Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

Deciding to combine kitchen with living room for maximum functionality and freedom you need to carefully design space and formed to correctly fit in the interior of this element of the situation as the fireplace. It is worth noting that in recent years, this attribute of the hearth and comfort began to set directly in the kitchen area. However, the placement of the fireplace and his model directly depends on the characteristics of the room. For country houses you can choose classic stone model, which will burn with a real fire. For installation in modern urban apartments in preference to electric fireplaces that do not require the establishment of a special chimney.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

The location of the construction ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

Before you choose the model of the hearth should be familiar with the basic rules of its placement:

  • Fireplace it is best to place the wall perpendicular to the Windows.
  • It is not recommended to install a heat source between the Windows and the outer wall. Design should not only be a beautiful detail of the interior, but also to heat the room.
  • Furniture portal fireplace must be placed so as to create a cozy and comfortable area, which will allow you to relax in the evening with family or entertaining.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

It is worth considering one more thing – surely you will want to lay out in the living room TV. In this case, it is best to place the technique at the wall, located perpendicular to the fireplace. To install the TV above a hearth is not necessary, because it combined two areas living room and besides, it’s not safe.

So, how to make a fireplace in the living room combined with kitchen? Consider several options for the location

Built-in fireplace ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

The most practical is the installation of built-in fireplace. In this case, the hearth is built in a niche or a column. This option is perfect for small living areas where you will need to place the furniture and equipment. For embedded option ideal gas model, or false fireplaces.

Wall placement ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

On the wall you can mount gas or electric model. It is preferable to choose a hearth with two independent options – simulated flames and heated. If the room is decorated in a minimalist style, the electric fireplace can perfectly fit into the interior, moreover the equipment can be placed at any height. For classic or country style, you can create a portal of plasterboard.

Outdoor option ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

In this case, you can install gas, electric or real log fireplace. It is clear that this design will become the centrepiece of the kitchen-living room, respectively, and the design should be developed on the basis of its location.

Island location ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

Island location is the most practical option, since a separate installation of the hearth makes it possible to more effectively heat the room.

If the room is decorated in a loft or a futuristic style, you can choose original and unusual placement of the fireplace on the ceiling. For such registration it is necessary to choose electric fireplaces.

Choose the type of fireplace ↑

After you selected the location of the fireplace in the kitchen-living room need to determine the type of construction.

Classic wood ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

Classic wood-burning fireplace is the most popular hearth, as only this design will allow you to enjoy a real, live fire and crackling logs. If the fireplace is arranged in a country house, you will not have any problems, but in a city apartment it will cause certain difficulties, primarily due to fire safety requirements. Can be installed in the apartment decorative hearth.

Gas ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

Alternatively, the present focus can be set gas model. The flame will be as classic wood designs, but kindling do not need firewood. Modern models of gas fireplaces and are quite mobile and they can at any time be moved to another location. This is a great option, especially if the kitchen is combined with living room or small space. However, Assembly of such structures requires a special permit.

Electric ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

For apartments, the ideal option is an electric model of the fireplace, which can be installed in the kitchen or area of differentiation with the living room. The advantages of such foci is environmental friendliness, safety and ease of use. The heater can heat the room, and its installation does not require a chimney and a special permit.

Enter the fireplace to the interior ↑

After you have selected the place to install the fireplace and its type you can start entering the design in the interior. It is very important that the design of the hearth echoed harmoniously with the overall design of a kitchen-living room, only in this case it will be the perfect addition to the room.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

There are several interior styles, in accordance with which it is necessary to make a choice of design and decoration fireplace.

In the case of a kitchen-living room made in classic style, the fireplace must be discreet and give the room a finished appearance. The area in which to house the hearth can be decorated with luxury or kept, depending on the overall style decision of your living room. To create a portal, it is better to give preference to stone or wood, but massive decor and stucco, perhaps, be inappropriate.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

If the design of the room is created in country style fireplace is a natural addition to the interior. You can use a large and massive structure, attracting the main attention. The fireplace may have rough outlines, as country style does not involve grace. The wall above the fireplace can be decorated with hunting trophies or decorative wrought iron products.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

When making a kitchen in modern style that involves brevity and gloss, the shape of the fireplace can be from classical to the most bizarre. The hearth can also be complemented by stained glass Windows, as the modern style includes all the original.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

The room is decorated in a minimalist or high-tech style; it will look modern the model with the minimum external finish. Emphasis is placed on the original form or unusual material when creating the design of the hearth. For example, these interiors are ideal models of metal or heat-resistant glass. In principle, the minimalist style requires careful attitude to the details and accordingly we should not conduct experiments with a fireplace. Best use of models with simple and concise forms.

Kitchen combined with living room and performed in the Baroque style requires making the extravagant interior finishes and decor. Is no exception and a fireplace, the design of which should be unusual or bizarre. The ideal option would be the finish of hearth natural marble or imitation natural stone.

If the design of the kitchen-living room has a specific and pronounced style solutions, you should install a fireplace in a minimalist or classic style. Classic also organically would look like if the design space is mixed several styles. But for living in the high-tech style or modern is absolutely not suitable massive and luxuriously finished pockets.

Decorating ↑

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

The mantelpiece is often decorated with various statues, original vases and knick-knacks that are dear to the owners of the house. Classic fireplace is quite appropriate look family photos and antique clocks. Also on the mantel you can place the porcelain collection or Souvenirs brought back from travels. All this can Express the individuality of the owners.

Also in the interior of a kitchen-living room with a fireplace will look great all kinds of wrought iron products, chandeliers and original crystal chandeliers which reflect and sparkle the light of fire.

Materials ↑

To create a fireplace portals using a variety of construction and finishing materials – natural or artificial stone, ceramic tile, metal, wood and plastic. As a rule, fireplaces are installed directly at the wall off natural or artificial stone and wood, which gives them a resemblance to traditional wood-burning hearths.

Design kitchen-living room with fireplace

Pretty impressive looking products from artificial cultured marble, glass or tinted glass. With regard to form, is still popular classic version of the focus with the P-shaped portal decorated with natural granite, marble or even semi-precious and expensive stone. In the interiors of country style hearths faced with limestone or Sandstone, and specially treated wood. With high-tech style are perfectly combined models of fireplaces made of metal, heat-resistant glass or colored ceramic. Also a pretty stylish design, fully made of glass.

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