The interior of the kitchen without window

One has only to hear the phrase «I have a kitchen without a window», most immediately there is a lot of thoughts about what this room is: dark, full of furniture to move, walk or sit, and especially it is impossible to eat normally. But it’s not.

If properly and wisely to approach the design of a small kitchen without a window, it can give odds to any standard and spacious kitchen.

But before you start repairing and equipping the kitchen, you should create a detailed plan that takes into account the following rules:

  • to lay on the floor only durable and moisture proof coating (to drop any utensils not hurt the surface), such as tile, linoleum, not parquet or fitted carpet;
  • you can not install the refrigerator near the stove, as due to great changes in temperature it will begin to deform, the result can break, or it will appear a condensate;
  • place for drying and storing dishes place near the sink;
  • if possible, order the built-in furniture, it is easy to fold and takes up little space;
  • cabinets and shelves keep as high as possible to the ceiling;
  • a great way to save space is to connect the sink, work surface and slab countertop.

The interior of the kitchen without window

The interior of the kitchen without window

Coverage ↑

All more on comfort and coziness in the kitchen without a window is affected by the lighting. If the kitchen is small, it is enough ceiling lights. You can make a suspended ceiling with lots of lights or to install several pieces of equal distance.

Looks interesting lighting in the form of skylights. With proper installation it seems like there really is a real skylight.

The interior of the kitchen without window

If the kitchen is normal size, then we need more lights at different areas above the work surface over the stove and so on.

The Council! It is best if you will install the switch with the dimmer, then it is possible to adjust the amount of light needed.

Importantly, the light throughout the room evenly. If there are niches or other hollows in them can also be put original lamps.

Get kitchen design no window extraordinary devices, for example, lamps in the form of inverted cups and saucers or fruit. All this will positively affect the atmosphere in the room.

The interior of the kitchen without window

The color of the walls and ceiling ↑

Attention! In the kitchen without window not recommend decorate the walls and ceiling in dark colors only in bright colors

Why? Dark colors make the kitchen more compact and will not be able to reflect the light. And natural and light shades visually enlarge any room (beige, pale pink, cream and so on). Also you should not use Wallpaper or other finish with large patterns, as they visually reduce the space.

You can make one wall a bright color (bright green, pink, purple), then the kitchen will be more contrasting and unusual.

The ceiling trim is usually a little lighter than the walls. If you plan to make a suspended ceiling, you can choose with a picture of the sky, sun and clouds, or flowers (e.g., daisies). The kitchen will seem higher and the air.

To the kitchen without window seemed even more spacious and bright, should use materials with a mirrored surface.

In the photo below you can see how beautiful and unusual looks kitchen design without window with suspended ceiling with flowers or the sky.

The interior of the kitchen without window

The interior of the kitchen without window

Flooring and doors. ↑

In the same way as the walls and the ceiling, the floor should be a light shade, for a better reflecting effect. Perfect pastel, cream and white tones. If the tile is laid, it is possible to combine several colors, arranging them in a checkerboard or other order.

For a small kitchen with no Windows is better either not to install the door or put a sliding or accordion.

The interior of the kitchen without window

About the internal window ↑

Since the kitchen has no window, it is possible to simulate. This way increases the space of the room and soothes.

You can buy Wallpapers and 3D Wallpapers in the view window with the landscape behind him or square. Or to decorate picture in the wall.

If you want something difficult, it is possible niche in the wall to embed the current window, and behind the glass, insert a picture. Definitely need to add illumination.

It will look a real window with curtains, curtains or blinds, shutters and flower on the windowsill.

Instead of drawing in the window, you can insert a mirror, stained glass or other patterned glass.

The interior of the kitchen without window

The interior of the kitchen without window

There is another option is to order the services of the artist-designer and he’ll do about the window.

The inner window is also a great way to add comfort to the kitchen without a window. The window can be decorated with curtains, blinds or unusual lighting. Or just close frosted glass.

Appliances and furniture ^ the

The correct placement of furniture and equipment will allow you to save some space and no problem to use it.

Before you start installing, decide which technique constantly uses your family. It is not necessary to install the equipment that you will use a couple times a year.

The Council! In a small kitchen is best to install multi-functional furniture, especially sliding (sliding table, reclining chairs).

Welcome drawers of different shapes, even angular and vertical, like butylenes, but only bigger. Corner boxes can hold a lot more items than an ordinary.

The interior of the kitchen without window

The interior of the kitchen without window

Oven, microwave is better to make built-in wall (column). If the family consists of two or three people, you don’t need to buy a huge refrigerator, get something medium size. It is also better to make built-in.

If the kitchen is quite small in size, the refrigerator can be put in another room or the hallway.

Installed all the equipment, or near one of the walls, or the letter G. If occupied one wall, you can put in the corner of the dining area (e.g., couch). If you install the letter set a separate table (oval or round) and chairs.

Furniture, like the whole trim needs to be lighter shade or even transparent.

Looks great appliances with shiny elements, made of chrome, silver, or brass.

Most importantly, do not clutter the kitchen with small things, as they visually reduce the space. Better to put something medium size and original, such as built-in fake fireplace, or a flat aquarium. Paintings or photographs hang in a row vertically, then the room will visually stretch.

Ventilation ↑

Since the kitchen no window, then it restricted the flow of fresh air and withdrawal of excess moisture. All this together can cause growths of mold and fungus.

Therefore, in this kitchen must have an extractor fan and, preferably, to two of them.

For better ventilation installed on the ceiling fan.

Ideas for kitchen design no window a lot, just need to correctly calculate the balance and not to overload.

Keep only frequently used utensils, and the rest get. Using rails and special facilities for the storage of utensils, they not only look great, but take up little space.

Buy cookware sets and containers that can be stacked on each other and take up little space.

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