Kitchen design in retro style

Many strive to ensure that the kitchen is in their house is consistent with the most newfangled design styles and were filled with the latest technical equipment. But true connoisseurs of beauty and supporters of romance in the interior happy to spend time in the kitchen, decorated in retro style. The space, filled with objects of the past, evokes a sense of nostalgia. But at the same time, the kitchen is absolutely not loses its functionality and practicality. Cleverly hidden modern appliances, will transform the process of cooking in an interesting exercise.

Kitchen design in retro style

The color scheme of the kitchen in a retro style ↑

There is a perception that this style combines incongruous colors and shades. It is not so. When choosing colors need to be especially careful that the stylish interior does not become a bad taste. For retro style, the most traditional are the following combinations:

  • deep blue and bright orange;
  • delicate pink and rich green;
  • sunshine yellow and tranquil blue;
  • the classic combination of black and white;
  • intense red and stylish metallic.

All used colors should be clear. If the contrast in the interior is a little confusing, you can stay in a classic white color, adding some bright accents. For example, the presence of kitchen countertops bright rich colors of cherry, or cheery yellow of the refrigerator. Such items not only will add flavor to the interior, but can become its highlight.

Attention! Professional designers recommend not to forget the stylish colors of yesteryear: colourful large polka dots, plaid, stripes.

Kitchen design in retro style

Furniture for kitchen in retro style ↑

Generally, the idea is to make the kitchen in retro style visits people when they are the inheritors of the rare table, sideboard or kitchen utensils. Such things want to show off, and they need to create a matching interior.

If you desire to furnish your kitchen with items from the past you present, and furniture and accessories as there are none, it is not superfluous to visit the antique shops or flea markets. Also can help the community of fans of Antiques on the Internet. The main thing to have desire to achieve results, and then, perhaps, for a very modest price, you will get an interesting thing, or piece of furniture with history.

Most likely, the purchased items will require a small repair or restoration. Do not ignore this process. Otherwise your kitchen will look like a warehouse of useless old things, not stylish accommodation with a twist. Bought things just need a little «update», to keep the appearance consistent with the overall style of the kitchen, and they were able to create a perfect, harmonious design. As a rule, not to burden themselves with restoration work, many are turning to specialized companies for restoring old furniture. They quickly and efficiently carry out all required activities. But in this case, you must be prepared to ensure that the invoice for services rendered will be impressive.

Kitchen design in retro style

Another option, quickly and without special efforts to furnish the kitchen furniture in retro style is to purchase a set in the store. Matching style to new furniture is in the furniture, ways of furnish of facades. The furniture in retro style – quite expensive, but the price is fully compensated by the high quality materials with practicality and functionality. In production we use modern durable materials.

Attention! Furniture made antique very functional as well as equipped with modern storage systems and ergonomic accessories.

Also important advantage of modern furniture is its weight. Enough light the interior will remove the problem of transportation of furniture.

If for any reason the range does not meet your needs, you can use the services of designers to create a custom project just for you will create kitchen furniture in retro style.

Kitchen design in retro style

Appliances for kitchens in retro style ↑

Even if the interior of the kitchen is based on the idea of retro, this does not mean that it must be new appliances. They are able to make stay in the kitchen with pleasure. Like any other kitchen, retro should be the refrigerator, cooktop, dishwasher and microwave. But in order not to violate antikvarnoe style and atmosphere, if possible, appliances should be hidden behind the doors of the cabinets of kitchen furniture. If the technique involves an open location, the style should conform to the General trend in kitchen design. Unfortunately, not many manufacturers support this style of instruments, but if you try, you desired to find.

As an example, the hood in a retro style is an element simulating the tube furnace. Oven and cooktop and distinctive handles and color of surface.

Kitchen design in retro style

Interesting trivia in a retro style ↑

The choice of kitchen accessories in retro style – is a flight of your imagination. Here can find its application all sorts of trinkets that had been long stored in the attic. Grandma can please antique dishes, interesting items, textiles, and other pleasant surprises that will find its place in the retro kitchen.

What particularly characterizes the antique style in the kitchen:

  • old, yellowed photos;
  • graceful kitchenware of porcelain;
  • dial telephone;
  • interesting posters of yesteryear;
  • a variety of containers for bulk products, seasonings;
  • stylish lamps lampshades;
  • vinyl records;
  • interesting textiles on the Windows.

Kitchen design in retro style

A variety of retro styles ↑

Retro is everything that is connected with our past, but it’s at everyone. For someone the past is the era of the Soviet Union, and someone remembers itself in the revolutionary period.

In order not to interfere with together all directions of the retro style, please familiarize yourself with the basic trends.

The style of the Victorian era ↑

This period in the history of England is of particular interest to people romantic and sentimental. For them it is very important presence in the interior all the cute heart things. For the kitchen in the Victorian style characterized by the variety of ornaments and jewelry, as well as the presence of massive wooden furniture. It should also be noted the richness of the decorations and the careful selection of all interior parts. Furniture for kitchen, decorated in Victorian style, is decorated with forged elements, delicate carvings on the facades, and portal elements.

It is important! On the ceiling required the presence of gypsum stucco.

Kitchen design in retro style

The direction of art Deco ↑

Elegant, slightly pompous French style art Deco was created by those who through the interior in your house tried to Express freedom of expression. Thus was born a Bohemian style, proud snobbery of the aristocracy. The style of art Deco in the interior combines several forgotten beauty of the past and simplicity of expression. Directions art Deco is expressed through expensive textiles, bright, large decorative elements, geometric, interesting prints on the walls, wooden furniture, smooth curved shapes.

Kitchen design in retro style

The style shabby chic ↑

Special direction of retro style in France. Different aged surfaces, furniture with style. a large number of wicker items. All combined in one room and successfully combined with heart touching embroidered napkins, fine China sets, fabrics with ruffles and flounces on the Windows. Getting into such a room, you feel like you are at grandma’s house, the whole atmosphere to a calm, peaceful location and vacation.

Kitchen design in retro style

The style of the 50s years ↑

The direction originates from the streets of European cities 40-50 years. For such a flow is characterized by the use of elements made of metal, strict laconic lamps, advertising posters of the time. Easy to surface finish will become an excellent basis for modern interior for kitchen. Colors in retro style 50-ies successfully combines the calm of pastel and bright shades.

Kitchen design in retro style

Conclusion ↑

Choosing the stylish retro interior for your kitchen can be even with a very limited budget to create a unique design. This is the first thing that attracts the consumer. Using second-hand furniture, interesting design elements, your kitchen will be not only practical and comfortable, but also very interesting in its design.

It is also worth noting that retro style allows you to surround yourself with those things that are precious to you, but have not previously been exposed, as contrary to the existing interior.

What design elements can be used to give a kitchen retro style will know in the next video

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