Entrance hall and corridor

The lights in the interior hallway

As practice shows, the correctly chosen lighting in the corridor allows not only to arrange the necessary accents in the interior, but also visually enlarge the space. All this is very important for small hallways in apartments. As a rule, this room has no sources of natural light, so to create a comfortable atmosphere, you need to apply some models of artificial light. For this purpose, use ceiling chandeliers, wall lights or turned built-in lamp. In order to achieve soft diffused lighting is best to use not one but several options of lamps.

The lights in the interior hallway

The basic rules of selection of lamps ↑

Thinking about what lights to choose for installing in the hallway, you should consider some of the features.

Power bulbs and the lighting in the hallway should not differ from the intensity of the light in the other rooms. Illumination all rooms should be about the same level, not to create discomfort to the eye.

The tendency of constant growth of tariffs for the electric power can not be the reason to use low-power lamps and low lighting. There are a number of objective reasons why you should not do:

  • dim, semi-dark hallway creates a very depressing first impression. In this house do not really want to go and visit it in the future;
  • in low light is very difficult to see your appearance in the mirror to do makeup or hair.

It is not necessary to use a bright powerful lamp, while paying impressive the light bill. Enough to use energy saving types of lamps and bulbs, which spend a minimum power, allow enough to illuminate the hallway. Not to be bright, blinding light.

The lights in the interior hallway

Attention! Bright light is very irritating to the eyes, and after dark the entrance can and does for a time dazzling.

The best option for the hallway is the ambient light. For these purposes they use lamps with frosted shades. A good option when the fixtures are or are very close to the ceiling surface, the ceiling or directed upwards. Thus, it is possible to achieve soft lighting, as well as to prevent injuries that can occur if the chandelier is mounted too low.

Choosing wall sconces, it is also worth remembering some features. So, for example if the walls of the hallway there is a volumetric relief do not want to use wall lights. They’ll throw a lot of shadows that make the room uncomfortable. For the installation of wall sconces are more like smooth matte finish. To mount wall sconces have a height of not less than two meters. This will allow the rays evenly distributed over the area and do not dazzle the eye passing down the corridor.

Highly relevant is the idea to place the lights on the mirror surface. Reflection rays are only double the light output, but allow you to visually enlarge the space.

The lights in the interior hallway

How to illuminate a long hallway ↑

Traditionally, the hallways in apartments is quite narrow and long space. To choose the lamps for such premises is necessary so that visually expand it, and in some places to correct the geometry. The best option that can perform all the tasks is the lighting of the corridor, set into the suspended ceiling. In this lighting uses spotlights.

Positioning such lamps is better in the following way: several points over the front door, and then one lamp along the corridor. Additional lighting can be a lighting in furniture and fixtures situated around a mirror.

The lights in the interior hallway

For narrow hallways with very high ceilings, the problem of good lighting will help to resolve the lamps along the walls. This technique will help visually lowering the ceiling height, and to harmonize the space.

The Council! In order to properly place multiple light devices, it is better to combine certain functional group, this will allow to use only that light which is necessary for the situation. Accordingly, the switches must be provided in accessible locations.

The lights in the interior hallway

Illuminated the small hallway ↑

Even the smallest space should have local and General light. Traditionally, the main source of light in a small area is a ceiling chandelier. This is a classic ceiling lamp with one bulb. A more modern option is pinpoint ceiling lights are installed in stretch ceiling systems.

Thinking about which lights to select for use in small hallways, remember that in the selected models the light rays were directed upwards. So can achieve the visual effect of the lack of boundaries between the wall and the ceiling.

The lights in the interior hallway

Rules of lighting of the mirror ↑

The easiest option is to secure the sconce around a mirror surface on the wall. However, the manufacturer does not stand still and today there are a large number of mirrors already mounted, turned lamps.

The mirror, especially if it is in full growth, should be well lit. This will not only get a good look at your outfit, but make-up or hairstyle.

The lights in the interior hallway

It is important to remember that rays of light should be comfortable for human visual perception. Therefore, it would be best if the light on the mirror will be in the upper part of the frame. Lamp for mirror must be not only beautiful in appearance but also practical and functional. The best option – lamp shape with frosted light diffuser that allows the light is soft, diffused and pleasing to the eye.

Good lights, which have the ability to rotate light, and the light source on a flexible brackets.

In any case, it is important to remember that the lamp in the mirror is a local light source, which may not fully illuminate the room.

The lights in the interior hallway

How to illuminate the hallway in the form of a square or the letter d ↑

Of course, hall square forms the most convenient to use a Central chandelier as the main light source. It is selected in accordance with the General design concept of the apartment. But what is one to do when the hall is not quite a standard form, for example, in the form of the letter «G».

In this case, it is more practical to divide the space into little functional zones, and to choose the lighting for each of them. Lamps must be mounted so that the beams reached all the corners of the hallway. You can use several sources of light and Supplement them with lamps of local lighting. As a rule, for this purpose, use the illumination for niches of paintings, furniture, mirrors.

The lights in the interior hallway

What are the different types of fixtures for the hallway ↑

For lighting the hallway in the apartment often use the following types of lamps:

  1. Lamp ceiling, spot. This option is ideal for cramped hallways in the Khrushchev, and for spacious halls in the new buildings. A good option when ceiling lights have an adjustable light. These lamps can be placed both on the ceiling and along the walls.
  2. Classic ceiling chandelier. Not the best option, if you have a small hallway area. Traditionally, such lamps mounted in the premises of regular shape and rather large in size, in any case a chandelier on a ceiling it is better to add wall sconces as accent lighting in the hallway.
    The lights in the interior hallway
  3. Wall lamps can not fully meet the need for good lighting, but with their help you can achieve a lot of ambient light. Wall bar is ideal when there is a need for lighting specific interior details.
  4. Local lighting in the hallway is a large number of models built, the halogen lamps are not only original in appearance, but very functional. With their help you can easily stress the correct part of the interior, but also to illuminate every corner of the hallway.

The lights in the interior hallway

Useful tips from professionals ↑

Choose interior doors with glass inserts. So you can let in the hallway for ample natural light from their living rooms.

Please note lamp with motion sensor. It is very easy to use and practical device to save power without the personal involvement of the person. Today, these lamps have become affordable in price for the masses of consumers. This device is easy enough to install their own.

The lights in the interior hallway

Use decorative lighting. Not mounted on the ceiling and around the perimeter of the floor, it allows to achieve very interesting decorative effect. Such an original way to get rid of feelings of isolation facilities.

For long hallways, a good solution to help to diversify the monotonous surface of the walls, will become the elements of art, highlighted by chiseled light. Empty walls can be used as an exhibition space for products made with their hands.

The lights in the interior hallway

Existing niches or ledges also require lighting. For this purpose, turned the lamp located at the upper boundary of the element.

Buying bulbs, special attention should be paid to their color. The most pleasant for visual perception – incandescent yellow. Cool color lamp makes the room non.

The lights in the interior hallway

Conclusion ↑

To create a comfortable, cozy hallway, regardless of its area, is not so difficult. Enough, using all the modern technology and capabilities to properly illuminate the space to emphasize the light of all the advantages and hide flaws.

An example of a lighting installation in the hallway on the ceiling will discuss in more detail in the next video

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