Kitchen in Russian folk style

Scientists say that a time machine is impossible, but in fact, designers have long been successfully used in modern housing. Some would call these words allegory, but what is the name for the kitchen in the Russian style?

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of European ideals and the overseas dream, people have completely forgotten about their roots and traditions, but Russian culture is rich and unique, moreover kitchen design in the Russian style is difficult to compare with other styles of interior.

Conventionally, this style can be described as rustic or ethnic. But there’s something distracting from the overall concepts. Special ambiance and atmosphere do not have any similarity with today’s popular country, nor with the French Provence.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

But the originality makes this design so difficult to play. And it’s not that stylized Russian-style furniture is difficult to find in stores, and the stereotypes that have developed in the minds of the people. Sandals, dolls and balalaika, capable of any interior to transform from a design masterpiece in a gaudy Museum minded tourists.

The video shows an interesting combination of Russian flavor with modern functionality. The symbiosis of rustic atmosphere with modern technology.

The main and the most difficult nuance of the Russian style is to capture that fine line when ETHO goes to Paphos.

Style features ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The main feature of the cuisine in the Russian style – is, of course, her identity. In the culture of the Slavs has always paid great attention to the ornamentation and symbolism. The characters helped to appease the spirits of the hearth and scare away unclean.

The ornament is a key nuance of the interior, here it is present in everything, from the embroidery on the tablecloths and napkins to complex tile carving on furniture and walls.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Found my place and ornament in later centuries, becoming a traditional painting.

  • Khokhloma
  • Gzhel
  • Haze

Each of these styles of Russian cuisine has a distinct accent color that gives the opportunity to create a stylized design with color preferences. This caveat can also be attributed to the peculiarities of the style, because not every design can boast such a variety.

Materials ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Any rustic style, not depending on ethnic characteristics, involves the use of only natural materials.

Historically, the territory of Russia – a land of endless forests, which is why the tree is main material for construction. This works for repairs in a modern apartment.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

In addition to the wood, the design of Russian cuisine should be a lot of textiles:

  1. Tablecloths
  2. Mats
  3. Paneling furniture
  4. The curtains on the Windows

And everything always with embroidery or lace.

The Council! The kitchen in the Russian style, it is desirable to use embroidery and handmade lace. They at first sight differ from the original product and adds mouthwatering flavor.

Accessories ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The selection of accessories should be given particular attention. As stated above, dolls and sandals though are a symbol of Russian style, but today they have grown into a stereotype, and their presence is considered bad manners.

A more harmoniously will look bundles of garlic or necklace dryers. To emphasize the style will help the wheel from spinning on the wall or a small panel with embroidery.

Nice accent will be braided of wicker baskets and ceramic pots.

Color ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The choice of color schemes for kitchen in Russian style will largely depend on the stylistic direction. Therefore, for each variant it is necessary to dwell a little more:

Interesting! The most popular color in the Russian interior is red. From time immemorial, in Russia, red was considered a symbol of beauty and wealth, so it just need.
  1. Khokhloma. The specific feature of Khokhloma painting – is a game on contrasts. The sharp transitions from black to yellow and red. Ornate floral ornaments will give the kitchen interior a special comfort and warmth. Many Khokhloma scares a lot of black color, but it will not look dark, but only mutes the Intrusive brightness of the yellow and red.
    Kitchen in Russian folk style
  2. Gzhel. Soft, blue ornament in Gzhel is well known to any Russian person. There is something spiritually close and cuddly with these elaborate curls. A harmonious combination of blue and white is an excellent choice for kitchen interior. In this room is always warm and cozy.
    Kitchen in Russian folk style
  3. Dymkovo painting is rich in colors style. Here we use almost the entire palette of warm colors, with a slight touch of cyan or blue. The kitchen interior is painted Dymkovo ornament, leave no doubt in stylistic accessories.
    Kitchen in Russian folk style
  4. Natural wood. Painting and ornament not necessary to carry on the walls and furniture, enough to leave them as accents on the dishes or accessories. The whole kitchen interior in the Russian style can be made in natural colors inherent to natural wood. In this case, it is better to give preference to lighter species such as beech, ash or maple.
    Kitchen in Russian folk style

Utensils and appliances ↑

Cookware is one of the most important nuances of kitchen design in the Russian style. It adds emphasis and gives to feel the atmosphere.

In the first place – it should be a ceramic, preferably with a painting or pottery production. Also, the kitchen in the Russian style appropriate will look of a wooden spoon, but due to its low practicality, rather as a matter of entourage.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Today you can find a lot of shops selling kitchenware in the Russian style, so with it problems will not be what can be said about household appliances.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The only «equipment», which could be in traditional Russian kitchen is the oven, but, unfortunately, a rare modern apartment will be able to be. So a good decision can be considered a stylized hood, which can be custom made or find ready in the stores.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The ideal option for food in the Russian style is to replace the kettle on the samovar, even electric, but not necessarily brass or painted accordingly. But the rest of the equipment will have to hide inside cupboards and cabinets.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The stylistic finish ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Fortunately for designers and fans of unusual repairs, modern Stroymarket offer a huge selection of finishing materials, which allow you to recreate any design.

Undoubtedly, modern materials are more practical and comfortable, so do not go into the reconstruction of the original Russian cuisine. The qualitative simulation is quite capable to replace any building materials of the past.

Floor ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

For the flooring of the kitchen in the Russian style, quite suitable laminate or veneered wooden Board. In the Russian house have traditionally done a floor made of oak planks, which are naturally dark in color, and over the years became black. Therefore, choosing the laminate flooring for the kitchen, you should pay attention to the dark wood with a deliberately rough surface.

Also for the kitchen in the Russian style you can choose the linoleum with a high-quality simulation, which will be very easy to clean.

Wall ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Ideal of the walls of the kitchen in the Russian style will be a natural molded or shaped beam. But in the kitchen the use of wood is not practical, it gets dirty easily and requires renewal of coverage. In addition, the varnish used to cover the Board completely eliminates the environmental friendliness of wood. Much more practical in the kitchen in the Russian style will use the textured plaster with an imitation or vinyl paintable Wallpaper.

Ceiling ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

The ceiling in the Russian house is traditionally covered with lime.

Kitchen in Russian folk style

Interesting! Absolutely white ceiling in Russia was considered a sign of purity at home, and was characterized by a hostess with a good hand. Using for cooking and heating, an open fire, it is very difficult to maintain the whiteness of the ceiling.

True will look imitating beamed ceilings, but you can just do a smooth white surface, and given the hostile environment of the kitchen, for the kitchen in the Russian style, ideal ceilings, which in an accent you can put a small ornament that looked pretentious and did not attract much attention.

Conclusion ↑

Kitchen in Russian folk style

As can be seen from the above, creating the kitchen interior in the Russian style, is not so difficult task. It is enough to observe some stylistic rules, and this kitchen may well be the decoration of the entire house.

Every interior ethnic orientation is the most important law to keep in mind at all stages of repair – to observe the distinction. The task is only at first glance it seems easy, but it simply needs to meet in order not to get the tasteless interior.

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