Kitchen design in Italian style

Those who prefer the interior in your own home Italian style, tend to have strong family traditions, appreciate the tranquility and the comfort of home. This style is like no other gives a person the feeling of warmth, of tranquility and peace. All this is lacking in modern man with his «mad» the pace of life. So the room is decorated in Italian style, allows you to relax, break the tension accumulated during the day, to feel fresh and rested.

Kitchen design in Italian style

Despite the fact that such a style of their own homes can be used in any room, especially important it has become for the kitchen. It wonderfully combines simplicity with wealth and convenience, which is important for the kitchen, which held a huge amount of time. More productive time in the kitchen, decorated in Italian style contributes «natural» focus, natural colors, natural materials, realistic textures.

Materials is an important component of style ↑

Any kitchen in Italian style is an oasis of natural materials and the same colors. Natural or artificial stone, metal, wood, natural texture of the hide are not accepted. Because of this easily achieved the impression that the newly decorated kitchen for years, passed down from generation to generation. To a large extent this is facilitated by a well-chosen colors and textures.

Kitchen design in Italian style

So, kitchen design Italian style often involves the use of in decorating the walls decorative plaster, variations of which allow to create a unique design, never to be repeated it would be impossible. When planning the interior of their own, should understand that all natural materials well enough to absorb the water. From this it follows that they must be protected – especially the wood.

To do this, use the special bioprotective compositions, which have no color and smell, but have excellent performance in terms of protection from rotting and mould formation. Enhances «natural» the motives of the premises properly selected colors. In this case, the Italian-style kitchen allows for the combination of colors, as long as they were combined with each other.

Kitchen design in Italian style

The flooring is in step with the times ^ the

Despite the abundance of materials that mimic natural wood or stone – for example, the laminated flooring, it is unlikely he will be able to convey the true spirit of Italy. For kitchen design in Italian style is more suitable plank floors, with pronounced and accentuated the texture of the wood. Depending on the selected color solutions of the kitchen, you can use a variety of glazing compositions for wood, which will not only protect it from moisture and dirt, but will give the desired shade and accentuate the natural structure.

Kitchen design in Italian style

Another obvious variant of the device of flooring is natural stone, for example marble. In practice, natural stonework kitchen in a modern apartment is quite difficult. Therefore, in the interior of the kitchen in the Italian style are increasingly found ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles to work with that much easier, and the possibilities for decorating this material no less.

So, unpolished granite looks no less impressive than natural marble, but to work with him a lot easier, and the cost of this solution will be more acceptable. If the kitchen, which is the creation of Italian style is of massive size, will look gorgeous seamless tile, which has no chamfer. Such tile allows to create a monolithic coating which will certainly be «the highlight» a new premises. The floor tiles or porcelain tiles have another advantage – the ability to pre-install the system heated («warm floor»), which can be like water and electric.

Kitchen design in Italian style

Design wall – do not be afraid of experiments ↑

Natural motifs kitchen in the Italian style, in many ways, continues on its walls. The design of the walls here is a little obey to strict rules, preference is given to any explanation and textures that can be found in nature. The most common ways of decorating the walls can be considered such as:

  • decorative plaster;
  • textured paint;
  • decorating with artificial stone, imitating the old, sometimes crumbling walls;
  • processed brickwork;
  • murals, including mosaic.

It is appropriate in the kitchen in the Italian style look textile panels on the walls, you can also use natural leather, or metal. Using metal, you should consider the fact that the Italian style involves the absence of shiny, polished metal surfaces, so it is preferable to use frosted or dark elements, which should not be too much.

Kitchen design in Italian style

With reluctance «Tinker» with the design of the walls, especially when the self-repair, it may be a simple painting with water-dispersion compositions. In this case, the color selected should not continue the main color scheme of the kitchen, ка4к low, combined with it. Since the interior of the kitchen in Italian style can’t do without an impressive number of accessories, it is possible to take into account when painting the walls. Solid wall easy to make more «alive», just the painted wall decorations (you can use stencils).

Furniture is the most important part of a kitchen in the Italian style ↑

One of the important elements of the kitchen in Italian style is the furniture. As a rule, it is a massive, high-quality furniture from the array of valuable breeds of wood. This style is not «welcomes» smooth and curved lines – ideally the furniture should be simple, with straight fronts and massive direct worktops. One of the main items of kitchen furniture is the table that the whole family is going – ideally it needs to be massive and to have an elongated shape.

Kitchen design in Italian style

Tabletop desktop is not necessarily made of wood, which are difficult to clean, because the Italian style is not devoid of practicality. The working area, as a rule, is made using natural or artificial stone, to care for which is quite easy. Considerable attention is paid to a variety of hinged lockers – in addition to the closed, open designs are welcome, or just hanging shelves. It is worth remembering that the kitchen in Italian style means a certain «creative mess», so to hide all the kitchen utensils should not be.

Do not forget about the accents ↑

Any interior of the kitchen in the Italian style, a photo is not complete without an abundance of accessories. This is partly dictated by the fact that the style assumes the existence of contrasts. For example, rough furniture, without outstanding decor and lacquered surfaces will be perfectly combined with textile or leather on the walls, and a variety of bright accents will make the interior of requisite variety. The appropriate accessories for the kitchen in Italian style become vases with fruit, shelves with flower pots and other «attributes» wildlife.

Kitchen design in Italian style

Great importance to play fixtures, and the overall level of lighting in the kitchen. We must start with the fact that the curtains on the Windows of the kitchen in the Italian style completely optional. If without this attribute, to do the impossible, it is better to choose curtains from a very light textile, which should not completely cover the window opening. The total number of lamps in the kitchen, decorated in the Italian style should be sufficient to create a very intense light levels.

Kitchen design in Italian style

But do not think that all the food in the Italian style just have «poured» light. All luminaires, depending on the total area of the food distributed by zones. Makes sense of the organization bright General lighting – here is the best chandelier, and several additional sconces placed on the walls. In addition to that provided illumination of the working area, which you can use spot halogen lamp. To improve comfort in the kitchen, and underscores Italian trends in decor, it makes sense to provide «ligaments» onions and garlic, wicker baskets for storing small things, jars with spices, which can be placed in the manger separately.

Lots of ideas for their own creation of Italian design to your kitchen, you can «to spy» in the video

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