Classic style kitchen interior

The most popular and a win-win option for kitchen design is a classic. This style never goes out of fashion, unlike modern innovations. Classic design is often chosen by people who want to keep their family values and traditions for a long time. The kitchen, designed in the classical style, is mainly made of high-quality and natural materials. Therefore, such furniture does not require frequent repairs and long term will retain a decent and elegant look. The classic kitchen create a comfortable atmosphere and accentuate the warmth and coziness of a home.

Classic style kitchen interior

Making room and finishing ↑

Walls. The most common way to finish the wall painting. Using acrylic paint can give a room a variety of shades to suit every taste. Also this method is good to use. Painted walls are easy to clean and is not damaged even when using household chemicals.

Wallpaper and textile trim – less favorable option in terms of operation. This finish is perfect if the kitchen has a powerful hood, and the room is quite spacious. Otherwise care for kitchen and maintaining order will be difficult. A change of Wallpaper will have on a regular basis. Although the use of textiles or Wallpaper will harmoniously fit into the classical interior.

Working area. Most often its surface with tiles. Choice of ceramic tiles is now very diverse. This can be a tile with the application of printing or any themed image. The tiles can also be used for decoration of walls in order to divide the space into zones. Looks very impressive countertop is tiled as a continuation of the working area.

The Council! Beautiful and elegant look of glass splashbacks and mosaic in the working area. This finish combined perfectly with wooden furniture and gives the room a finished appearance.

Floor design. For classic cuisine is characterized by the floor finish from natural or simulated natural materials. This could be parquet, wooden planks, laminate and ceramic tile. To make the kitchen classic elements of French or Spanish culture, to decorate the floor by using tile or laying the Central panels of tiles. But in this case, the open part of the floor needs to be large enough that the decor was clearly visible.

The ceiling. Special attention should be paid to the height of the ceiling. Classic kitchen ceiling should look high. So tint it is desirable to make the light – this will create the illusion of height. If the ceiling has a height of 3.2 meters, you can apply suspended ceiling. It may consist of two tiers.

The Council! The bright lights of the ceiling visually make the additional volume of the room.

With a small kitchen area and a low ceiling should not be used in the ceiling decor with pictures. It will make the room even lower. But if the height allows, it is possible to show imagination and to experiment. Very beautiful floral ideas that emphasize classic style kitchen.

You need to pay attention to the walls and floor in harmony with the selected furniture, textiles, and accessories food. The floor, walls and ceiling should be addition to the main design classics. So their colors are recommended in restrained and muted shades.

Classic style kitchen interior

The arrangement of furniture in classic kitchen ↑

The main rule of arrangement of furniture is symmetry. A characteristic feature of the classics is also a pronounced dining area. As a rule, the dining table should be placed in the center of the room. If the kitchen is not big and does not allow to put the table in the middle, we can identify this area with the help of twin number of chairs, lamps and other decor elements.

Classic style kitchen interior

Color scheme of kitchen furniture in a classic style is quite diverse. But the shades of the furniture should be as close to natural and earthy tones.

Another feature of the style is the presence of geometrically correct forms. To Express them by using additional facades.

Kitchen countertop made in color with basic furniture. They can be made from MDF or stone. Also the top can be tiled in the colors of the walls.

Dining table must also fit into the overall interior of the kitchen. It is advisable to order it with the rest of the furniture set. Then it will be in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen. The shape of the table can be square, round or oval.

The Council! To emphasize the elegance of the table with original carved legs.

Chairs for a classic kitchen, it is recommended to buy with high backs. Colors should be combined with other pieces of furniture. Textile trim looks good in muted pastels and dark colors. You can use the leather trim, but only if it is made in natural color and of quality material.

Classic style kitchen interior

Classic design and household appliances ↑

Home appliances are not very harmoniously combined with classic dishes. But without it, in our time, do not possible. There are many options use the built-in equipment that will not spoil the integrity of the classics. You can pick up the technique to the color of the facades or to disguise it with draperies, niches or sliding panels. Then the presence of the kitchen helpers will not affect the General appearance of the classic atmosphere. If the kitchen room is large, you can separately allocate an area for cooking, organizing the so-called «island».

Coverage ↑

Classic is characterized by its environmental friendliness. Therefore, the emphasis should be on natural lighting, big Windows. It is necessary to exclude modern designer fixtures and lighting. For the classic style suit, made in vintage style, crystal and metal chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, candleholders or chandeliers. Lighting should be sufficient, but at the same time soft and natural.

Classic style kitchen interior

Accessories design classics ↑

To emphasize the classic style of the kitchen by using different accessories. Very appropriate to look utensils of porcelain, ceramic or crystal. Additional decoration can serve a variety of vases and figurines. It is also recommended the use of textiles from natural fabrics. It can be tablecloths, napkins or chair covers. The paintings on the walls depicting flowers and fruit will give the room a finished appearance.

Classic style kitchen interior

Classic kitchens ↑

Consider the most popular types of classic kitchens.

Italian cuisine ↑

Special popularity and demand for Italian cuisine. The furniture is made from high quality materials, quite functional, stands out for its elegance and individuality. Special emphasis is placed on small details. Italian masters prefer the classic design, which welcomed the presence of clear lines and unique texture, natural and high-quality materials and wide color gamut.

Attention! Most often, furniture made from natural wood. It may differ a unique carving and texture surfaces, durability and practicality.

Classic style kitchen interior

Classic white kitchen ↑

The kitchen in white looks very stylish. The design of the classic kitchen in white color will give the room a spacious and luxurious environment. The facades of furniture can beautify thread or gold hardware, so the room looks elegant and solemn. The light-colour furniture can visually expand the space, which is very appropriate for small space.

Besides white furniture goes well with any finish floor or walls. In the process of finishing is possible to show imagination, because the color choice and structure will be quite large. In any case, the furniture in white tones will make your room truly exquisite and beautiful.

Classic style kitchen interior

Kitchen – living room ↑

In this version of the classic decoration living room combined with kitchen. First of all, this kitchen is very comfortable and functional. If the right to beat the space of the room using the furniture, finishes and accessories to get the most comfortable and convenient room. To do this work without the help of professionals will be difficult. But for professionals, it will not be easy.

When you make kitchen – living room in the classic version is based on expensive or antique furniture, natural high-quality materials, expensive textiles, items of precious metals and stones. In short, everything that is connected with luxury. The main condition to design such a kitchen is large and spacious. Otherwise, in a small room all the decoration and the furniture will look out of place.

It is very important when setting and finishing to observe the symmetry. As for color, her shades should be in pastel soothing colors. For example, shades of cream, light blue or green. Also very popular, using white and gold.

Very impressive in these areas look wood panels, paintings, decorative moldings, stucco, exquisite textiles. Also suitable for walls Wallpaper, bright colors with extraordinary texture. Kitchen – living room can be decorated with arches or columns.

The Council! Furniture for a luxury kitchen you need to choose bright colours, decorated with gilding or bronze.

Classic style kitchen interior

Conclusion ↑

Classic cuisine has certain elements of conservatism and elements of the style. But, nevertheless, helps to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for all households. To realize your ideas and wishes to life, it is best to seek help from professionals. But if you rely only on yourself and have enough financial means to realize their dreams you can own.

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