Kitchen interior in fusion style

The combination in a single space, seemingly incongruous elements, avoiding any stereotypes and norms are embodied in the fusion. Decorating the interior of a kitchen in this direction, you can not hesitate to combine unusual ethical motives and exotic interior with classic European elements.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

Key features of fusion in the interior ↑

Individual approach and architectural design can transform beyond recognition any kitchen. The room is fusion always has a unique approach to the selection of furniture and accessories and interesting design solutions. Such a direction in the interior completely displays the character and the mood of the owners, takes into account the smallest features of draw space. Fusion in the interior is the unity of the classical style, modern minimalism and abstraction.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

This type of design is relatively new. In the 90-ies of the last century, American designers have taken the interesting decision of the European chefs when cooking. To attract customers in the ordinary and quite traditional dishes added an exotic touch. Direction «fusion» — in the translation mixture, gradually moved from cooking to art design. To date, the fusion is a very common phenomenon, and it concerns not only the cooking and decoration of the rooms, but also the overall lifestyle of the person.

Attention! Even known certain communities that promote the broad masses of the population fusion.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

The creators of the fusion managed to turn the consciousness in society and to prove that the combination of the most unusual things, the rejection of tradition, norms and rules, can be the basis for creating amazingly beautiful and unusual style in the interior.

Features in the design are based on the fusion style in the interior:

  • contrast color;
  • unity in one space different materials;
  • the practicality of the interior. In the room there are only the necessary and useful things;
  • a harmonious blend of furniture, decorative items, accessories.

The color scheme of the fusion ↑

Kitchen, decorated in a fusion direction, is the predominance of bright colors saturated and even daring tones. It can combine seemingly incongruous colors. For example: crimson and gold. On this background quite will look spectacular elements of plastic and metal.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

Selecting colors for a fusion, do not be afraid of bright colors, their presence is welcome. But the main thing is, what basic colors should be contrasting. The perfect combination characterizing the fusion style in the interior is black with a white background and bright accents.

The Council! For those who wish to soften the activity of the interior, may use multiple colors, more calm tone.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

The opinion that fusion is the complete absence of limits or boundaries, is quite wrong. Choosing bright contrasting colors, it is necessary to ensure not to violate the basic principles of colors. If this rule is ignored, then the interior can be awkward and being in the kitchen will very quickly begin to irritate and bore. To avoid such a situation need to use contrast colors only on a small scale. For example: textile patterns in the Windows, the pattern on the dishes.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

There is another important rule of working with color. If the interior provides bright saturated colors, for example, in the tabletop, he needs to meet you again in more fine detail. To follow this rule is pretty simple. Fusion seeks to combine in a single space a variety of texture of materials. Natural wood and glass, paper Wallpaper and metal, plastic parts. All this can be properly place, creating harmonious and interesting space.

What about those who have a small kitchen area? Nothing wrong with that, fusion is perfectly suitable even for very small spaces. It would seem that bright colors should make a small kitchen even smaller, but no, the skillful combination of colors, can lead to completely opposite effect. As an example: the ceiling, walls and floor kitchen decorated with materials are light, neutral colors and as a color accent is the bright top, or colourful furniture.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

The design of the walls, floor and ceiling ↑

Usually making a kitchen in the fusion style, based on decoration of the surfaces come from the simplest materials. For the ceiling is plaster, in combination with the wooden beams. Walls can be covered with paper Wallpaper, coated or covered with plaster. As a floor coating, apply laminate, ceramic tile or linoleum. Quite often the kitchen floor fusion leave concrete.

Windows made of wood, or at least plastic. For their design, traditionally used blinds.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

Furniture and appliances ↑

Furniture items are astonishingly varied. In their selection should not limit your imagination. Bright chairs plastic will be combined perfectly with antique wooden table with cast iron legs. Stylish, contemporary appliances for the home will find its place in my grandmother’s dresser. The materials from which the furniture is made, also can be contrasted among themselves. Glass with wood, plastic with metal.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

To the interior, decorated in fusion style, was harmonious and interesting, you must perform certain tasks:

  • to choose wisely the color and structure of the furniture and interior.
  • to adhere to the generality of the stylistic direction. It is desirable that in the same space was not present more than three styles;
  • all items should be evenly distributed throughout space. Thus, the interior will look harmonious and not overloaded;
  • the overall situation should not be too filled and complex. Visual perception created interior should be easy, clear and simple;
  • household appliances and kitchen utensils should be of bright colors.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

To suit such an unusual style ↑

If a person chooses fusion for your kitchen interior, then it is possible to say that this is an unusual, stylish and outrageous personality. Such people deny any stereotypes and frameworks. They love to combine interesting and unusual things to do in this beauty and harmony.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

The direction of fusion in interior design is very modern and unique in its essence. But for the realization of a seemingly unreal projects need quite a bit:

  • sense of style and harmony;
  • the presence of a common space in bright, contrasting colors;
  • the use of prints, interesting patterns and interior items;
  • a sense of harmony, thanks to which in a single space, you can skillfully combine unusual, sometimes strange things.

Typically, the fusion style for your home people choose unconventional thinking, history buffs, artists, travelers, Bohemians and theater.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

Useful tips from designer ↑

Small tips of professionals will help you create a harmonious space in fusion style:

  1. Initially, decide exactly what you should have on total rework.
  2. Definitely need to stick to harmony, in all its manifestations.
  3. Wanting to get the right advice, it is better to contact the person competent in this matter. A layman will be able to formulate incorrectly conceived, and the reality to be not quite expected.
  4. In the same style, you can combine contrasting colors, diverse in structure materials. Welcome a combination of things, fundamentally different from each other.
  5. In the design space must be present white color as neutralizer bright and juicy colors.
  6. Before the alteration, it is desirable to find already ready projects.
Attention! The direction of fusion does not require rework of the entire apartment, can be restricted to only one kitchen.

Kitchen interior in fusion style

Conclusion ↑

The fusion is very good because its based on emotional feelings and personal perception of the world. No boundaries, rules, and principles. The important thing is to feel harmony of space and then the interior is a fusion of Buda not only unusual and striking, but also practical, functional and comfortable.

Fusion hides a lot of secrets and features, learn about some of them in the next video

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