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How to choose a bench in the hallway

Thinking through the design of your hallway, do not forget about such details of interior as stool. It allows you to create a special atmosphere of coziness, it adds additional comfort to the room. It is much easier to remove or put on shoes, talking to family or to make calls on the phone sitting and not standing on his feet.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

The story of the banquettes ↑

This decor item has been used for many centuries. Bench has established itself as a very practical piece of furniture, which was originally used in Banquet halls. The first mention of the bench can be found in the writings of the eighteenth century. This furniture is usually produced all headsets, with the same design and decorative design.

The first model of the banquettes was a small bench which is exhibited in the hall, hallway and even the bedrooms of the Palace. The furniture was soft, comfortable seat and no backrest.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

To date, bench has not only changed its appearance, but changed his purpose. Today, very often the stool seat is used in the hallway where it is possible not only to sit, but to use the bench as extra storage space for shoes. It is important that stool combines style with all furniture, which is located in the hallway. So it is possible to achieve unity of style and harmony in the apartment. In some cases it plays the role of a bright accent, thereby adding to the interior flair and style.

The Council! With an emphasis on the stool in the hallway, choose a frame with bright colors and unusual design.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

Popular types of banquettes ↑

Today, there are a very large number of different types of banquettes. They can be different in shape, style and materials of manufacture. It is very important to choose the ideal option, because the correct choice depends on the comfort of the hallway.

Consider the main types:

  1. Ottoman. In appearance the stools for the hall in the form of a pouf reminiscent of a stool without legs. Very often, the Ottomans knock skin, but there are textile upholstery. This option is perfect for compact hallways, because they don’t take up much space.
  2. Ottoman. This option of the bench without a backrest. In appearance it is very similar to a small cozy sofa. The only minus is that in case of need, do not rely on that. Traditionally, the Ottoman is made of wood or metal. Seat soft upholstered fabrics. The couch is better to choose for hallways, decorated in a classic style.
  3. Bench. In appearance very similar on the couch. The only difference is the presence of the back. Sometimes a bench can be taken for a small sofa. Its purpose such a model will find in a small room and quite spacious hallways. On the bench is very easy to relax, and with its design it can fit into any interior. The main thing before purchase is to accurately determine the choice, as a variety of soft benches sometimes resulting in confusion of the buyer.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

The material for plating of stools ↑

The most popular are the following matter:

  1. Natural fabric. It may be cotton cloth, velour or flock. It is desirable that the material was quite dense, wear-resistant, has not lost its coloring and is well amenable to cleaning. Fabric upholstery allows you to select an individual seat design gives the bench a special style and beauty.
  2. Leather. This is expensive but very practical and beautiful in appearance the finish of the seats and backs of benches. Leather differs in texture and color, combined with precious wood or wrought iron frame legs generally creates stylish, expensive furniture for exclusive interiors hallways.
  3. Leatherette is a budget alternative to leather upholstery. These stools look quite stylish, a good clean, but don’t count on long service life, as if this was the case with the leather upholstery. Furniture with upholstery made of leatherette it is better to put in areas where there is a large number of people.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

Bench in the interior hallway ↑

In the case where the interior of the house or apartment in the style of «Empire» or «Provence», the best option will be bench for hallway with backrest and ornate wrought-iron legs and armrests. As a rule, forged stool for the hall are covered with a soft cloth: velour, tapestry or velvet. Despite its beauty and style, this furniture is not very practical. It is impossible to equip additional space for storage. The only thing you can do is to build a wrought iron bench shelf Shoe between the legs of the bench, in order to hide her shoes.

The Council! Wrought iron bench in the hallway, become the most practical element of the interior, so as to break it is extremely difficult.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

Stool made of wood. This type – ideal for hallways, made in classic style. Also, these benches are ideal for interior in country style with wooden framework and floral prints on the fabric upholstery gives the furniture a calm and natural design.

Decorating a room in modern style it is better to choose the stool, dark wood and plain fabrics on the seat. They perfectly accentuate crisp lines and restraint in this direction in interior design.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

This wooden model is easiest to do with your hands, using the means at hand, the wooden bar and soft padding for seats.

To stool for the hall was not only a beautiful piece of furniture but also a practical element of decor, it is very often equipped with shelves, desks and built-in drawers, which are located throughout the length of the bench. This furniture is very difficult to make, so its creation is best left to a professional.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

What to look for when choosing ↑

Going to the store, you should carefully inspect the premises and to perform the General situation in the house. In the case where a family has children or animals, it is better to give preference to banquettes with wear-resistant materials on seats and metal frame. If living in the house of the elderly, then the best option would be the bench. If the hallway is compact, and there is the problem of storage of numerous items and shoes, you should choose a bench with drawer for shoes. A great option – bench pedestal. It is well located home and street shoes, umbrella bags and the means to care for shoes.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

Also, special attention should be paid to the style of the stools. It is important that bought furniture match the style and materials from already existing pieces of furniture. The bench should be quality made and practical to use. The interior detail in the hall is designed to provide a comfortable integer and the opportunity to relax a bit at home.

As already mentioned, the benches in the hallway are many variants, but the main thing you should pay attention to when buying, its durability and practicality.

You should also pay attention to the dimensions of the furniture and the ratio of this parameter to the total area of the premises.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

How to choose a firm ↑

It is very difficult to name a leader for the production of banquettes. For someone stool in the style of rocaille – a limit of dreams. Someone first pay attention to the upholstery materials and materials in the execution frame of the furniture. So to say, what furniture is better and what is worse is not possible.

The trend setter in the manufacture of banquettes can be considered the Italian factory. They offer to the consumer is very beautiful, stylish and elegant models of wood furniture. Depending on the style of implementation the cost of these benches may vary considerably.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

For domestic consumers a more affordable stools can be manufactured by Belarusian factories. Usually their products are of high quality and practicality. The furniture is made of only natural materials and fabrics.

Forged items are better to order in small workshops, where a specialist comes to the customer individually and always happy to offer something special that will only fit you.

How to choose a bench in the hallway

Conclusion ↑

By purchasing a bench in the hallway, it is important to ensure that it is convenient and practical. These are the two main conditions that apply to this type of furniture. Never hesitate to check the stability of the bench. Sit down, try to remove your shoes. All actions should pass easily.

If the family budget is limited and buy a new stool you cannot, try to do the Banquet with his hands. For example, the banquette can be made from old phone stand about how to do it find out in the next video

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