Kitchen design orange color

When choosing colors kitchen some stay on orange, as it is able to elevate mood and eliminate fatigue. Thus it promotes digestion and circulation. Orange things attract the eye, so they can be set with the expectation of attracting attention. As a main color it is rarely used.

Kitchen design orange color

Features of use of the color orange ↑

To understand how to place objects on the orange kitchen, is to consider the characteristics of this color:

  1. Activity. Bright orange objects are able to displace all others. If you want to draw attention to the dining area, for example, can be arranged around the table orange dining room chairs.
  2. Heat. If the kitchen is on the North side of the house, its design in orange color is an ideal option.
  3. The effect of increasing. When you look at the orange items it seems that they are somewhat closer than the really are. If the kitchen is long and narrow, then for the approximation of the far wall enough to paint it orange.
  4. A wide variety of colors. The selection of a specific option is limited only by the preferences of the home owner.

If the correct focus, even in a dark room will give the impression that light is enough.

Kitchen design orange color

Black and orange kitchen ↑

This version of the design is not suitable for everyone, because in low light it makes the room too dark. Also attention should be paid to the space used. If the room is big and the black color can be used as the primary. With the dark furniture look good metal appliances.

Kitchen design orange color

If you use black furniture, it is best to use for the walls pale peach color. To dilute this combination can white items. This version of the design is the most popular because all of the shades blend harmoniously and do not create pressure on the psyche.

Another common design is the use of orange furniture. It will complement the dark appliances and light grey wall. Such combinations are suitable for the classical style, Gothic revival, and also fit into the design black and orange kitchen called «hi-tech».

The combination of blue, brown and green ↑

Not to be mistaken with a choice should consider the combination of orange with such colors as:

  1. Blue. This option is a classic, as described colors are opposite and able to balance each other. To none of them dominated, it is better to choose a secondary color (e.g. gray), which will be located between the objects, painted in blue and orange.
    Kitchen design orange color
  2. Brown. His use of brown is appropriate in that case, if the landlord wishes to recreate the Oriental style of the interior. In this case it is better to choose bright orange, and darker shades.
    Kitchen design orange color
  3. Green. If you create its Alliance with the orange color, it will encourage the residents of summer disorder.
    Kitchen design orange color

Countertops and floors it is better to choose wood as they balance the activity of the bright spectrum. A great solution is to buy metal appliances, which are in harmony with the orange color.

The benefits of orange food ↑

Orange color rescues from depression, and while in this room people will be in a good condition regardless of the time of year. The use of the described hints in the kitchen will contribute to uplifting the mood of all family members in the morning.

Also the orange color awakens the appetite and makes the room warmer. But the room looked more attractive, it is necessary to take into account some design rules.

How to choose the style ↑

For kitchen, the design of which is present in orange color, will fit several styles:

  • design in retro style of the mid-twentieth century,
  • minimalism,
  • country,
  • minimalism in Japanese design,
  • Eastern styles.

Kitchen design orange color

To create a specific interior, it is necessary to consider features of a particular style and to embody them in the design. In an example, the minimalism, the characteristic features of which are the following features:

  • the lack of decor, pictures and patterns;
  • hidden or natural light;
  • furniture in rooms is minimum amount;
  • direct forms and the absence of unnecessary bends.

When using black and white colors, as is usually the case when you create this style, the apartment may seem empty and uninviting. If you add orange shades, the design can be changed for the better.

Kitchen design orange color

The combination of white and orange ↑

Choosing the right balance of white and orange, it is possible to suppress the negative influence of the first color and reduce irritation that may occur when the abundance of the second. If the room is small, then the white color should predominate, as it helps to expand the space.

In an example, the most common version of the design. It involves the use of white color when painting the floor and walls, while the kitchen is orange. It is important to monitor the selection of dishes that have to be a certain shade. Orange curtains in the kitchen usually selected in the case if the walls are white.

Kitchen design orange color

An interesting solution is painting one wall orange. In this case, next to it should be a dining table. The top is also painted in orange color.

It is important! If you want the owner of the apartment in the kitchen you can use various shades. But in any case, it should be remembered that the walls should be lighter than the kitchen.

The lighting in the kitchen ↑

Creating the right lighting in the kitchen is not a luxury but rather a necessity, because it helps to create comfort in the room and also increase the visual space. The lamps can emphasize certain details of the interior.

One of the most rational solution is to use several light sources instead of one, which creates a shadow zone. Special attention should be paid to the working space. The surface of the tables, sink and refrigerator are the places that are operated more often, so some of them should be placed a few lights. Additional lighting will contribute to a more comfortable cooking.

Kitchen design orange color

The Council! A more rational use of light is the acquisition of a rotating lamp that can be directed to different zone.

In order that the light did not hit in the eye and at the same time lit working space under the cabinets to build a fluorescent lamp. They contribute to not only better visibility, but also accentuate the orange elements of the interior. It is also worth remembering that when you select a specific device you can choose what shade of light it emits.

Lighting dining area ↑

It is worth remembering that the orange dining table is able to evoke the feeling of the heat. This is particularly noticeable in the summer. So over the top it is better to hang a chandelier that emits a cold light. The same applies to other similar instruments available in the kitchen – they should be installed in places where they can not only make the surface more bright, but also reduce the impact of orange.

The Council! For many types of design will suit the lamp located over the dining table and having the opportunity to climb to different heights.

Kitchen design orange color

If the countertop is in white color, you can use a table lamp with original orange shade. Such lighting can create a room more intimate family atmosphere. It is also worth to pay attention to the ceiling lighting. Often orange kitchens it is suspended. Such ceilings is better to illuminate with spotlights.

Don’t forget about accent lighting. In an example, the devices installed behind the glass doors of the cabinets, which are painted in orange color. Such lamps help to look for items and are filling the room with warmth and comfort.

Kitchen design orange color

Orange kitchen in the interior looks quite attractive, if the whole apartment is in one of the above styles.

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