Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

Design black and white kitchen is like a scene from the old movie. As a man charismatic and brave, and the women are beautiful and mysterious. Unfortunately, to find set, made in this color scheme extremely difficult. Sometimes you even have to do the personal order. But the result is worth it.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

Black and white kitchen is not just a classic. The elite design. The combination of two classic colors to create a unique composition, which captivates at first sight. However, to create a really good design to it should be approached with responsibility and to consider the experience of the world designers, as well as their recommendations.

Features of the use of black and white concept kitchen design ↑

Most often black and white kitchen design is used in such styles as art Deco, art Nouveau, hi-tech and minimalism. Also do not forget about the avant-garde. In most cases, as the main color and choose white. This is due to the fact that black evokes strong feelings. So it is used in order to make the necessary emphasis in the right place.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

It is important! To do kitchen design in black and white is recommended, if the room is well lit.

In order to emphasize the design black and white kitchen with natural light and one chandelier is not enough. Need to take care of an ergonomic arrangement of the lighting elements and the desired number of lamps.

In the center of the design can be a decorative chandelier or lamp with shade. Kitchen is highlighted locally. Will not prevent the lights or spots in the working area. As in any kitchen design black and white concept should be provided a sufficient number of sockets.

Decoration and important elements of the design ↑

As the material finishes you can use ordinary Wallpaper with an entourage of black-and-white pattern. Nice black rolls with white print. Very often in design black and white kitchens pasted over only one wall. The rest are painted in neutral tones. This allows you to focus on the desired part of the space at minimal cost.

When selecting a headset you need to take great care. For example, the best option is the black facade and the white countertop. It is not only stylish, but also practical. On a white background is simple and easy to cook even at low coverage.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

The Council! On one wall you can make the backsplash black tiles. Its surface should be glossy.

Special attention to design black and white kitchen dining room deserves a group. Design concepts there are many. For example, you can purchase a table cover black frosted glass and chairs of the same color. The entire set needs to be glossy.

Very popular in the design of black-and-white kitchen uses another option for table set, namely the table with a white top and black chairs This set looks great.

One of the most important elements of design black and white kitchen is the floor. It complements the avant-garde design, making the concept even more unrealistic. Most commonly used large size slabs. Their price is at an affordable level, and the styling takes a minimum of time. In addition, they are well withstand high loads.

Don’t forget about the tree. Of course, the tile has a lot of advantages. She practically forever, and its easy to clean. Nevertheless, wood has its own advantages. First, it is a unique smell, which is inherent only to natural rocks. Second, there are black varieties, which are ideally suited to black and white kitchen design.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

A kind of compromise between tile and wood is laminate. Its price is at an affordable level, it is easy to install and its appearance is pleasing to the eye. The lifetime depends on the prices, but in principle, 5-10 years, this coating can withstand without any problems.

When designing black-and-white kitchens don’t have to do the floor in the same colors. For example, it can be beige or gray. In principle, you can choose any neutral color which will not conflict with the basic concept.

If you are not afraid to experiment and want to design your black and white dishes was really outstanding, do a black ceiling. Find a nice you need to soften the transition from white walls. This task is ideally suited horizontal strips at the upper edge in two colors.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

To better match design black and white kitchens style art Deco you can go much further and change the ceiling and floor in some places. The effect is just amazing. Black top and white bottom will take you at least confusion, and a maximum of delight.

Do not forget about such accessories as vases, tea set in the appropriate colors and application of colors. All of these items will enhance design black and white kitchen, making it more atmospheric. Special attention should be paid to the dishes. She is also part of the concept and should be done in appropriate colors.

How to choose furniture in black and white kitchen ↑

There are some secrets. For example, if the footage is black-and-white kitchen is small, it is best to choose furniture with white color. The fact is that white reflects light, making the space visually larger. Black also such a property is not.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

Especially popular now is the so-called two-piece design. Imagine that in black and white kitchen the lower section is made in black tone, and the top in white. This solution is very practical. After all, the kitchen is not uncommon spilled oil, splashes from the overturned decanter of juice and so on. Of course, to the top of the cabinets drops do not reach, but the lower elements of the headset will be stained.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

Not to mention how stylish in design the black-and-white kitchen looks dark countertop and light set. About the table set already mentioned, but especially the original sets used chairs with black legs and white seats. Only to find in sale difficult.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

The choice of sofa in the design of black and white kitchen is a separate topic of conversation. Better two-color option. For example, the base may be light, and covers black. The main thing is convenience.

The Council! Well in the overall design to look corner leather sofas. They add to the overall concept of the additional entourage.

Black and white curtains ↑

Don’t underestimate the role of this design element in black and white kitchen. The color of the curtains does not have to be black and white. Although stylish pattern, made in this scheme will go to the General kitchen design only for the benefit of.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

It can be simple black lines on white background or something more original. For example, a very stylish look anthracitic moths hovering among the white flowers. In fact options are many. But in most cases, choose standard motifs like birds or flowers.

Design black and white kitchen in the apartment

The most advanced design black and white kitchens, curtains are a logical continuation of the whole concept. The figure is intertwined with images of chairs and furniture, creating a unique concept.

Curtains black and white kitchen does not have to be done in the same scheme. You can use a gray or beige shade. The main thing that he is well in tune with the overall design of the room.

Special attention should be paid to the length of the curtains. Its selection depends largely on the ceiling height. But you can go the other way and set, for example, blinds. Interesting paradox, the higher the ceilings in a black and white kitchen, the less the length of the curtains. On the contrary, the use of long curtains is recommended in small spaces. They allow you to visually increase the square footage.

Warning! Under any circumstances do not use in the design of the curtains «gentle» colors. The colour pink is banned!

Allowed the use of the design black and white kitchen curtains in pastel shades. Will look good in this concept, a variety of geometric patterns. Especially popular now are horizontal black stripes of varying thickness. If you want to have curtains in the first place protected from bright light, choose a dense white material, or install blinds.

The results ↑

The kitchen is made in black and white design, is popular. The combination of these two colors creates a finished concept, which can not be ignored. With great reverence we should treat the choice of curtains, headset and accessories. In the case of black-and-white kitchen, the detail can not be.

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