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Garden gazebo with a barbecue grill: overview 2 examples the construction with his own hands

Garden gazebo with a barbecue grill: overview 2 examples the construction with his own hands

For many today, the cottage is a place of relaxation and pleasant activities related to the decoration of the surrounding landscape. Come here to absolve themselves of the burdens that have accumulated during the working day or week, to move, to communicate with friends and family. Not uncommon in the country and a nice meal, which is usually not complete without barbecue. A trip to the forest or to the river for a barbecue is complicated by the need to look for a place where a fire would not conflict with the protection of the environment. Whether it is a gazebo with a grill with your hands, which is built on private land and is absolutely fireproof. On the construction of such a building today and will be discussed.

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Selection of gazebos suitable design

Summer gazebo with a barbecue grill are created from different materials. It is important that the building blend in with the landscape of the site and has not violated its design. Typically, the foundations for such structures use wood, bricks or metal.

Universal wooden construction

Wooden garden gazebo with barbecue perfectly complement the plot in any style, because wood is a universal material, which can realize the most elaborate imagination of designers.

Wooden gazebo with barbecue

A gazebo made of wood is the easiest building, which is being built quickly and not too expensive

The advantage of wooden buildings is:

  • affordability of the material and tools to be used in the work process;
  • the building, of wood, treated properly, will last a very long time and be reliable;
  • a simple and short process of construction;
  • the ability to use a lightweight Foundation because of the light wood does not need massive.

Durable brick building

Of the bricks taken to build permanent structures. But for any capital construction durable requires a full Foundation. This gazebo will cost more than wooden, but the list of its shortcomings is exhausted.

But the advantages are more:

  • the construction of brick not afraid of sparks that from the grill can go on the surface of the fire will not happen;
  • built of brick construction does not require careful care or an hour of repair: they are durable and durable;
  • of brick or stone you can build a gazebo that will protect not only from rain and wind, but also from snow and cold: lovers to celebrate the New year in nature — so warm gazebo with barbecue for you!
Gazebo brick with grill

Gazebo brick — durable construction that most fireproof

Charming wrought-iron construction

Wrought iron gazebo is difficult to build yourself, not having certain skills or passion to realize our plans and time. Cost of construction depends on the choice of its design, complexity of performed works.

Wrought iron gazebo with barbecue

Graceful wrought-iron gazebo is a real decoration of any garden

Selection of the buildings of this type will allow you to:

  • to create a truly exclusive gazebo, which will be the highlight of any garden;
  • barbecue and gazebo to perform in the same style, complement the ensemble of the garden benches and other wrought iron decorations that can liven up any area;
  • to make the structure durable and particularly beautiful, applying primer, powder painting, special paint «Hammerite», patina, alkyd paints and enamel that prevents corrosion.

Most often the owner of the site chooses the options of constructions in which different materials are combined, and their remarkable properties complement each other.

How to choose the right grill?

To determine the type of grill should be at the stage of design of the gazebo. Often gazebos are using a portable grill, but built-in barbecues make the building as functional as possible.

Portable barbecue

A portable barbecue is convenient because it can be removed when it is no longer needed

Metal recessed grills

Braziers made of metal can also be used as a stationary

Built-in barbecues – often massive structures that are erected or construction made of natural stone, metal, or combinations of these materials. Usually the product combined with the numerous additional components, including a niche for firewood, a cutting table, a shelf, etc. For the device of such structure needs a solid Foundation.

How to make a barbecue in the gazebo as safe as possible? Applied technologies allow to use firewood for cooking barbecue. Grills with lava stones (lava) can operate on electricity or natural gas. Hot stones are a source of heat for meat, with the heat 2-2. 5 times higher than the one that ensure the coals or wood. Thus completely missing the smoke and soot. Gas or electricity is used sparingly: only in the period of heating of rocks. The stones will last up to 3 years if they heat up to 4 times a week, after which they just change.

The size, shape and configuration of the grill completely dependent on the financial possibilities and imagination of its future owner. Set grill barbecue, usually the North or North-East wall of the gazebo. Built-in grill is sure to provide you with a smoke box and chimney. They can be performed together with the basic design or separately.

Built-in grill combo

The grill can be combined with the construction of brick and metal

Built-in barbecue grills

The barbecue grills must have a properly designed chimney

Grill – sophisticated device, which is sometimes more profitable to buy or order already and then install in the gazebo.

Option #1 — frame a gazebo on the pier Foundation

The necessary preparatory work

For the gazebo you should choose a location close to home. This is convenient because the gazebo can be used not only for barbecue and feast with the guests. It can be nice to just relax in comfort on the air and in the shade. But we should remember that the barbecue will be from time to time be used, this means that the gazebo should be set up so that the smoke did not go into the house. The gazebo near the pond and surrounded by trees is a good choice.

Unusual gazebo design

Build a gazebo that will be pleasing to the eye. After all, it will stand for many years — so why not dream?

You should choose the design of buildings, to determine its size and the material that will be used in the process. All the material and tools it is better to prepare in advance, so that it was in stock and could be on hand when you need.

Step-by-step construction of the structure

The initial phase, the layout area is the most important because is the basis of work performed.

Place under the gazebo

For the construction of gazebos made of bricks in which to accommodate small companies that don’t need much space

The next stage of construction is the Foundation. The size and type of Foundation depends entirely on how massive the building is. For wooden structures often used pier Foundation, because it is the most economical option for lightweight structures. Tile the Foundation for heavy constructions are good that additionally performs the function of a floor. Strip Foundation is the optimal solution, which is used most often. For the device in the ground, dig a trench, which set the formwork, laying the framework of reinforcement and pour concrete. We show an example of a pier Foundation:

The supporting structure of the pergola

As the Foundation of buildings used wooden beams, which will be held together with boards and screws

Then make the floor. When the gazebo is built on solid and dry ground, the flooring can be neglected. In these cases, just poured gravel or leave earth floor. Concrete coating veiled paving slabs or boards. In the outdoor gazebo you need to provide the slope of the floor to ensure runoff of rainwater. Don’t forget that the design of the gazebo with a barbecue grill should not stand out from the General style of the site.

After the floor do the walls. For the gazebo can be used as tight and latticework. It all depends in what weather conditions it will be operated. Usually, load-bearing wall functions do not perform.

Supporting structures

The angular construction of load-bearing structures must pay maximum attention to is the Foundation of the entire building, which will hold the weight of the roof

Behind the walls one roof. Most frequently used are the ridge or sloping planar designs. In the second case, the slope should be approximately 5-10 degrees. As the coating material is often used Onduline, metal or polycarbonate. Decorative gazebo may have a lattice roof, which will make beautiful plants. But in the rain to use such a construction cannot be.

The roof of the gazebo

It is important to ensure that the snow is not pushed through a roof and support columns that held her weight

You can now proceed to the exterior. The wooden parts of the buildings necessary to impregnate the sealant and varnish for outdoor use. Metal structures also protect the respective enamels. After this phase, the construction work is complete and you can enjoy the result.

Gazebo with barbecue

Due to the lack of photographs we showed you the construction of ordinary frame construction on a pier Foundation, but even it is quite possible to build the grill

Option #2 — a gazebo made of metal on a ribbon basis

How to properly care for a gazebo?

Gazebo with stove and barbecue will long to please the owners house, if you get timely care:

  • outdoor gazebo from snow and cold of winter can wrap in stretch film, making it some vent holes;
  • in wood gazebos should not remain fallen autumn leaves: Tsarev, they can cause the rotting of wood;
  • metal and wood surfaces should periodically be treated with remedies from the negative effects of the environment;
  • products from wood can crack, so they need to putty;
  • all the items that can be removed for the winter in the house, it is better to carry out.

Some simple care techniques will allow owners of gazebos long to enjoy rest and kebabs in comfort and coziness.

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