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Modular paintings in the interior hallway

First let’s define what constitutes a modular pattern, and why they are so often used in modern interior hallways. It’s pretty simple. Imagine that you want to place on the wall in his hallway a huge image. It can be a landscape or a sprig of cherry blossoms. Now divide the picture into several parts, or rather, modules.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Modular pattern — images is divided into several parts. Their appearance they transform the interior of the hall, emphasising thus the overall concept of the apartment.

Naturally, guests entering your house, immediately pay attention to a modular pattern. They can go over it a quick glance or linger for a few seconds to satisfy his curiosity. In any case unnoticed this work of art will not remain.

The role of paintings in interior hallway ↑

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Bare walls absolutely do not paint the interior. But if for bedroom or living room to pick up the painting quite simple, with the hallway, things are a little different. The fact that the image should set a certain tone and mood, not to attract too much attention.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Attention! This is the main difficulty — to find a modular fabric, which will perfectly fit into the interior hallway, to fulfil its function and at the same time not be particularly noticeable.

If you can fulfill all these conditions, the interior of your hallway will become really perfect. In addition, it will emphasize the delicate taste of the house owner, because the selected canvas is a reflection of your personality, printed on the paper.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Properly selected for the overall interior modular canvas immediately tell the guests that the owner of the house not only has good taste, but also the opportunity to realize their dreams. Because custom painting is not cheap, but removes any limitations from the imagination of the customer.

What are modular pattern for hallways ↑

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

That the picture looked in the interior of your hallway harmoniously, you need to put a lot of work. First you need to choose what will be shown on the canvas. There are only two options — a ready-made template or a customized pattern. In the latter case, for a fee you can order anything.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

The advantages of custom modular pattern could be considered unique. Simply put, such an image will be only you. Moreover, if the right to choose the subjects you perfectly accentuate the overall style of the hallway and make the interior more perfect.

Conventionally, all modular pattern can be divided into five types depending on the number of parts:

  • diptych — two segments;
  • triptych — three segments;
  • panoptic — five segments
  • polyptych — more than five segments.

The choice of a modular pattern solely depends on your financial capabilities and preferences. Naturally, the more parts, the higher the price. But you should not rely solely on it.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

The fact that in a small hallway modular pattern polyptych from ceiling to floor can look very well, eating all the free space. Great popularity at the moment enjoys a diptych. Its division can be used in order to emphasize the zoning in the interior of the hall.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Also you have to remember that modular pattern using the component elements form the appearance of the interior hallway. Not surprisingly, the designers selected the six most popular concepts:

  1. Square — similar modular pattern consists of four equal to one another of the elements forming the well known shape.
  2. Ladder — imagine five rectangles, arranged vertically to each other.
  3. Up and down — each element of the composite picture is above or below the previous.
  4. Popular in the middle of the long rectangle. From him in different directions diverge rectangles smaller. Two in each side.
  5. Standard five stretched to the height of the rectangles are on the same level.
  6. Diagonal pattern are the ladder upwards. Gradation possible both right and left. Form of each painting — a vertically-elongated rectangle.

Of course — this is the most popular concept of modular paintings. But they are not the only one. Trying to make the interior hallway truly unique, designers will go to any tricks, combining different shapes and sizes of the segments.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

As an example, just look at the photo of modular paintings in the interior of the hall below. It is recognized that this is a very unusual concept, which however will look at the entrance.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Calm pastel colors will help the guests feel as comfortable as possible, and you, back home, will feel comfort and coziness. Of course, there are other design concepts. A lot depends on the overall style of the interior hallway.

Choose a modular picture in the hallway ↑

General rules of selection ↑

As mentioned above, there are many successful concepts modular paintings for interior hallway. Moreover, recommendations some designers are radically different from the advice of others.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

There is nothing surprising here. Designers are first and foremost creative people, and each of them can be your vision of the interior of your hallway. However, there are General rules that underpin each designer, creating a project, these include:

  1. Pay attention to the colors of the room. When dominated by light or neutral colors, modular picture should be a bright accent in the world pastel colors. If the interior of your hallway replete with a variety of design refinements select the image quieter.
  2. To draw visitors ‘ attention to the picture, use spotlights or special lighting. In this case, even in a dark hallway modular picture will look great, and complement the sophisticated interior.
  3. The middle line modular pattern horizontally should be at eye level.
  4. Pattern dimensions must match the dimensions of the room.

Just four simple rules will allow you to choose the modular pattern, which will perfectly fit in your interior.

Select the topics ↑

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

To canvas the interior looked appropriate and was supplemented with a General concept you should take into account all the features of the room. You should start with his size. Take the example of a regular apartment.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Naturally, the footage is minimal. But with the help of the compound of the canvas in the hallway, you can visually enlarge. Moreover, there is a whole list of stories that help to make the space near the door much more to the most popular could be considered:

  • planet,
  • space,
  • galaxy,
  • abstraction,
  • the universe.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Each of these paintings, as if adds air and expands the walls. As a result, the space is visually increased, and even small yardage you feel comfortable.

It is recognized that landscapes are popular in rooms of any square footage. They can be called a universal instrument to create a comfortable space near the front door.

Attention! Now the special urgency is got with linocuts.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

This method of drawing is often used at the beginning of the XX century to create ads. Black-and-white style of the well attracted the attention of potential customers, highlighting products of the owner of linocuts, among others.

Now linocut in your house can set everyone. Simply order the appropriate composite canvas. But you have to remember that black color visually reduces the space. Therefore, these options are undesirable for small sizes.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Most important when choosing a theme try to choose the most simple and clear stories. The person crossing should not pay for the image more attention than it should. The role of this compound of the canvas to create the right mood and not to show a composite panel from hundreds of fragments.

Modular paintings in the interior hallway

Attention! People do not stay long in the hallway. This is why it choose the most simple image to create the desired mood.

The results ↑

Modular paintings in the interior hallway expand the space, add emphasis in the right place or create a certain atmosphere. But to find the right image that will fit well in the interior, you need to take into account the General stylistic features of the room and choose the right theme.

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