Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Mediterranean style – is, first and foremost, the peace and tranquility. Room in a similar interior looks easy and light. Also will look great and the kitchen in a Mediterranean style. However, before proceeding to the examination of the possible variants of arrangement of this room, I would like to see how a modern Mediterranean style and what it has features.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

The origin and modern trends of style ↑

By title, you can understand that for the formation of style answered the countries and peoples of the Mediterranean. They were Brands, Turkey, Greece, Italy and others. By the way, the last two were the most significant. That is why the main areas of the Mediterranean style are Greek and Italian destinations,

Greek design ↑

The main difference in these areas is the choice of colors. Greek style is dominated by shades that resemble the sea and the various landscapes associated with them. Usually this blue-and-white palette with the addition of warm shades of pink and yellow. But you can choose other options that will remind the air, the sun, the beach and water.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Italian ↑

Italian style also prefers warm colors that will warm even in strong frosts. However, the palette is somewhat different from the Greek motive. It is dominated by land, or, as is now fashionable to call, shades of terracotta. Also popular colors include olive and ochre.

As for the walls, they always try to give a texture. The walls are rarely painted the same color. Usual palette on the wall is not limited to two shades. Everyone is encouraged to use a variety of frescoes and mosaics.

Furniture should choose only natural wood.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

In addition to Italian and Greek styles, you can also mention the Spanish and African motifs. The first allow the use of different bright colors, but it is worth considering that the surface to be brushed. With regard to African motifs, the palette contains mostly terracotta, yellow and blue colors, which symbolize the earth, vast sandy deserts and Nile.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Colors of modern Mediterranean style ↑

The palette of modern Mediterranean style is more restrained. Here is dominated by light gray or beige tones. But the use of sea and other warm colors can meet much less frequently.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

What should be the Mediterranean ^ the

Just to paint a room suitable for the Mediterranean style, color and furnish it with wooden furniture does not mean to create this style. Such a kitchen should be designed in such a way that it harmoniously combines the following qualities:

  • Hospitality. The people of the Mediterranean always happy to welcome guests into your home. If you decide to recreate in the kitchen area of the coastal town of the Mediterranean sea, care should be taken that the room could comfortable and cozy to accommodate all the people you invite.
  • Easy. The use of expensive, almost too precious and pretentious decoration, does not adorn the Mediterranean style in the interior kitchen. Everything should be simple, harmonious and tasteful.
  • The use of tiles. A variety of tiles and mosaic only decorate such a kitchen. It can be lined with floor, work and rest zones. In addition, this material is more practical and durable.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Furniture ↑

Kitchen design in Mediterranean style should resemble more the living room. It should look spacious for work and for receiving guests. Of course, visually enlarge the kitchen to help correct color for the walls. It is best to choose light shades. But even in this case, the entire space can take mismatched furniture.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

So, the selection should follow the following General rules:

  • You should only install the necessary furniture. This will save both the space and the means.
  • Selected furniture does not have to be massive.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

These recommendations are General, but each separate part of the interior also has its own rules.

Table ↑

As already mentioned, the kitchen in the Mediterranean style should be ready to receive guests. Therefore, this subject needs to be large. If the size of the rooms does not allow you to set the overall table, you can choose a smaller model, however, it should be easy to accommodate 5-6 persons.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Headsets ↑

When choosing a headset, the main criterion is the selection of material. Only natural wood furniture. However, the price of natural materials is quite high. Therefore, when the impossibility of their acquisition, you can use a set of MDF that mimics the natural texture.

Wood is the main but not the only permitted material. Also allowed to use glass and ceramic panels, metal panels and other decorative elements.

It is important! When choosing colors should rely on your own taste and the overall style (Italian, Spanish and other).

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Seat ↑

When choosing chairs equally well and can look two options:

  • Wooden seat with massive legs;
  • Neat and sleek metal chairs.

As a Supplement for both options, you can add padded seat and backrest, which will be neatly attached to them. One side of the table you can set a two or three seater sofas.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Finish ↑

Before installing the furniture, you should decorate all the kitchen (ceiling, floor and walls). Have already been outlined above the predominant color for Mediterranean style. However, it is necessary to consider in more detail the variants of finishing of all surfaces.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Wall ↑

The first thing to be excluded from the possible options for the wall design Wallpaper. In a Mediterranean style, this material practically does not occur. It is best to stay on the paint, in addition to which you can apply tile or mosaic. You can also use natural or artificial stone.

The best place for tiles will be the working area. It is not only beautiful, but also practical, because caring for it is much easier to implement.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Floor and ceiling ↑

With the design of the floor and ceiling still easier. To cover the first, is almost always used ceramic tiles of different colors and sizes. And only rarely is it used laminate or wood.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

As for the ceiling, he usually painted in white or other color light shade. In addition, it is possible to place massive wooden beams. However, this is not a prerequisite.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

It is important! Don’t forget about the countertop. Sometimes it is made from small broken tiles or mosaics. But the most common variant, using natural or artificial stone.

Finishing touches ↑

When the main work is done, you should think about the final details.

Appliances ↑

In modern kitchens appliances are certainly important. However, in addition to reliability and functionality, you should ensure that it harmoniously into the Mediterranean style. Better if it will be invisible. The only thing that should be noticeable from the rest is the hood. It should not be built in, dome.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Textile ↑

Curtains in any design play an important role, and Mediterranean style – is no exception. The most appropriate option would be curtains of light, translucent fabric. The pattern also needs to stress the ease.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Interesting! We have already mentioned that for this style it is desirable that the room was spacious. However, as seen in the photo above, even a narrow kitchen can be decorated in a Mediterranean style.

Coverage ↑

A large amount of light required for Mediterranean cuisine. It is desirable that the room had several Windows, or at least one large. But about artificial lighting should not be forgotten. As in stylistic and practical terms it would be better if each zone will be separately lit.

Mediterranean style in the kitchen interior

Room with such interior will always look comfortable, light and warm. If such furnishings of the kitchen wondering, you can not only stay in one room, and to do their whole house in a Mediterranean style. This will help the next video

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