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Interior small kids room

Every child from the moment of birth requires personal space. In order for a child to instill a habit of responsibility for order in the room, and discipline for the child decorate the nursery. Unfortunately, often the lack of square meters in the apartment forces the parents to determine a child the small room. But this is not a problem, even in the smallest child’s room, probably to organize such a space where your child will be comfortable, comfortable and pleasant to be.

Interior small kids room

The basic features in the design of children’s room ^ the

Making a little nursery for the baby, you need carefully to approach the purchase of furniture and General layout of the small room. The ultimate goal of the project is to arrange the space so that it best left to classes and active recreation. The choice of decoration and finishing is not a big problem for children. But when presented with the abundance of materials in the store, it will help you to think about colors and texture finishes, decor. They should make the most visually expand the space. Small children’s room should be a real present for your son or daughter, and to give them joy and positive.

You need to understand that the concept of a small area at everyone. For those raised in spacious private homes, even a large room can feel very small. For those who live in ordinary apartments of high-rise buildings, little children – a room area of not more than 8 sq. m. unfortunately, small children are most relevant today, therefore, we consider an example design, we will focus on this room.

Interior small kids room

The choice of the interior ↑

For anybody not a secret that little children’s room decorated with calm colors and bright materials, are visually much more than it really is. But for a child much nicer and more interesting if the walls he will see your favorite heroes of fairy tales and cartoons.

When choosing Wallpaper should look to the background of the picture was bright, and the pictures are medium size. Too large may frighten children, but very small – make the wall surface sloppy and gaudy.

The Council! It is worth considering the fact that for a harmonious design, you shouldn’t use in a common area more than three colors.

When building a child’s need to take into account the age category of the child. Psychologists proved that children under six years are most susceptible to bright and juicy colors, and school-age children – to neutral palette of natural shades.

Interior small kids room

Finishing materials for children ↑

When decorating the ceiling is better to give preference to materials with a white, glossy surface. With it, a small room can be done visually higher. Excellent option is to stretch the system. If you want to use in the nursery only natural eco-friendly materials, you should consider the option of lacquered wood. Also, no one has canceled the traditional whitewash. In this case, you need to focus on lighting, choosing light, airy fixtures.

Decorating small children’s room for girls, remember that young princesses love a warm, Sunny colors: sand, orange, yellow, pale pink. The boys love the color of the sea, water, sky. They can choose calm tones of blue, green, grey, blue.

Even if your child has a very small children’s room, it is not a reason to decorate it to a standard, conventional materials, boring and without flavor. Don’t be lazy, ask like that to your child. Perhaps the child will love the little pirate room, or bedroom of the Princess, athletic fields or a forest clearing. Be creative, and then the little nursery for your child will be a difficult place for sleep and games, and entrance into another, a child’s world.

Interior small kids room

Window decoration ↑

Even the smallest window it can be interesting to decorate and beat. And it’s not so much ambient light, how rational use of small space. A very good idea to equip a working place as a single space with an windowsill. This allows you to save the useful area of a small child’s room to add natural light to the working surface and installed under the table great storage drawers and shelves.

Tulle and curtains – it’s corny. For modern children’s small sizes will be the most preferred blinds and trucks. Their choice is supported by a large number of positive moments.

Attention! The arrangement of this decoration on the window does not take up much space, requires no rods, very good to protect small children’s room from direct sunlight, allow you to adjust the illumination of the room.

Interior small kids room

The choice of furniture and its placement ↑

Almost every who are engaged in furnishing a little child’s room is quite difficult to fulfill the task of how to place in a small room a large number of necessary and useful things. To design the arrangement of furniture and other design elements necessary so that the child remained a lot of places for active pastime.

For small children rooms will come with furniture – transformer. For modern producers will not be difficult to make a custom Cabinet with a built in place to sleep, or Desk with well-placed drawers and shelves for storage of various details and toys.

Interior small kids room

The Council! A very interesting option of bunk beds on the top shelf where the baby can sleep, and below located its play area.

To the maximum extend the space of the little child’s room, all the furniture you need to place as close as possible to the wall. Oversized cabinets and a variety of hanging shelves is better to replace on ones, but very spacious wardrobe. In doors of the Cabinet you can insert a small mirrored pieces, they can add a little room light and air. Choosing furniture, pay attention to the bright wood tones.

Zoning a small room ↑

In a small child’s room, it is very important to zoning. The first thing to take care of arrangement of bed.

Interior small kids room

Area ↑

A variety of models of beds are produced by modern manufacturers allow you to choose the perfect option even for very small children. The bed, combined with shelves and drawers, extendable sleeper all this very well may solve the problem of lack of territory, and at the same time to equip a comfortable place to sleep. You need to remember that sleep a child needs peace and quiet lighting. Place the bed away from the window, and for the local lighting is perfect funny baby night lights.

Interior small kids room

The knowledge area ↑

In order to keep the child comfortable to learn the lessons it requires a Desk and a chair. For storing all kinds of stationery items, and just the essential stuff you need boxes and shelves. In a small nursery in a very practical way will be to combine all the elements together.

It is important! Furniture design in which a compact work, with all the elements will be a godsend for small children.

Interior small kids room

Play area ↑

What is the children’s room area for games. The child will appreciate the presence of a house, tent, sports complex. It is desirable that all the elements have been mobile and can be easily formed.

Interior small kids room

One double room ↑

What to do if in one small room are two children of different ages. The most important thing that you need to know, no matter what size you children’s. Everyone should have their individual space. Of course, in the first place as a sleeping place. Traditionally, to solve this problem set the bed, consisting of two tiers. But modern manufacturers offer a more convenient and compact retractable bed.

Interior small kids room

Conclusion ↑

For every parent it is very important to create an ideal environment for your child, in which he fully developed and grown. I want to visit friends and was a place to play. Reality does not always match our desires, but that is no reason to give up on dreams. Plan, use every opportunity efficient use of the available area, and then your child is the best children’s room.

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