, which may be slate, roofing material, plastic, sheet metal, polycarbonate, corrugated, and other materials.

Workshops and examples of construction

Metal lean-to canopy

To make a canopy over the porch with their hands is not as difficult as it may seem. However, patience, as a minimum, to be necessary. To create this robust and durable construction we will need the following materials:

  • metal corners;
  • eaves lath;
  • strap junction;
  • bars;
  • the gutter;
  • pipe;
  • shingles or corrugated sheet;
  • screws, screws, anchors.

You need to prepare tools:

  • roulette;
  • welding machine;
  • hacksaw.

Work on the device with his hands to the visor above the porch begins with a sketch of the sketch of the future design. Since we’re going to do an abstract canopy, and very specific, you have to take a tape measure and determine the width of your porch. To a specific dimension of the figure add 60 cm, and get the width of your visor.


A rough sketch of the structure looks like. Do not rely on your own memory and imagination: draw, it will not take you much time, but make a mistake and will not give

Measuring the distance from the front door to the place that should be protected under the visor, get the length of the future homemade design. The height of the shed of the canopy is calculated based on the architecture of your cottage. We must not forget that the visor should have a slope of approximately 20 degrees. You have obtained all required parameters, based on which you can sketch.

Then proceed to cutting parts of metal under the required size. The length of the rafters from the corners equal to the height of the slope. From the corners of the same will be done by struts and wall beam. Between all the details of going frame by welding. The resulting solid and reliable frame will be fixed over the porch. Wall I-beam is fixed by means of stainless steel screws in the front, and for attachment of the struts you need to use anchors.

Single visor

General view of the structure will be about the same. By the way, if your visor, you also want to decorate with elements of forging, you know that they are sold separately, they can be welded

From bars to the rafters line the crate. If you cover visor will have the corrugated sheet between the strips to do the distance in 30 see If the visa will be processed shingles, the sheathing need to do solid. On it and will give the chosen roofing material. To fix it you need screws, but overlap, not butt.

The final touches of the work is to fix the metal straps joining the upper part of the slope. To the bottom of the curtain tie bar. It remains to mount the gutter and pipe.

The arched canopy of galvanized metal

What materials needed, what to need tool and in what sequence to perform the work, you will be able to see with your own eyes in this video.

Lean-to carport out of wood

Another video on how to make a canopy over the porch. The author will show you a ready-made wooden shed the visor. He built his master gives brief recommendations on how this simple design should be made.

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