Kitchen combined with living room in small apartment

Unfortunately for the owners of apartments, built on a small project, kitchens in these homes have a particularly small size. Almost an impossible task, on 6-7 square metres to accommodate not only the necessary appliances and furniture, but also to create comfortable conditions for cooking and eating. As one of the options to solve the problem is to combine the kitchen space and living room together.

Kitchen combined with living room

The advantages and disadvantages of such projects ↑

Combining the kitchen with living in a small apartment, you can get a fairly large room that with proper planning, furniture arrangement, and decorating will be very convenient, comfortable and practical place to live. Most importantly, this project is not to make mistakes in the planning and consider all the advantages and disadvantages of a combined kitchen and living room. The only way to avoid disappointment and to get the maximum benefit from the perfect event.

The advantages of combining the kitchen with living room in small apartment:

  • visually increases the space of two rooms at the same time;
  • the implementation arrangement of additional functional areas;
  • the opportunity to make a reality of very stylish and trendy room design. There is an opportunity to Express their individuality and personal character;
  • formed quite a lot of additional space to meet in large groups. The cooking process takes place, without interrupting communication with loved ones.

The shortcomings and disadvantages of combining a living room combined with kitchen in a small apartment:

  • constantly need to maintain perfect cleanliness and order. It is also worth considering the fact that even in the presence of a very powerful drawing, the smells of cooked food will always be present in the living area;
  • you can’t be alone. If you have an apartment, this layout includes living area, bedroom and kitchen. Even if the family consists of two people, the feeling that you are sleeping in the kitchen will haunt you always.

Kitchen combined with living room

Colors selection ↑

With the design of such facilities must consider the following factors:

  • the purpose of the premises;
  • the genre of furniture and decorative elements in the room;
  • the window sizes and the amount of light that they let into the house.

The color of the walls for a combined kitchen with living room should be United. If you want contrast in the interior, the colors can be of one color, but different shade. It is not necessary to use very bright, saturated colors, so they will conceal a not so large space.

Attention! Wanting to add to the interior brightness, you can use these colors in small details. And always remember, the brighter the piece, the smaller it should be.

Very stylish and fresh look of the interior combined kitchen and living room in monochromatic, neutral and bright shades. For example, the soft beige color makes the room a feeling of comfort and warmth. One of the latest trends in modern interior design is aged only in natural colors, with brown and black color can be used only in case of very good lighting.

Kitchen combined with living room

The right choice of furniture and household appliances ↑

The main challenge facing owners is the correct placement of all necessary items for living in a combined kitchen with living room. Thus it is necessary to find a method that will not only accommodate, but also easy to keep in order all the things, why it is impossible to refuse. Due to the rather small area, this problem can become quite serious.

Choosing furniture La combined kitchen with a living room must adhere to the following conditions:

  • clear combined with the common styles of the room and color scheme of the surface finishing;
  • the furniture should be all natural and safe for health materials;
  • to be very simple in form and functional device;
  • to provide the possibility of integration of household appliances;
  • to enjoy a high quality of manufacture and excellent in terms of moisture resistance and resistance to mechanical stress.

Each element in a combined kitchen with living room should be in harmony with each other and maintain a single selected style. It is not necessary to install a newfangled kitchen of metal and glass, if the area is decorated in a classic style.

For built-in appliances a good option would be mounting them behind the facade of furniture. This will not only save storage space, but keep balance and harmonious perception of the same territory.

Kitchen combined with living room

The Council! Arrange furniture and other items in the kitchen combined with the living room needs so that they can be not good is easy to use, but was good access for cleaning.

Zoning areas ↑

When the demolition of the wall between the living room and kitchen formed a fairly large territory, which must be properly zoned. This is a very difficult question. To prevent errors in planning, you can contact the experts.

Wanting to save money on labor costs of designers, need to carefully study the intricacies of the zoning of the joint spaces and to draw up a floor plan that will accommodate all your needs and the intricacies of building a house.

Even in the absence of the walls, adhere to the differentiation into functional areas. Kitchen for cooking, lounge area for relaxing and entertaining. The plan combined room, a clear distinction between these two zones, and to help you with this can some tips.

Kitchen combined with living room

The allocation of coverage ↑

The cooking area can be restricted using the light. To do this in the living room area mounted one, ceiling chandelier, and the kitchen is illuminated by many built-in led lamps.

The selection bar ↑

Once demolished the separating wall, in its place you can install a small bar. Thus, there is not only an additional place for a meal, but also visually divides the space combined a kitchen with living room. Strut does not have to be long and high, quite small size design, which will play a very important role in the delimitation of the room.

Besides being a Breakfast bar zoned space, on a rather small area it can become: a dining table, a place to relax, a comfortable area for meeting friends.

The bar is equipped with a variety of shelves, can be a good showcase for your prized belongings. Thus, it combines the two functions are pratical and decorative.

Kitchen combined with living room

Selection doors ↑

No matter how strange it looked, but after the demolition of the wall, you can install lighter doors screen. But this should be done in a convenient place. Lightweight design allows at any time to allocate the joint site a corner in which to hide from prying eyes.

Attention! This approach to planning is highly relevant if the kitchen is not a good drawing. She will be able to prevent the penetration of odors into the living area of the apartment.

Doors screens it’s easy to order custom companies that specializiruetsya in the manufacture of aluminium light weight structures. The richness of colors and textures used in the production of materials allows us to create a door that will closely match the design of your apartment.

Kitchen combined with living room

The allocation of the podium ↑

Common area kitchen and living room in a small apartment can be visually divided into zones using the installed podium. This is a fairly time consuming process and requires some costs, but the result is very stylish and unusual design of the room. An additional advantage of this method of zoning is the ability to use built-in lights. They can be not only a good additional lighting, but also the original decorative element.

When selecting the installation of podium, you can use the fill, or to construct a structure of metal profiles and plywood.

Kitchen combined with living room

The allocation of ceilings ↑

Tiered ceilings is a great way to focus on a certain area combined kitchen and living room. Of course, such work independently, not everyone, but spending some money, you solve a lot of problems: zonerule room, get a lot of additional light to make the room design a strong, interesting element of the decor.

Kitchen combined with living room

Conclusion ↑

Even a standard kitchen in the house small buildings can become the room of your dreams and fantasies. The most important is not afraid of change, smart approach to all work and respect the basic rules of planning of the joint spaces living room and kitchen.

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