Entrance hall and corridor

Mirror in the interior hallway

Unfortunately, modern apartments are not spacious, large hallways. Usually it’s a small narrow space, which has enough space only for the lonely hangers and supports for shoes.

Using mirrors in the interior hallways, you can visually change the geometry of space, to make it more spacious and bright. The mirror paintings are a great way to increase the functionality of the space, make it more comfortable and cozy.

In order to design the hall in harmony with the residential rooms, and did not create a depressing dark surfaces, is competent and responsible approach to the use of mirrors to decorate walls.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Principal mirrors ↑

Choosing the right shape and size mirror in the hallway, and correct its location, allows you to create wonders in interior design. To visually break the existing geometry to increase the area and illumination in the interior of the hall, creating an overall favorable impression, use the following types of mirrors.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Vertical mirror ↑

This is the most frequently used model, which allows to visually increase the ceiling height. As a rule, vertical models have the shape of a trapezoid, an oval, or rectangle. They are very convenient to examine themselves before going out, as the image it is in full growth. There are several ways of fastening of vertical mirrors on the wall in the hallway. Canvas simple geometric shapes, framed in a frame, traditionally attached to the wall. Sometimes they are fixed with some tilt. Displaying them is somewhat less than in reality.

Attention! If there is a need to assess their appearance in full growth, can not do without a large, vertical model, which is mounted on the wall or set on a floor stand.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Mirror horizontal ↑

This model is ideal for very small hallways. This kind of helps to visually broaden the space. Horizontal mirror paintings feature in various niches over consoles or furniture Shoe shelves.

As a rule, models of this type have the shape of an elongated oval or rectangle. The only limitation that exists when using a horizontal mirror – very low ceilings.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Floor mirror ↑

Really mirror for hallway design. They are comfortable to use and easy to move from place to place. Usually outdoor models are widely used for interior decoration of halls in country houses, flats, apartments, studios.

Attention! For security reasons, it is undesirable to use a floor model in the interior of the house inhabited by small children and animals.

Mirror in the interior hallway

There are several types of floor mirror paintings, which are actively used in their projects designers:

  • psyche. Feature of this model is the ability of the mirror blade to change the angle of inclination;
  • a side mirror. As a rule, is made in a beautiful frame and leans against the wall;
  • mirror on a stand. The canvas is mounted on a stationary stand, so that it becomes more safe to use;
  • mirror the screen. Not a very good option for the interior hallway. More harmoniously mirror the screen look in the bedroom or dressing room.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Mirror round ↑

It would seem that a simple form, but it has a certain magic that catches the eye. Especially elegant look in the interior a few round models mounted on the same surface. Along with a feeling of space and air, creates a visual effect that indoors appeared window. Some stylists use a round mirror blade as a symbol of the sun, framing them in a gold frame with rays. This symbol, according to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui helps to harmonize the energy of our home.

Mirror in the interior hallway

The combination of mirrors and furniture ↑

Very true, good solution to help solve the problem of a small space in the interior of the hall – use of furniture along with mirrors. Traditionally this is manifested in the voluminous, roomy closets with mirrored doors. It should be noted that the mirror door allows you to fully appreciate your appearance before leaving the house.

Mirror in the interior hallway

A good kit can become a Shoe Cabinet combined with mirror blade. She perfectly fit into the interior hallway of any size. In addition to attractive design, this item has a great practical value. The soft seat is very comfortable to the shoes, in the mirror, pleased to evaluate your appearance, and numerous boxes will hide from prying eyes seasonal shoes.

Mirror in the interior hallway

The mirror surface in the interior ↑

To decorate the walls, ceiling and sometimes floor mirror paintings – quite a bold decision, but it allows in a jiffy to solve all the inconveniences associated with the small space of the hallway. If thus competently to mount the lights, then the design space can become amazingly beautiful, stylish and unusual.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Positioning mirror paintings on the ceiling better in a fairly spacious hallways, and the walls, decorated mirror panels, will help to make a narrow, long room more spacious and bright. No need to go to extremes and mirrors to cover all surfaces. This approach can give completely opposite effect and the room is simply impossible to be. Enough to decorate just one wall, which will reflect the decor of the entire hallway.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Lighting for mirrors ↑

It is very important that the mirror surface was properly lit. In this case, it is insufficient to use the General overhead lighting. The most appropriate option would be a local light, which can be used: wall sconces, floor lamps, spotlights, spotlights.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Of particular relevance in recent years has won led backlight. It is placed at the ends of the mirror panels, thus creating a wonderful effect of lightness of the structure, hovering in the air, of extraordinary beauty.

Modern led backlights are very easy to install. They have a special adhesive tape, by means of which illumination is to be secured to a desired surface. Led strip consumes minimum power, and have a very long life. Thanks to these advantages the led lighting is actively used by designers in their projects.

Mirror in the interior hallway

The role of mirrors in interior design ↑

Configuration, size, the presence of decorative elements – all this affects the choice of the mirror. The modern market is full of different models, so everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate option.

Buying the mirror in the hallway, you should focus on the overall design of the apartment or house.

Mirror in the interior hallway

The diversity of reflective surfaces quite often leads to confusion, but selecting an element in the interior hallway, focuses on the forms of the already existing pieces of furniture. All should be combined harmoniously among themselves.

The walls of the hall can be a great surface on which to place the mirror paintings in beautiful frames.

The Council! Using a single room a few types of mirrors, decorate them in the same style.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Mirror selection and installation ↑

Before you make a purchase needs with the utmost care to carry out measurements of the hallway, and to correlate the area with the size of the mirror glass. So for small spaces choice of the big bulky floor mirror would be inappropriate and not habitual. In this case, more suitable for small models, combined with mirror inserts on furniture.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Also always need to consider the design of the future hall and the number of mirrors that you want to place in it. Remember, too many mirrored surfaces, creating a visual effect of the mirror maze, which is uncomfortable to be a long time.

Attention! Try to keep the mirror surface not get direct sunlight, so the mirror will last you much longer.

Mirror in the interior hallway

Conclusion ↑

The mirror is a unique piece of furniture. Its application allows you to bring the interior style, chic and mannered. Experiment with shapes and sizes of mirrors, pick a different frame and your interior will acquire individuality and uniqueness.

After the mirror is selected, you are ready to install it. How to quickly and effortlessly install the mirror, we learn in the next video

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