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How to make a bench with their hands

Bench in the hallway – an indispensable thing. It is possible to sit down after a hard day or to accommodate guests, if the ceremony did not have enough chairs. This article will tell you how to make a bench with their hands.

How to make a bench with their hands

What stool ↑

Such an indispensable element of interior stool was invented in the XVIII century. It is a stool or small bench with upholstery and sometimes back. Some of the banquettes, you can store the shoes, which makes them even more functional. Traditionally, they make rectangular, round or square.

This piece of furniture will be the perfect addition to any room:

  • entrance hall (tying shoes on a bench you can sit down, as it often store shoes and different means to care for her);
  • bathroom;
  • kitchen (bench is often used as a complement to the soft corner);
  • bedroom;
  • living room (here this piece of furniture can serve as extra space for guests).

How to make a bench with their hands

Types of banquettes ↑

Correctly picked up stool helps give the room coziness and comfort, make an individual, unique atmosphere. Consider a few basic types of banquettes, which differ from each other in shape, size and material.

Forged ↑

This type will look great in the interior of the Baroque style, Provence or the Empire. This kind of banquettes feature forged, twisted legs. Most of these stools are made without lockers and drawers, as they are very difficult to build. But sometimes they make a small shelf.

The Council! Stools with wrought iron legs is more suitable for the hall than a living room or bedroom.

How to make a bench with their hands

Wood ↑

Bench made of wood suitable for almost any decor. Also it will look good in the hallway and in the kitchen or in the living room. In a couch of wood is easier to build the cabinets that will make the subject more functional. To a wooden bench can also be added back, but this is the next view.

How to make a bench with their hands

With back ↑

Stools with backs the most comfortable to use. They give the hallway the coziness and warmth. Moreover, charges for the work or walk because of such sofas, you become much more comfortable. Large stools can be used for zoning. By the way, if you have the interior in Oriental style, you can decorate the bench with bright pillows. This applies to forged banquettes.

How to make a bench with their hands

Collapsible ↑

This type of seat is a steel frame, which is stretched fabric or a seat made of synthetic leather. If you want a stool can be quickly assembled and disassembled. All the elements are secured by means of bolts. These pieces of furniture are easy to care for and functional. True, collapsible benches rarely have a decorative function. The abundance of elements would be greatly complicated the Assembly process.

How to make a bench with their hands

With drawers ↑

Bench with drawers helps to save some space if the hallway is small. In boxes (which can be retractable or have a normal door), you can store the shoes, means to care for her and all that the owners want the house. Often the shelves are placed under the seat. But if desired, the bench can be equipped with a side stand on which you can put your phone or a decorative element, such as a vase with flowers or a statue.

How to make a bench with their hands

Materials for the upholstery ↑

For the upholstery of the banquettes used a range of materials. Consider the most common:

  1. Fabric (this may be shinill, cotton, linen, silk or flock). The fabric is easy to clean, its range allows you to choose the materials and colors that will suit to your interior. The price depends on the fabric. Usually the price of the natural materials than synthetics.
  2. Leather. This is a more expensive and noble material. If you choose a stool with leather upholstery, the interior should match. Best of all, this material looks expensive wood. As for care, the skin is more capricious than the cloth. But caring for it will not be a big difficulty and will not blow a hole in the family budget, therefore, should not be afraid.
  3. Faux leather. This material is bol budget. Leatherette is easy to clean, but the life of his less than genuine leather. If the stool is well made, the room it will look just as elegant as leather.

How to make a bench with their hands

Do the bench alone ↑

The manufacturer of the stools in the hallway with his own hands consists of several steps. Each of the stages is quite simple, but they all require care and accuracy.

The necessary materials and tools ↑

Stools with wrought iron frames and forging will require certain skills and professionalism. In this article we will consider the opportunity to make a handmade bench out of wood.

Materials needed:

  1. Made of wood beams measuring 30 x 40 or 30 to 50 mm;
  2. You can take the legs from an old stool or a coffee table;
  3. Glue, screws, and pins furniture ploki;
  4. Plywood or MDF sheets.

Padding consists of a cover and filler. The role of the filler is usually the foam. It holds its shape well. If you want to make the seat softer, you can take sintepon.

How to make a bench with their hands

For production you will also need the following tools:

  • a drill, a jigsaw and a screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • needle and thread;
  • construction stapler;
  • level;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint, varnish, and stain (optional).

How to make a bench with their hands

The preparatory stage ↑

Before proceeding to the construction of the stools should do the drawing. To accurately determine the size of the facility and future products.

First you need to determine the model. The bench will be difficult to implement in the absence of experience, so it’s best to choose a simple wooden model backless. Further, based on the chosen model, you need to calculate the size of other parts.

How to make a bench with their hands

The Council! If you plan a lot of details, you should make a pattern and then start cutting plywood.

Details need to cut with a jigsaw and process their edges with sandpaper.

How to make a bench with their hands

Building products ↑

It is not necessary to do everything I need in one day, especially if this is your first experience making furniture. It may happen that you will make many mistakes, and something will have to redo.

The first is to make a seat and have to start from its size. Other parts are much easier to fit under the seat.

How to make a bench with their hands

Then you need to make the legs. As above mentioned, it is possible to take already ready, but if you want to make a new one, especially for stools, then you need to take the boards, treat them using a manual cutter, and the screws to attach to the seat. The workpiece must cover the stain or paint.

How to make a bench with their hands

Attention! Manual mill will make legs more stylish and neat. This tool is easier and cheaper than a milling machine. It will make the legs round or with non-standard tabs.

If the future of the product will rely on the sidewall, in this case, all items are prepared right, cut, polished, and then just put together. Need to collect the pins for them in the ends of the workpiece make the holes.

How to make a bench with their hands

After the work done, you are ready to trim. The day started to cut a piece of foam the size you want. Then secure the foam with glue and construction staples to the base. Under the foam is desirable to lay the burlap or any coarse material.

How to make a bench with their hands

Then from the selected tissue need to carve out a piece of the necessary size with an allowance. After cutting the cloth to gently tuck and pin construction stapler.

How to make a bench with their hands

How to sew a case ↑

If the upholstery on an old bench is worn out, do not rush to throw it. It is always possible to upgrade. It does not need to change the upholstery, you can just sew a cover that will delight the eyes and complement the interior. Usually make case for models without a backrest. Sew a beautiful cover in a few steps:

  1. On the fabric you want to identify a rectangle or square the size of the seat.
  2. The fabric is to fold the scarf and measure 10 cm on each side.
  3. The resulting «boxes» you need to cut corners and edge processing.
  4. Then you need to take a piece of cloth that width is equal to the height of the stools, and sew his pipe. Length will depend on the number of conceived ruffles. Frill primitives to the seat and drape. This should be done from the inside.
  5. Then you need to zastrochit seam with an elastic band or sheathing tape.
  6. The edge of the cover can also be covered up with tape, and you can just zastrochit. Over the seam to attach decorative cord.

How to make a bench with their hands

Conclusion ↑

Stools can be quite different. The choice of materials and the creation of a drawing should not only pay attention to the materials, dimensions and the design itself, but as a piece of furniture fit into the interior. Before proceeding to the manufacture of the stools with their hands, should soberly assess their strength. If you are a beginner in the manufacture of furniture, it is probably not worth it to take on complex designs with backrest, drawers and shelves, and it is not necessary to buy very expensive materials. It is likely that the first pancake will be lumpy, and you will be sorry for the money spent.

The bench also can be made from old and broken furniture. For example, in the following video you will learn how to make a bench from old, broken stool

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