High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

In English the name of the high-tech style means «high technology». How recent scientific advances can be applied in the kitchen? Easy. Primarily this means the use of modern materials for decoration and kitchen equipment according to latest technology. High-tech owes its origin to the development of technology in a variety of fields that allows designers to experiment with materials, colours, lines and forms, sometimes turning the kitchen into a masterpiece of design ideas.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

Colors and materials ↑

This design is ruled by plastic, glass and metal as basic materials of furniture and equipment. High-tech plays on the sharpness of lines and color contrast. Used gamma – various shades of black and gray, matte white, rarely blue, yellow or other bright colors. Smooth transitions of shades of the same color are not provided. Focus on new technology is not only what meets the eye. Even hidden from the superficial glance of the details, such as drawers or the water filter should be simple, comfortable, functional and modern.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

The interior uses mostly artificial materials, chosen for their diversity of colors, simplicity and ease of use, durability:

  1. The metal is increasingly used in the legs and handles furniture hardware.
  2. Glass often made the tops of tables and cabinets, doors shelves and cabinets and lamps and some accessories.
  3. Finishing materials, dominated by plastic.

Of natural or artificial stone can be manufactured countertops and work surfaces, flooring.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

What is high-tech ↑

Modern kitchen in high-tech style look like a photo from the pages of the magazine. To some extent they are impersonal, because household items and some personal belongings in view do not exist, they are hidden on shelves and in drawers. High-tech can be attributed to the minimalist styles it is distinguished by a focus on functionality and the presence of a small number of decorative objects in the design space. For high-tech typical strict and simple geometric lines, both straight and rounded. No complicated geometric patterns. Abstract chaotic lines in the design can be created by the location of surfaces at different levels – this includes both furniture and floor and ceiling. Someone is making a room may seem cold and heartless, but it is only a matter of taste.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

Often with high-tech style combined system «smart home», allows for many processes in fully automated.

Design for different surfaces ↑

The interior walls are high – tech- only background, they should not draw attention to themselves, so they have a smooth surface and are made plain. This can be as simple painting, and finishing of Wallpapers with a smooth texture or tiles. Of course, to the area around the sink and stove tile is preferable from the standpoint of practicality – it can be arbitrarily often to wash from the dirt and from the effects of water and detergents it will be nothing. For the upper zone of the room is mainly used glossy stretch ceiling. The window should be done with thin frames and the minimum number of vertical and horizontal rails.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

Flooring kitchen in high tech style is also recommended plain cover. In principle, they can be anything, but is particularly popular tile, porcelain tiles and screeds. Parquet is not used, but glossy laminate gray shades are used often.

Let there be light! ↑

Another important feature of the high-tech style for kitchen interior is a very bright light. It can be as compact and neat lamps, in a large number of built-in ceiling and pendant lamp, but not necessarily simple in design. Above the cooking area can be a small point lights. Rather pleasant appearance than is really the best for light dishes used led strip. Looks spectacular lights inside the shelves or tables, as well as liquid-crystal displays on the technique. Exquisite and ornate lights and chandeliers for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech not provided.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

The choice of furniture ↑

As for furniture, its role in the interior of the kitchen in high-tech style is purely functional – hide products, utensils and other necessary kitchen items. There should not be furniture for the sake of the furniture. Welcome the incorporation of technology into furniture or a wall to form a single coherent surface. The cabinets are equipped with closers for silent closing. Screens technical devices can be touch.

All surfaces in the kitchen, decorated in the style of hi-tech, should be placed at comfortable level, so you don’t have any stretch or bend too often. Is often used the so-called modular furniture. It is a kind of constructor that allows you to hide unused fragments, slightly change the kitchen for a change, to transform the furniture – for example, when the arrival of a large number of guests quickly decompose spacious Desk.

Whether decorative items ↑

To the kitchen high-tech was not too cold, can be used by the vegetation in the pots, painting with minimalistic drawings or colorful fruit in a vase, some glass objects – glasses or glasses. All of the decorations should be simple in form, texture and color. These accents should not be too much.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

What exactly will not be in the kitchen in high tech style is decorative figurines of various materials and carved doors made of wood.

Advantages of high-tech style for kitchen ↑

  • The kitchen in this design for its graceful. It does not distract on extraneous details and objects, so I can pay maximum attention to good food or to indulge their creativity.
  • The kitchen is high tech and comfortable with the position maintain cleanliness. All surfaces are easy to clean with the use of cleaning products from the main kitchen of contamination such as grease, dirty drops of water, juice of vegetables and fruits, and does not absorb stains.
  • The kitchen has a clear functional division cooking area separated from the dining part. And all the necessary items are as close as possible to the area where used. To go to the other end of the kitchen for a spoon is not required.
  • Focus on functionality makes this kitchen convenient to use.
  • This design is universal. It can be used with any floor space. Small kitchenette high-tech will expand visually and allow you to push the maximum needed in a small area, and the spacious room only emphasizes the abundance of free space, create a sense of freedom.
  • The interior in the design of high-tech is much cheaper than you might think. The materials used are not as expensive as, for example, high-quality wood, often used for country style in the kitchen.
  • The motto of the kitchen design in the style of hi-tech, reliability and practicality. Cooking and eating should be easy, and the technique will carry the maximum action per person that with the current pace of life is very important.

All good kitchen high-tech ↑

The objective of the shortcomings of high-tech style in the kitchen interior there. Another issue is that such a design may not be to everyone’s taste. Not everyone will be able to assess sustained and rigorous design, a minimum of decorative elements, cool colors. There are people who will feel uncomfortable, and in such a cold atmosphere will not be able to fully relax. But this is a subjective assessment of the appearance of the premises.

High-tech style in the interior of the modern kitchen

In addition, the kitchen in this style not always easy to furnish. You need a complete combination of finishes, furniture, equipment. Of course, to find it all in the shops of major cities will not be easy, but in small towns the choice may not be so rich. Of course, you can always design the individual design of the kitchen and assist in ordering, but then the repair and the situation will take much more time and would require high expenses.

Tips ↑

That kitchen renovation is not turned into headache, but pleased with the result, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations:

  • To draft a kitchen design in advance of its thought out to the smallest detail;
  • Try to purchase materials with a small margin;
  • To take into account the number of household appliances, to place beside it the required number of outlets;
  • If the kitchen is not separated from the rest of the apartment walls and doors, then execute the next room is also better in the style of hi-tech, because a different design would look won, spoiling the entire experience.


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