The minimalist style in kitchen interior

The style known as minimalism, was born more than half a century ago, when the notes of romanticism in interior design were replaced by considerations of practicality and functionality. Modern kitchen in minimalist style is a Prime example of negation of all the classic destinations, and use in the decoration of natural or industrial materials. This style is characterized by simple geometric shapes, calm colors and small quantities.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Of all famous minimalist trends, the most popular today acquired Japanese minimalism. Basically, the style minimalist kitchen interior is characterized by free space, which is achieved minimal amount of furniture and other interior items, in particular, so beloved by many accessories (photographs, paintings, Souvenirs from trips abroad). With self-realization of this direction in your own kitchen, not to be confused with the asceticism of minimalism is not deprived of the comfortable coziness, beauty and simplicity.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Materials suitable for the design of the architecture ↑

When planning the kitchen design in minimalist style is impossible to do without modern materials. The dynamics and actuality of a room attached to such materials as:

  • plastic;
  • chrome/polished steel;
  • aluminium;
  • frosted/plain glass.

You need to understand that the small kitchen in the style of minimalism “obliged” to be smooth and shiny surfaces. Thus, it is not necessary to give preference to exceptionally brilliant, high-gloss materials. It is appropriate combination of frosted glass/aluminum surfaces with polished steel.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

We should not forget about an integral part of the exquisite interior of natural materials. Wood, natural or artificial stone, cork, treated brick – all this contributes to the interior comfort, without contradicting the main direction of style. Despite the natural origin of the materials, their deep texture also not emphasized, especially with the abundance of wooden surfaces.

In the walls of modern kitchens in minimalist style are appropriate plastic or MDF panels, plain Wallpaper, decorative plaster with the least pronounced texture, paint. Choosing a specific material, you should give preference to any one option, and make maximum wall monolithic. In order to add some austere interior, you can use a kitchen apron decorated with glass with photo printing or sand-blasted.

The Council! At registration, you should try to avoid the exclusive use of high-gloss surfaces, light tone, otherwise to be in the room is not very comfortable.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Design small kitchen in minimalist ↑

All kitchens in a minimalist style, a photo of which presented here have certain design principles, to retreat from which is impossible. The main, or basic design principles of minimalism can be attributed to several moments.

  1. Maximum simplicity. This style does not allow for use in the interior of any decorations or additional decoration. In addition, thus designed kitchen requires the maintenance of absolute purity.
  2. Exceptional functionality required of every object in the interior. All accessories and furniture differ dialed geometry, simplicity and crisp lines, understated hardware. In that case, if the walls are finished with ceramics, the seams are minimized.
    The minimalist style in kitchen interior
  3. The kitchen in the style of minimalism Wallpaper or tile, furniture and appliances must be maintained in a discreet color. There is a rule of color design that allows the use of only three colors – basic, additional and color accents. You must understand that the additional color is the color of the floor covering and accessories – it is advisable to match.
  4. Technical equipment should be at the highest level. Apart from the fact that modern technology fits perfectly into the minimalist style due to the abundance of chrome and smooth surfaces, it is very simple and undemanding in care, which helps to maintain perfect order. For each kitchen appliance should look for a suitable place so that all the equipment was as hidden from the eyes.
    The minimalist style in kitchen interior
  5. Space. Minimalist architecture, even in a small kitchen requires a large amount of free space and light. It is therefore advisable to provide a large number of lights to illuminate work surfaces, as natural light is usually insufficient. Curtains in the kitchen in a minimalist style is better to choose as light as possible, allowing for plenty of light. A great solution is to use blinds in a minimalist style, well framed by the window blinds.
    The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Kitchen living room minimalist architecture – basic design methods ↑

In creating the interior of any style of special importance takes the furniture. Thus, even a small kitchen in minimalist style without upper cabinets can be quite functional and elegant. Minimalist architecture in a small kitchen, 8 – 9 m2 can be successfully implemented when the following conditions are met:

  • the establishment of the unity of all space available, why use a single color scheme of the walls, ceiling, Windows and door frames;
  • furniture fronts be sure to use smooth, with a very small amount of finishing – ideally, made of frosted glass that give the room the necessary ease;
  • a great solution would be if a small kitchen in the style of minimalism will have furniture, a shade which is close to the color of the walls;
  • for a small kitchen in modern style minimalism is a good solution is the installation of transforming furniture;
  • white kitchen in a minimalist style will never lose its relevance, especially if the living space is limited, and additional sources of light will help to visually enlarge a small space.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Cuisine in a minimalist style made of chipboard, glass or aluminium especially look good in the studios, because it does not focuses on himself too much attention, retaining, however, its functionality. A great solution for kitchens, wherein sufficient space is zoning, which you can use the play of light and the changes in planes.

Three zones, providing comfort ↑

Any kitchen Studio minimalist architecture will provide a high level of comfort. If it is organized in three zones.

  1. Working. Its main purpose is the cooking process and “warehousing” of product inventory.
  2. Dining room. Can be equipped with either a full table or «bar» stand is optimal, with a lack of free space.
  3. Feed-through area, responsible for free movement in the kitchen in other rooms of the house.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Design small kitchen in minimalist style is not always easy «to calculate» thus, to avoid the feeling of small spaces. In this case, you can use the colors used in the interior. It is known that light shades best suited for small, enclosed spaces. In addition, to visually give a small kitchen more visual depth, and using the furniture – for example, ordering a set with the dark bottom and bright top.

Should know another trick – in a small room horizontal surface, especially large size (tabletop, window sill) should be light and glossy. Used appliances are also capable of «win» a certain percentage of the attention on himself. despite the fact that most of equipment made clear, some things can’t just leave – if they are made of polished steel, and abound with glossy surfaces.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Choosing a hob, oven, fridge or washing should follow the same principle. You should pay attention to the lighting capabilities. Lamps in the form of spheres and prisms, which became characteristic features of the style of minimalism can be well complemented by the led tape on the floor around the perimeter of the kitchen.

The minimalist style in kitchen interior

Despite the seeming simplicity and, at times, illogical light coming from below, this kind of lighting gives a stunning effect, forcing set furniture like «soar» above the floor. You can also use this lighting in different colors, emphasizing the uniqueness of the interior in terms of color.

Some ideas for kitchen design in minimalist style can be gleaned from the video

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