Bathroom and toilet

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Starting repairs in the apartment, the focus is on the main room in the house like living room or bedroom. Repair of a toilet is often left for later, because it has not put forward a large number of requirements. The environment is not as aggressive as for example in the bathroom or the kitchen. But there is one significant complication, namely a small space.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Most of the materials for the walls and significantly reduce the space, and if in the case, for example, the living room is acceptable, then close the toilet on account of every inch. That is why the decoration of bathrooms and toilets with panels of PVC is the most common variant.

The video shows how easy trim PVC panels can transform a bathroom.

The benefits ↑

  • PVC panels can be mounted at a minimum distance from the wall. In total, after the walls, the room will lose only 3-5 cm.
  • Plastic is not afraid of wet cleaning and detergents.
  • Plastic panels is much cheaper than most finishing materials.
  • A huge variety of colors and patterns.
  • Trim toilet with their hands even without special skills will only take a few hours.
  • To work with panels is not required to align the wall. They will hide all the bumps and mistakes of builders.

Unfortunately, like any other material, the PVC panels have a number of disadvantages, which also need to pay attention when choosing the finish for the toilet.

Deficiencies ↑

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

  • Unlike Wallpaper and paint, PVC panels still take the room a few inches.
  • Despite the fact that vinyl has a low level of ignition, melting it emits acrid toxic fumes.
  • PVC low quality, easily damaged. And will require replacement.

As can be seen, the faults, is still, less. And positive qualities clearly benefit. But in order for a new repair did not bring disappointments, you should know a few rules that must guide the choice of PVC panels.

Guide to choosing ↑

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

At first glance, PVC panels differ only in the figure but is misleading, the plastic quality can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer.

It is best to ask friends who have encountered this issue, so as to visually determine the quality quite difficult. But there are a few tips:

  1. Panel PVC should be soft. High-quality plastic can be bent to an angle more than 90 degrees. You can gently bend the panel until you feel the tension, the greater the angle, the better.
  2. The mounting groove must be free to bend without kinks, and take the original position when it is released.
  3. The panel shall make a clear odors. Noticeable smell of plastic – a sign of poor production.

Another caveat to consider is the width of the panel. It can be from 12 to 35 cm, the wider the segment, the more carefully will need to align the crate. The best option for the walls is considered a width less than 25 cm.

The Council! A panel with a width of 25 cm can be applied on the ceiling. There’s a slight misalignment will not be noticeable.

When these two factors are considered, it is possible to proceed to the choice of color and pattern. Here already all depends on personal preference and style of the interior of the apartment.

Preparing for the installation of panels ↑

Finish toilet PVC panels will not take much time more complicated and important process is the manufacture of sheathing, which will be attached the panel.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

If the walls are perfectly smooth, or have made their plaster, the panels can simply be glued to the wall without sheathing. This method will save space, but the surface will have a pre-primed.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Any DIY repair you need to start with the preparation tool, this will avoid unnecessary hassles and save time. The list of necessary items is not so large, and it is not anything specific:

  • Roulette.
  • Building level.
  • Pencil.
  • Hacksaws for wood and plastic (suitable for metal with fine teeth).
  • Hammer drill or drill mode impact.
  • Hammer.
  • Construction stapler.

For the manufacture of sheathing it is best to use a wooden beam with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm, PVC panels this is enough and he will not steal much space. Before you start to fasten the timber must be treated with preservatives that will protect it from mildew and fungus.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Primarily through drills and dowels, secured to the upper and lower straps. The bottom must be positioned parallel to the floor and at a minimum distance from the floor covering. The top near the ceiling, but with the future of ceiling finishes.

The remaining bars are attached horizontally at a distance from each other of about 30 cm.

The Council! Meme is less than the distance between the bars of crates, the stronger will hold panel.

When all bars of the crates ready, we need to take care of the places where you will be attached a variety of accessories:

  • Mirror.
  • Hanger.
  • Toilet paper holders.

In these places, you need to install the small bars, so that later when drilling holes in the plastic not to damage it.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

When working with wood is complete, set the decorative area in the left corner of the room, it will start the installation of panels. To install the area it is best to use a staple gun, but if not, suitable furniture nails. In size they resemble a Shoe, but have more downforce hat.

Attached area in 5-6 places at an equal distance, that is enough. If in the process of installation, you will see a small curvature, it is not necessary to pay attention to it but later on it will straighten the panel.

The most difficult stage of finishing of the toilet with PVC panels behind.

The installation of panels ↑

Start installation from the left side, inserting the panel tongue into the area. The first segment should be set at the building level, then he will not need.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Once the panel is exposed, in the petal of a groove drives a staple of a stapler or a nail. Mounts are made in each bar along the entire height.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Next, set the next segment and is mounted in an identical fashion.

In order to clearly understand how the manufacture of the frame, and assembling the panels you can see the video. For clarity, the wizard guides you through the process on a simple wall, and every nuance is clearly seen.

It is important! Reaching the place where the bars for mounting accessories, you need to mark them with a pencil, so not to look for it via the installed panel.

Thus mount to the next corner. Extreme panel is cut along the entire length, and before installation, put her in a corner. He is recorded next to the wall where we will have the next segments.

Finish in the field of communications ↑

The most difficult for finishing work place is communication. In order to close the pipe with PVC panels, will have to make a wooden box which will be attached the panel. Sometimes such structures intends to make larger than required, then decorative frame can serve as additional shelf.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

The panels on the box, is no different from the walls, wait only difference is that fasteners not be made in a groove, and in the body of the panel, as close to the edge, later this place will be covered with decorative hardware.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

The Council! for the decoration of boxes, it is better to use external angles that do not dress up on the panel and fastened to it with glue.

An important point in the decoration of the communication is to be aware of the valves and the counters that can be placed in the bathroom. Access to such locations should not be restricted, so you’ll have to do or small doors, which is not so easy, or leave these places open.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

Ceiling decoration ↑

After working with finished walls, you can go to the ceiling. The principle here is the same, the only difference is that it is not necessary to install the corners, their role will subsequently be to perform crown moldings.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

The Council! In order that the room looked symmetrical, it is possible to calculate the distance so that the joint panels would be exactly in the middle. In this case, you will have to trim not one but two outer panels.

Finishing the ceiling, it is important to remember about lighting. Holes in the required places it is better to drill on the floor, before the panel will be fixed. And the installation, cables are in the holes.

All the stages of work can be viewed in the video

Conclusion ↑

When the ceiling and walls are completely finished, left to do the finishing touches, namely to secure the baseboards. In stores you can find special skirting boards for PVC panels, they have a groove, which is fixed over the panels, but they will have to carefully calculate the height of each segment.

Therefore, most use conventional plastic skirting that simply put construction adhesive. Working with them is much easier and is not required to perform complex calculations and measurements of each panel.

Finish toilet PVC panels with their hands

In the last turn connected lighting and the repair of the toilet can be considered complete.

As you can see, modern interior toilet PVC panels is a quite simple process, which any man can do. It does not need to have construction skills or experience, just enough to buy everything you need and follow the instructions.

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