The podium in the interior of the kitchen

Practical and original interior detail in the kitchen can become the podium. It is quite common for interior designers in studios, with a spacious area and high ceilings. To enlist the help of professionals when building your own kitchen do not have, on close examination of the technological process to design the interior extraordinary design can be independently.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

The purpose of the catwalks ↑

Multi-level floor surface in the kitchen is applied in interior design to fulfil a decorative function or to solve a technical issue. Often the podium to successfully cope with two tasks at the same time.

Back ↑

Decorative podium – a good kitchen design, giving it a touch of individuality. Using a small elevation the following tasks:

  • The delineation of space. Introduced in the kitchen, with impressive size or when combining adjoining premises. On the podium in the spacious kitchen equipped with a dining area or work surface. When combining adjacent squares design is used for visual space division of the two zones and facilitates the formation of a harmonious transition in the interior.
  • Visual correction of non-standard geometry of the square. If the kitchen has disproportionate dimensions, the construction of the podium at the end of the room perpendicular to the long wall eliminates disharmony of visual perception.
  • Organization comfortable atmosphere. Often overly free space with a high ceiling creates an effect of insecurity. Get rid of uncomfortable sensations will help the podium due to the slightly elevated floor level. The originality of the interior is able to give a podium located in the Studio with the layout of the Bay window in the kitchen, playing the role of mini-stage for performances.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

The absence of a valid reason is not a reason to not to equip the kitchen any element of the interior. Importantly, the size of the room was allowed to build the structure without prejudice to the rules of ergonomics and does not impair the visual perception of the interior.

The Council! To give additional expressiveness, and to emphasize the extravagance of the design can lights, located at the end of the runway. In the dark it can also function as a night light.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

Technical function ↑

Periodically during repair works there are problems with the wiring, wrapping pipes, installing covert equipment, etc. complicates the process of redevelopment of the kitchen the migration of sewer pipes when moving the sink to the area of the window sill or install island headset. The decoration of the podium will help naturally solve the problem of installation of sewer pipes under the tilt.

In addition to the transfer of communications, by reason of the installation design can be gross defects in the floor. Sometimes significant changes in level are easier to resolve with the help of artificial exaltation, rather than completely level the surface. In some cases, the space under the podium is used as additional storage space for rarely used items, tooling with this purpose in convenient boxes.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

Device exaltation in the kitchen ↑

Installation of the podium is carried out in two ways – made monolithic elevation or mounting frame. The choice of optimal method depends on the expected load.

Comment! The most convenient height of the podium in the kitchen does not exceed 15 cm.

Monolithic design ↑

The format of the work undertaken differs from the process of floor leveling screed minor details.

  • Using a water or laser level for walls planned upper dash plan design. Take into account thickness of future floor covering and dip the border fill.
  • For pouring of a solution formed formwork. The rounded shape of the podium involve the use of a flexible material, sheet metal for these purposes is acceptable. To eliminate the risk of leakage of solution will help the film secured inside design.
  • Given the high cost of self-leveling mixture, the main part of the structure can be made of concrete. Waiting for the complete drying of the solution, the remaining height Supplement liquid floor. The period of drying depends on the ambient temperature and the thickness of the podium. An alternative option in case of sufficient height of the construction is to lay on the kitchen floor brick or cinder blocks and then fill them with mortar, self-leveling mixture.
  • At the final stage, after complete drying of the solution, the formwork is removed. The hill is made with tiles or other facing material, organically fit into the future kitchen interior.

The substantial cost and the complexity of the process of building a kitchen interior monolithic podium is justified by its high wear resistance. Besides, this is the only option when the condition of installation of warm floors.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

A wireframe model ↑

The interior of the kitchen, you can arrange frame height. Work is performed with the use of wooden beams, the section of which is not less than 50/50 mm. from the Top of the stele sheets of chipboard or plywood. Milestones are as follows:

  • Is the standard procedure of differentiation of the height of the podium in the kitchen.
  • To prevent rotting of the timber will help pre-processing it with antiseptic and put on the floor waterproofing material.
  • Depending on the planned height, fits well in the kitchen, timber feature directly on the floor or on the prepared logs. Mountable design with metal corners and screws. Shaped beam allows you to assemble the frame by interlocking connections.
  • The top frame of the podium is made of sheet material, boards or plywood. In conclusion, laid the flooring, combined with the planned interior of the kitchen.
Comment! When facing podium tiles as flooring ideally suited cement bonded particle boards.

Frame version of the podium in contrast to the monolithic elevation in the interior of the kitchen more economical. The benefit observed at three positions: from the point of view of cost of materials, labor and time spent on training design.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

Recommendations on improvement ↑

To achieve a seamless interior with a podium on a small tweaks designers:

  • If necessary, the technical construction of the podium in the kitchen with low ceilings, stick to the minimum height, otherwise the interior will turn out «stifled».
  • Give up the idea of multilevel structures in areas of high use – between two work surfaces or a Desk and a fridge.
  • Avoid the construction of the platform along the long wall of the kitchen, this will enhance visual disharmony disproportionate space.
  • Podium small size does not clutter up large furniture. Organically fit into the interior of the kitchen is a compact design on a small hill.
  • When placing a massive dining table on a hill, the optimal distance to the edge is 2 m.
  • To protect households from traumatic situations will assist the fencing and railings on a high podium kitchen.
  • Exceeding recommended interior 15-cm height of the podium is better to issue two levels.
  • Wiring under the hill is laid exclusively in corrugated hose.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

To highlight the original design of the interior is possible in various ways:

  • Painted in a contrasting color against the rest of the floors, the kitchen a small podium will become more visible.
  • Exquisitely decorate the interior of the Studio is capable of elevation with sufficient free space, where the edges are placed potted plants or flowers in vases.
  • Copy the curves of the catwalk on the ceiling using a layered construction made of plasterboard. Hanging on long cords lamps successfully cope with the task of demarcation of the space of the kitchen Studio.
  • In addition to the end of illumination, it can be equipped directly to the platform, achieving the original interior lighting.

What is the method of making the podium to stop and which form to choose depends on the size of the kitchen, planned the interior and the personal wishes of the owner of the premises.

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

The podium in the interior of the kitchen

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