The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

Kitchen – one of the most important rooms in the house. There are going to family members for lunch and Breakfast and spend their time and meet guests. It is therefore important to organize the kitchen a cozy and comfortable, taking care of its interior. To do this, select the preferred colors, textures, materials and, of course, the direction of the interior design. One of the interesting options are the modern styles.

They are represented by technical hi-tech, practical, modern and strict minimalism. Modern design is characterized by rationality, functionality and brevity. It will fit perfectly, as in a city apartment and the private house.

The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

Modern style: the special atmosphere and functionality ↑

Many believe that the modern style is the abundance of modern materials and technology. But this is not true. He represents in the kitchen a special atmosphere, the spirit of the future, innovation. Such a direction will allow you to purchase a cozy corner in your home, who will combine eco-friendliness, adaptability and versatility. The main emphasis is on comfort, practicality and elegance combined with.

Some features of modern style are the following:

  1. Workability. The modern interior has all the necessary appliances, and the kitchen itself is automated. This also applies to lighting and water flow.
  2. All the furniture are arranged in accordance with the strict geometry. Clarity and correctness of forms – a basic requirement of modern style. Most often the pieces of furniture in the kitchen, to oval, ellipse, rectangle, or square.
  3. The vastness and lack of unnecessary items. Modern urban kitchen should be as free and comfortable. If the area is small, it can achieve color accents, lighting and decor items.
  4. Conciseness. The texture should be smooth or shiny. Additionally, you can use crystal, mirrors and glass surfaces to achieve maximum effectiveness in modern interior.
  5. The lack of enclosed spaces. Modern urban kitchen should only be space and freedom.
  6. The minimum number of elements, the lack of bright trim. The kitchen should be restrained.

The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

The high-tech style and features ↑

The high-tech style is one of those who are primarily interested in. It implies the use of modern materials for decoration, among which is dominated by plastic, metal and composite panels. Urban kitchen it will allow to use all innovative technologies. The decoration is dominated by white color which allows you to visually enlarge the space. Bright notes add zest to interior design modern kitchen. It can be represented as lilac, pistachio or Burgundy shades.

High-tech urban modern cuisine is striking for its conciseness and aesthetics. But despite this the room is extremely comfortable and multifunctional. To create a harmonious interior in a modern city kitchen, consider the following details:

  1. Among the dominant colors emit metallic, silver, white and milky. You can dilute the interior color tones of beige and baked milk in combination with the dark wood interior.
  2. The furnishings consist of materials such as MDF and plastic. Additionally used artificial stone as sinks and countertops.
  3. To add flavor to the interior of the modern kitchen will allow bright accent. Best of all, if it will be cool shades. They can appear anywhere on the interior of the kitchen, well, the best choice would be fittings equipment, furniture facades, elements of storage systems, curtains and blinds.
  4. One of the main components of the kitchen in a modern high-tech style can be called high technology. They presented a silent and high-performance appliances, warm floors, units for monitoring and control, lighting effects, and light sensors.
  5. The high-tech style for the modern kitchen excludes the presence of the dining table. But do not get upset, because it will be replaced with a bar. The highlight of the interior will be a special bar chairs. They are offered in a wide variety of non-traditional forms.
  6. Textile in hi-tech style is missing. It can replace blinds or shutters. If you absolutely can’t do without fabric curtains, give preference to smooth and dense options. It is important that their color match the shade of the walls.

The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

Modern high-tech style will suit those who above all values comfort and restraint. They will be able to choose all the necessary household appliances and smart systems to make the kitchen extremely functional and easy to use. Restrained colors in the decoration will add a touch of elegance and sophistication, making the interior of the modern kitchen your pride and joy.

Modern minimalism – it is interesting and impressive ↑

Minimalism is an interesting direction that embodies simplicity, laconic forms and functionality. You can choose from an impressive number of materials. Permitted include:

  1. Textiles.
  2. Glass.
  3. Stone.
  4. Tree.
  5. Metal.
  6. Plastic.
The Council! Correctly execute the interior design, respecting the clarity and geometry of forms.

Direction provides a limited number of parts, but each of them represents an expressive highlight of the interior. Great decor could be a colorful bonsai or built-in aquarium.

The best choice for modern furniture in a minimalist style will be the wood. This line should be very simple and clear. Such restraint will be compensated with quality fittings. Furniture should be functional and with a minimal amount of unnecessary items.

The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

Walls looks impressive with decoration in the form of tiles, glass or bamboo surfaces. The most economical option would be tiles and waterproof paint. Floors can be decorated lincrusta or ordinary ceramic tiles. These materials emphasize the conciseness of the style.

In General, modern minimalism is striking in its restraint, the perfect order and pastel colors. The best colors for a kitchen in the style of minimalism will become gray and white. You can add silver, black and shiny as accents. Textiles in interior design is allowed but it is better to give preference to rolled curtains.

The Council! Appliances for the kitchen should be hidden from prying eyes, they include towels and potholders.

City area: its features and benefits ↑

Kitchen interior in modern style is called the most functional and practical. It is designed for comfort and ease of use of the kitchen space. The result is the ability to minimize all the household chores associated with the repair. It is interesting to look items transformers that increase the functionality of the kitchen.

Important feature is the spaciousness of the interior. There must be enough free space so that the cooking process was very simple. Extra pizzazz can be achieved with color accents. They will saturate the interior of the kitchen, to make it more expressive.

Urban style features a simple furniture. You can give preference to transformers and items retractable and folding type. This applies particularly to the dining table. You can replace it with a functional Breakfast bar. Special emphasis on the choice of chairs. The best option will be those that can be transformed into interesting decor.

The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

The quality of materials used synthetic. Their advantages include ease of care, resistance to changes and deformations. For walls this is a wall panel or an ordinary paint, and the floor is laminate. Will look interesting glass fashion jewelry that you can decorate a kitchen apron.

Colors are all shades, among which the most popular are grey, French rose, lime, purple, cream, mint, pistachio. Among the decorative items that can add sophistication to the interior can be divided into the stainless steel utensils, kitchen appliances, Roman blinds and metal elements.

Loft: a tribute to the traditions ↑

The loft is one of the most exciting and interesting contemporary styles. It entails the unification of the various options, designs, colors. The result is a kind of mix in the interior of the kitchen, which looks incredibly impressive. This style is characterized by high ceilings, combination of textures, plenty of space.

Loft necessarily requires large space, high ceilings and impressive Windows. The trim is reminiscent of an industrial style. For the kitchen the most interesting options will be brickwork, the appearance of an open section of pipe or structural metal. Loft unique style, which allows you to choose any items of furniture. You may not follow a single direction. The loft will sure to look good and interesting. The only condition is that the furniture was a logically complete zone.

The kitchen in the loft there must be a Seating area. It can be decorated in a retro direction and arranged at the window. Or in the middle of the kitchen-type island. Window area may itself statementon to stay. This sill expand and strengthen, creating from it a small table. To finish the composition will help the light textiles with unpretentious folds.

The interior of the city cuisine in a modern style

Classic cuisine in a modern interior is a great solution for everyone. The result will be high functionality, technology and elegance. Modern interior urban kitchen will meet the most daring ideas, and an impressive variety of directions will help you to choose the most preferred one in accordance with your own budget and square footage. Enjoy the brevity and aesthetics modern styles.

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