Kitchen: modern design

Many people still believe that the bar in the kitchen design — it’s overkill. However, it is not. In fact, this element of the interior has many functions.

In the large kitchen made the Studio, the bar plays the role of delimiter between the living room and kitchen. This design element draws a line on the border of two zones. Besides, it is always possible to put a plate, glass of juice or a dish of food.

Kitchen: modern design

Even in the design of small kitchen bar has found its application. It replaces and saves precious space. Inside the bar can be shelves or drawers in which to put dishes and various kitchen utensils.

Most often used bar design corner kitchen. This paradox is associated with the l-shaped layout of the headset. Additional installation of the bar allows the most efficient use of the space available. Besides the stylish design element that adds to the interior a unique character and charm.

Kitchen: modern design

Stand can be long, short, made of synthetic material or natural wood. Design options are many. It is important to choose the best solution for your kitchen. But you need to know modern tendencies of decoration and the particular combination of elements in the interior. This will create a holistic design taking into account all parameters of the room.

Luxury or necessity ↑

This question many people think about kitchen design with Breakfast bar. In fact, it depends entirely on you and your preferences. Bar table can be as functional element and stylish design solution. In any case, to deny that it creates a mood in the room is impossible.

Kitchen: modern design

Breakfast bar in kitchen design can be an independent element or be part of a headset. The second option is preferable for small spaces, the first is used where there is the opportunity to turn.

Bar counter design for kitchen is better to do under the order. This will allow you to create a truly unique design. In addition, this item will perfectly fit into the texture space.

Kitchen: modern design

Correctly chosen accessories and tabletop allow you to purchase the bar in almost any style, ranging from high-tech and ending with modernity. Special attention deserves the choice of form. Why is it assumed that the shape can only be rectangular. But this is a huge misconception. The bar is round, square and even triangular.

Some designers go on a daring step and combine multiple geometric shapes to create a masterpiece of design ideas. These bars are a Central element of the kitchen, setting the mood of the whole concept.

Design BS can be one – and multilevel structure. Special attention deserves the lightweight version on special consoles. Due to properly chosen height creates the atmosphere of the truly elite places.

Kitchen: modern design

To create an atmosphere of luxury is great solid construction with built-in cupboards. Also inside, you can arrange the shelves, closed or open type, the latter are very popular. Not opening doors, you can get a bowl or plate. This saves time and allows us to use the workspace.

In fact, the internal arrangement of BS can be quite varied. If desired, this could be a mini fridge in which to store the wine. Rails also have the concept in their rightful place. They are easy to hang glasses and stemware.

The Council! To create a truly authentic atmosphere over the BS does not hurt to hang cap-a cornice with inbuilt lighting.

Many designers try to create designs that are unique, experimenting with the material for the bar. The course is laminate, plastic, metal, artificial and natural stone. In the most expensive projects used marble. The pinnacle of creativity is considered transparent stand.

Kitchen: modern design

Impact resistant glass is BS as if weightless. Such a solution is most often used as an element of high-tech style. It allows to emphasize the uniqueness of the interior through the use of metal, glass and plastic.

Popular kitchen design with Breakfast bar ↑

Of course, over the years of practice designers have invented a lot of designs for kitchens of this type. It is not surprising that in the process of development and reject the least promising has identified five models of the interior, which are used most often:

  • classic,
  • island model,
  • bar-partition,
  • two-level model,
  • combined model.

Classic design includes countertop with legs height from 1.1 to 1.15 m. the set needs to be bar stools with footrest. This rack can be used for cooking and drinks.

Kitchen: modern design

The design and form of the classic bar variable. However, there are some patterns. First, the area of countertops are rarely done big. It might dine the family of two people, but no more. Second, this model is used in small kitchens because of space limitations.

The shape of the island. This kitchen design with Breakfast bar is always popular with owners of apartments with large square footage. If you have a large family the best variant not to find. Especially for Studio apartments.

Kitchen: modern design

The bar in the form of Islands can be used as a table for meals and a boundary between the kitchen and living room. Its design depends on the chosen color scheme, fittings and finishes.

Combined design. This option is popular among people who combine their life with the profession of a cook. A bar is a logical extension of the headset. More precisely, it is part of it.

Kitchen: modern design

Usually the design has an l-shaped or U-shaped. Its main feature is that the bar is located directly opposite the plates or washing. This allows the cook to turn cooking into a real show. In addition, if you have a large family, it is possible to put the kids while you do the cooking.

Two levels. Imagine the design of a regular headset in the kitchen. It can be in any form. The only difference is the bar, which rises above the main surface.

Kitchen: modern design

Such a decision will adorn any interior and make it unique. Very stylish look bunk bar of frosted glass. They give the overall design a touch of elitism and thus save space.

Kitchen: modern design

The bar is in the form of partitions. This design is used only in kitchens that are part of the common space of the apartment. BS visually divides the space, making it clear where one area begins and another ends.

Kitchen: modern design

Features the kitchen with a corner Breakfast bar ↑

This theme in design is so extensive that it requires a separate section. The fact that the angular kitchen with Breakfast bar is incredibly popular. Because of this, every day there are new concepts and ideas. The secret of popularity of this design lies in the combination of compactness, convenience and style.

How is ↑

Usually the corner bar used to-quick bite to eat or for a noisy cocktail parties. Therefore, it is often fixed to the floor with console. Also hanging from the ceiling. Entertainment in the concept plays an important role.

The Western version ↑

In the West bar in the kitchen is set perpendicular to the line headset. It is a kind of appendage, allowing more effective use of kitchen space. An oasis where you can in peace and comfort, to eat a sandwich and drink a Cup of coffee.

Kitchen: modern design

Usually, if the kitchen design used the Western version, the headset has a t-shape. Dining table may be absent altogether to saving the floor space. The design uses materials such as Corian. This artificial acrylic stone.

Kitchen: modern design

It is important! In the West every year is gaining momentum eco-friendly trend. The products use fewer natural materials in them replaced by artificial analogues.

The results ↑

The corner bar in the kitchen is not only stylish but also convenient. This plan allows you to create the most efficient and compact workspace. There are options for large areas and small.

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