Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Daily saturated rhythm of life and creates a desire to create in the home comfort and tranquility. Provence style, has gained popularity in kitchen design, fully meet the arising needs to turn away from the outside bustle. For urban residents furnished in the style of Provence –a unique chance to plunge into the atmosphere of romance of the French countryside. Actual similar interior in the kitchen and for owners of country cottages, creating harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Surface finish ↑

A characteristic design feature of the kitchen in the Provence style is simplicity and a certain naivety, comfort and elegance. The use of the interior natural materials and unique decor forms a stable Association with the provincial hinterland, while creating a cheerful atmosphere. Provence style is based on using in kitchen design is predominantly light shades. The most characteristic of the interior of the following colors:

  • sand;
  • olive;
  • beige;
  • mustard;
  • lavender.

Following the principles of classic Provence, the walls in the kitchen are different featureless texture with a tinge of grubovato. The impression of a slight negligence will help to recreate the plastered surface treated subsequently whitewash. Adding caramel will eliminate the monotony of the white and form the individual features of the kitchen. Another suitable option for the design of wood panels, covered with pastel-coloured.

If the kitchen has sufficient space for the formation of the style of Provence appropriate look Wallpaper rustic twist. The theme of the drawings is quite extensive:

  • the flowers of the field;
  • small cell;
  • bead geometry;
  • rustic utensils;
  • animals;
  • rural houses.

In the area of the cooking plate and washing the Wallpaper are combined with the tile. Using in kitchen design competent color zoning allows you to focus on the cooking area, symbolizing the family home. Modern technology allows to reproduce on the walls of inclusions in natural stone or appearance of cracked clay. All this, seamlessly integrated into the design of the kitchen, assuming compliance with the Provence style.

The ceiling design is simple. Often this plastered surface materials in light shades. The highlight of the style – wooden beams, painted in a dark color. Such a framework creates an environment of rustic simplicity and comfort.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

The flooring in the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence, is made of wooden planks or tiles. The first option is impeccable from the point of view of the principles of design. The use of natural materials is one of the basic rules of the provençal interior. The second option is more practical. Humidity, effect on the coating to corrosive elements provokes rapid contamination and requires careful maintenance. Tile in the kitchen and makes easier the process of cleaning and maintain floors for a long time in pristine condition. Choosing the right colors to blend in with the wall surface, smooth deviation from the rules of design on the part of the use of natural materials in the style of Provence.

The choice of furniture and decor ↑

If you strictly follow established design principles, the furniture in the kitchen in Provencal style has to be wood. To fulfill such condition is not obtained at each. To take advantage of the situation will help materials that mimic the natural product.

It is important! Compliance with rules in the selection of color shades, and creating artificial fading on the surface will allow you to reach the heights of perfection in the style of Provence to your kitchen.

Introduction in the design of darker shades will result in the loss of external ease designs the romantic aura of the style of Provence will evaporate, creating instead a kind of massiveness. The ambiance in the kitchen will give a combination with wooden furniture and wrought-iron elements. It may be candlesticks, the legs of chairs and table. Another original style of the Provence wicker chairs and chairs. In addition to aesthetic appearance, furniture in Provence style is characterized by functionality, which is important for a comfortable stay in the kitchen. The design provides for the presence of multiple drawers and shelves, but the doors on the cabinets are missing or made of glass. Modern appliances cleverly disguise better. Refusing in the kitchen from the standard hoods, to cope with the problem of air purification will help the hood, more appropriate to the style of Provence.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

The inability to buy a new headset should not become an obstacle in the way of kitchen design loved the style of Provence. The design has a lot of tricks to help transform your existing furniture into the right direction. If you are not a specialist in the technique of craquelure (artificial ageing of surfaces) to achieve the scuffs will help glued film themed print. The doors on the cabinets in the kitchen, it is better to remove or replace glass.

To fill the interior with a homey feel will help the right accessories. First and foremost the emphasis is on original dishes in the style of Provence. It’s all kinds of painted pots, wicker baskets and a bread box, vases, cleverly placed on the open shelves. The kitchen design in the style of Provence, it is appropriate to look:

  • wall plates;
  • wrought iron clock;
  • thematic panels;
  • wicker planters;
  • aromatic bags of spices;
  • bundles of onions and garlic;
  • pillow with pattern on rustic motifs.

A special place in the interior of Provence is flowers. They can be live and artificial, but their presence gives the design a finished appearance.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Design lighting ↑

An abundance of natural lighting – another feature of the Provence style. To achieve design compliance with the conditions helping the correct design of Windows. Ideal – the shape of the opening from floor to ceiling. However, for urban residents in most cases is a luxury. Limiting the kitchen is standard with a plastic window, it is desirable to choose a model with imitation of natural wood.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

To achieve maximum illumination with a properly chosen curtains. Heavy and thick curtains in the kitchen will not fit in the intended style of Provence. Perfectly meet the design requirements of light curtains. If you give up blackout curtains there is no possibility, you should choose light colors or a plaid pattern.

The lack of daylight in the kitchen to compensate for artificial sources. In the choice of lighting will also need a delicate touch. The most successful version of the design – a large chandelier in the center of the kitchen, a bit rough, but no less attractive. If in the interior there are forged items that would be perfectly them, and the ceiling, with high and spacious rooms.

Point diode lamps have no place in the style of Provence. In addition to the lamps, additional lighting is provided by lampshades or frosted lampshade, wrought iron sconces, vintage floor lamps.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Small kitchen in the Provence style ↑

Using the style of Provence in a small kitchen, every step in the design requires a special approach. To achieve visually expand the space, you must resort to little tricks:

  • The design of the walls. White stucco, solid panel and tile in the cooking area is welcome. The Wallpaper pattern should be abandoned. Drawing on the walls in a small room inappropriate.
  • The ceiling and floor in the style of Provence in a small kitchen does not require any special ingenuity. Light surface always helps increase space, dark wooden beams of the frame set aside.
  • Pick furniture as functional, avoiding unnecessary elements. All appliances are recommended to be built into the design so as not to clutter a small kitchen.
  • Stick to minimal accessories in the room design. One or two decorations will be enough to create individuality.
  • Quality lighting is the next correct step in the design of Provence style in a small kitchen. Natural or artificial, but it should be everywhere.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

The final touch that allows you to emphasize the elegance of the kitchen design is constantly maintained clean. Open shelves Provence style require regular nursing care, but the effort will bring satisfaction to contemplate the situation.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

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