Niche in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen is a place to store a variety of household appliances, kitchen supply, special gadgets. The hostess is «Holy place», it is here where a woman spends most of free time. This room is the «hallmark» women. From convenience, the location of kitchen appliances depends on the willingness of the hostess to create «culinary masterpieces».

To those who planned to use the space of this room to the maximum extent, there is a challenge. If the kitchen is small in size, that is found in old houses, the optimal solution will be a niche in the kitchen wall.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Design ideas ↑

One of the interesting options for the organization of the kitchen space can be considered the establishment of a functional wardrobe – pantry. Numerous shelves and drawers, sliding doors can save space by using it for its intended purpose. The arrangement of the niches you can perform on their own, or to invite professional builders and designers.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Corner drawers ↑

A creative solution would be to corner boxes. You will be able to use all the corners of the kitchen without cluttering it with lots of items. Especially this option is relevant for long and narrow kitchens where it is problematic to place the standard furniture.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Drawers for storing kitchen items ↑

This way the designers used for storage of table and kitchen appliances in one convenient place.

The Council! If you have sufficient material resources, use the advice of a professional designer. In this case, all the kitchen space will be used rationally, taking into account fashion trends.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

What is niche ↑

This is a hole in the wall where you can place kitchen items: tools, household appliances, decorative items. Kitchen with alcove in the wall, with proper use of design techniques, competently picked up illumination, optimum color solutions will be the most stylish element of the whole apartment.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Its basic advantage is the ability to visually enlarge the kitchen space. For example, if the thickness of the wall surface is 25 cm, you can use 20 cm useful space to store items and equipment.

The Council! It is useful to place the niche in the working area to place on the shelves of assorted kitchenware, including jars of condiments and spices, Cutlery, Souvenirs.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

If you plan to use made a niche not only as a decorative element, but for practical purposes, it should be of such size that it can be put the dishwasher or built in refrigerator.

If the niche in the wall in the kitchen is intended for the decoration of its interior, chosen for her prominent place, and as a decorative material select decorative stone, wood, glass, Wallpaper. Such materials designers recommend to use both separately and in combined form.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Arched niche in the kitchen ↑

Such designs look very impressive, they mainly selected Arabic or classical style. If decorating with decorative niche with stucco, natural wood, art paintings, vases, sculptures, figurines, and you can get a real work of art, in addition, quite functional.

Niches, made in the Arabic style, doing an imitation of a mosque, this variant is used in Oriental design.

If in a small kitchen to make a small arched niche, complemented by multicolored lights, you can create a simulated club style.

Deepening of horizontal type, neatly trimmed with fancy moldings, suitable for Italian style.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

The Council! As a Supplement is a glass shelf on which to place the beautiful dishes, family pictures, Souvenirs.

Vertical recesses suitable for rooms which have high ceilings. These niches are best placed near a window or cupboard. Modern kitchen design with a niche in the wall involves the creation of compact and functional grooves that allow «mask» from the prying eyes of various objects and appliances. Such as large wardrobe, made under the kitchen sink, like all Housewives. Adding a drawer, you can easily get out of the closet detergents, saving time and effort. Purchase pull-out kitchen organizer in a hardware store, or order individually.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Lights in niche ↑

Kitchen with a niche in the wall of the great importance are the highlight. Depending on bright or dim light was selected, you can «play» the color finish of the materials used for design. Mainly used for lighting spotlights, visually expanding the space in the kitchen, making it more bright and cozy.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Niche in the kitchen 464 series ↑

In the kitchen with this apartment, positioned on the niche adjacent to the bathroom wall. It is desirable that the drain was located under the sink. Deepening with parameters: depth of 20-30 centimeters, length 50-80 cm, in panel houses of this series – a usual phenomenon. Given the fact that the kitchen is small, it is every inch «gold», so many are trying to dismantle the niche. Designers offer to arm construction with plasterboard and to carry out the decoration of grooves, to create a multifunctional «stash». Details of the project are presented in the video

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

A little imagination, physical effort, and seemingly useless niche will be the location for those items that are not intended for prying eyes.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

The fridge in the niche ↑

Such a household appliance like a refrigerator has impressive size, in a small kitchen it looks very bulky. Can «hide» it in a niche made of plasterboard. But you have to move sewer and water communications, will have to call the master. Among the advantages of this solution – the use of the corner space.


  1. The involvement of a specialist.
  2. The cost of transfer communication systems.

In the struggle for «the extra space» for small kitchens, niches in the wall will be an interesting and simple solution. Large recess suitable for installation of home appliances and small you can use to embed the necessary details.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

To visually expand the space, doors niche do 1-2 tones lighter. Additionally, you can combine the regeneration niches of several different decorative materials: wood and glass, metal and plastic.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Where to start ↑

Before you start organizing the kitchen niche, consider all elements of design, plan production of furniture.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

The Council! At this stage it is advisable to take the help of professionals in order to efficiently perform repairs.

In the case of the crudity of the design, the niche will not decorate, and «spot» in the kitchen, time and money will be wasted.

In country houses, the perfect place to organize «cache» in the form of a recess in the wall, will the space under the stair opening.

If you install additional lighting, hang curtains, you can create the illusion of additional Windows. This technique is suitable for a classic interior. With lighting you have to be careful, especially if the kitchen walls are painted a light color. With excessive use of spotlights, the kitchen resembles «Christmas tree», ceases to be comfortable and cozy room.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen

Conclusion ↑

With proper selection of the project, construction and finishing materials, you can arrange the kitchen any multifunctional niche sizes. Interesting solution designers to consider the use of decorative plaster and tiles. It is important not «overdo it» with decor, so as not to disturb the harmony in the room. The created design should be multifunctional. Also on the shelves, closed, beautiful doors, you can put jars of jam, condiments. Housewives appreciated the benefits of a kitchenette, where you can «hide» different items without wasting space.

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