Hinged shelf for dishes

Kitchen is the place which is especially important for each family. It is here that she spends most of her free time to please your family’s unique culinary masterpieces.

Hinged shelf for dishes

The space in this room is an important issue. In order to maximize the use of the kitchen area, suitable wall shelf for dishes. These structures replaced the classic hanging cabinets. They successfully cope with two tasks:

  • Are original interior of the kitchen;
  • Become reliable assistants to embed business details

Options suspended structures ↑

Depending on the performance you can pick up kitchen design: open, corner, with extra illumination in the form of a lattice, with drawers.

The Council! For making the shelves you can use wood, stone, metal, glass. It all depends on what style decorated kitchen.

Hinged shelf for dishes

In Soviet times the kitchen was faceless, but it remained in the distant past. Currently, the room should be not only functional, but also stylish. With the help of shelves you can support the kitchen appearance without spoiling its various small objects.

Hanging shelves ↑

Wall mounted shelf in the kitchen for dishes can be done in several ways. In any case, such designs add expressive features, finishing the interior, created in the kitchen.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Open classical design easy to install. Models without doors allow the hostess to quickly take the desired object.

Hanging shelves can be placed in a small kitchen, they do not require a large amount of free space. The hostess will be able to see all the items that they are, do not have to spend time looking.

The shelf under the table ↑

Decorative plates, condiments in jars easier to place on the exposed surfaces. Shelves of this type help the hostess to show guests and beautiful kitchenware. For doors suspended structures can be hidden everyday dishes.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Among the fashionable trends – the use of multi-level structures of wood or metal. Such good options for small kitchens on «branches» you can fit a lot of useful things.

The Council! Straight shelves are the best place above the table so you can put them on spices.

For small kitchens you can pick up a corner shelf. They are compact, will not take up much space. If you want you can choose their one or two-level structure. Most of these shelves is positioned above a Seating area or above the working area.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Wall mount wooden shelf for dishes above the table top will accommodate a cookbook, a notebook with useful tips.

Attention! In order to efficiently take advantage of each inches of the kitchen, you can adjust the height and depth of shelves.

Open designs can be used as the original Windows, which will include décor items, elegant crockery.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Shelves in the form of a lattice – design discovery. They are suitable for those owners who love cleanliness. Open shelf – grid visually weightless and light, but they are able to withstand heavy dishes. Such an option is the optimal location for everyday tableware, kitchen accessories.

Shelves with small drawers is an alternative to cumbersome wall Cabinet. This is especially true for smaller kitchens, for example, in the apartments of the Khrushchev of the series. The drawers can accommodate jars of spices, a pastry syringe cookie cutters, and other small kitchen items that help the hostess to create beautiful and delicious food. Large closed cabinets are visually narrow space, and shelves with small drawers expand the space. Moreover, the cost of these shelves is much less than kitchen cabinets.

Hinged shelf for dishes

If desired, you can Supplement the built-in kitchen shelves built-in lighting. This will require one or two spotlights. They significantly expand the functionality of the shelf, its decorative possibilities. As decorative lighting, you can use the elegant sconces, ribbons with led modules. To enhance the effect of the back wall of the shelves can be mirrored. The light scattered from a shelf, will add to the kitchen heat and comfort.

Hinged shelf for dishes

In addition, they will bring in this room, the romance, the mystery, the mystique. Neat illuminated shelf can be used for family photos, books, Souvenirs.

Materials for shelves ↑

At the moment when the interior popular natural materials.

The Council! Before choosing a material, consider the purpose of the shelves.

Wooden shelves for cups and plates made from alder, pine and oak. They feature high strength, will make the interior of warmth and comfort. The disadvantage of such structures is their instability to moisture. For this reason, they have to be placed outside of the working area.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Metal construction suitable for a contemporary kitchen, in which there is relingowe system and metal inserts. Metal resistant to atmospheric corrosion, therefore, to extend the operating period of the shelves, they need to cover polymer paint.

The glass shelves fit perfectly into the modern style focuses on simplicity and straightforwardness. For these shelves use tempered glass with a thickness not less than 6 mm, so no need to fear that the shelves will not withstand heavy objects.

The Council! Glass shelves are best used for dishes and glasses.

Stone slabs are used for stands and shelves of fans of natural materials. These difficult designs must be fixed on a solid base. An interesting solution is the production of stone shelves as a continuation of the working texture, or the same color as the floor in the kitchen.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Whichever material mounted shelves for kitchen you choose, do not forget that they are part of the interior must integrate harmoniously into the overall style.

The kitchen, which is supplemented by wall-cupboards, looks cozy and informal. Such suspension structures should be transparent and light, elegant and simple, tailored kitchen units.

If the kitchen is designed in classic style, suspended structures must have eaves and ledges. These items will make the kitchen interior respectability and solidity.

Hinged shelf for dishes

For style «country» and «Provence» the ideal solution would be aged artificially shelves made of natural wood. To complement the robust construction of the boards can be woven baskets, small chests.

Hinged shelf for dishes

Spectacular metal shelves for dishes suited for the style «hi-tech». Fans «art Deco», «loft» suitable wall shelves with concealed fixing. Shelves strict laconic forms and restrained colours, with internal illumination, the designers recommend for spacious kitchens.

Conclusion ↑

The furniture market offers plenty of ready-made shelves for kitchen utensils. In order to make the right choice, here are a few tips.

If the room is small, instead of one bulky shelves to hang two small designs. When you select a model that has hanging rod in advance, prepare the wall.

If you want to buy a shelf for decorative purposes only, you can choose the elegant one-level model.

For those who buy a shelf for many small items, I suggest you choose a multi-level design.

Hinged shelf for dishes

In the absence of the store shelf to the kitchen desired shape or size, it is possible to do it yourself.

The easiest way to make a hinged shelf, of rectangular form. Its dimensions depend on the parameters of the kitchen, as well as the number of items that will be placed. Open shelves of this type have the disadvantage of rapid build-up of dust on items.

When determining the optimal mounting height hinged designs, focus on that you do not have to stand on a chair to shoot from the shelf to the desired items. Unwanted and the second extreme, when the head rests on the shelf.

Hanging wall shelves are a great design solution in the interior. With their help you can organize the free space to add functionality and style.

Examples of shelves in the kitchen presented in the video

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