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Master class: children’s wooden Playground for children with slide, plastic, and swings

Master class: children's wooden Playground for children with slide, plastic, and swings

Children’s corner in the suburban area aim to equip all families that have children. What could be better than outdoor games in the nature in the company of friends? Children’s village the cottage today can be done on their own, to assemble from purchased items, or combine ready-made elements and materials on hand. Today there is no shortage of ready-children’s Playground — you can buy colorful inflatable Playground, trampoline, pool, do it yourself, or buy wooden children’s town. The older guys really like sports towns with rings, wall bars, rope and other devices. The Playground is also possible to build by themselves or buy from producers.

Children's village

Children’s town you can buy ready-made or make your own, based on the layout prepared. Additional details — seat swings, slides, buy today can be in specialized stores

The contents

Step-by-step description of the process

Preparation Stroy-materials

Consider the example of creating the children’s town from wood with a plastic slide. Variants of its organization may be many, every vacationer will certainly create it in accordance to his abilities and design capabilities for the overall scheme.

So, you will need: hand saw, large drill, drill for the large wood keys for tightening bolts, machine for cutting at an angle, the boards 10/10, 5/10, 5/15, and other size as needed, screws for wood (5 cm) screws 8/20 cm, galvanized, square head, washer, stain, paint, gravel for fill (or sand), nuts, lock washers, galvanized washers 2,5/2 cm, galvanized bolts with square neck (length 25 cm, diameter 2.5/5 cm) and equipment for the town, slides, swings, sports equipment for your choice.

General description of the design

The town consists of three levels. The size of the top «floor» — 1,5/3 m, the upper level should be located two meters from the ground. Can be done on top of the roof, and you can leave the site open. On the upper level assigned to a slide, if you decide to install it.

The sizes of the second «floor» — 1.2/1.2, it’s a small area, the first level — the sum of the areas of the first and second. The levels are connected by ladders. On a beam attached to the main structure holding up the swing. Swing can do a few, placing them at equal distances from each other.

View of the town

View of the town — three level, fence made of vertical beams has a protective function, plank floors, upper level mounted slide

Vertical bars on the sections play an important role – provide security and are decor. The design is constructed on earth, then attached to the joists with bolts. Town to build heavy sections weigh a lot, better to do it two or three. If you make a drilling template for the boards, 5/15 and 5/10 cm, drill holes will be much easier, and on the beams they will be located exactly.

The flooring and railings of the platform

The timber floor is done after attaching the sections to the main structure. If you do not want in the lower part through the Board sprouted grass, you can cover the soil with boards and covered it with gravel. Another option is to nail a design matter that can be used against the growth of weeds.

The railing on the platform should be strong at all levels. Racks for railing are made in advance, and then are screwed between the support beams and railing. Slides like all children, therefore, in order to ground was more attractive for kids, you need to install one or two plastic slides. In this embodiment, the pad used the twisty slide, but you can use direct. First, are fastened together all the components of the slides, and then she rises. Ideally, for ease of installation the height of the hill and top «floor» should be the same.

Installation of swings and plastic slides

Swing mounted in the last turn. The main beam attached to play equipment with other end supports a triangular support.

View of the town from the side

View of the town from the side to the cross beam you can attach a swing (one or more), as well as to hang sports equipment — a rope ladder, rope, rings


Triangular support, which supports the construction of the town on the other side. She reinforced sloped beams. For strength all the supports it is recommended to concrete

If you use to create this Playground wood treated by impregnation under pressure, it can be spotty. In this case, it can be painted in any color. Using such methods, it is possible to build a children’s town with their hands any size, choosing different slides and swings. Near the swing can be hung from the rope, the rings, to make the horizontal bar and the Swedish wall is both children’s play and sports area. The main thing – to build the design after a carefully drawn up plan, and precise execution will help achieve the application of drilling templates.

The ramps for slides and seats for the swing are made from durable plastic. These elements of the town convenient to buy ready-made, as well as rope fasteners.

What else can be done independently?

Inflatable Playground for children today, you can choose for every taste – for the kids, for the older guys, with a swimming pool, trampoline, etc. This town is convenient because it can be located anywhere, it is lightweight, mobile, painted a very bright and positive and will give kids more joy than any other. Inflatable town, the pool basin should be placed on the paved place. It so happens that lawn grass breaks through the thin bottom inflatable structures.

Inflatable playgrounds

Inflatable playgrounds — a simple solution to the problem of playgrounds for children. huge selection allows you to choose a place to play for the very young, older children, choose a type of town — trampoline, swimming pool, fortress with slides, etc.

Anyway here are some safety rules:

  • Ensure that the equipment does not have cracks, sharp edges, protruding nails and bolts. All games and sports fixtures should have rounded corners to avoid injury. Periodically check all fasteners.
  • Around the swings, roundabouts should be a safety zone of not less than two meters.

In the children’s town you can position the carousel, swings, sandbox, climbing tower, monkey bars, horizontal bars, ropes, rings, cars, ships, rope ladders, mesh-web.

Simple Playground

A simple Playground easy to built out of logs. Of the shells used rings and rope ladder, swings. You can use the rope swing with a seat made of tyres, a climbing net, a climbing wall make — and shells at the site will be enough

a simple version of the town

If the above option is for you complex, you can create a simple town using logs and tyre. Carefully locked the tires, paint and play areas for children ready

All for today. If you have any questions or suggestions — write in comments.

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