Bathroom and toilet

PVC panels for bathroom

Ideal for finishing the bathroom walls have long been considered ceramic tile. It meets all the requirements of hygiene, without problems withstands high humidity and temperature fluctuations, resistant to damage, easy to wash and antiseptic treatment. Besides, ceramic tile is durable, it will allow you not to think about the need for repairs in the bathroom.

PVC panels for bathroom

For a long time, ceramic tile was not worthy competitors, but in recent years appeared in the sale of plastic panels are an alternative solution to bathroom remodeling.

What is so popular PVC material ↑

Unlike tiles, PVC panel for bath are much cheaper and easy to install available even to Amateurs. Panels PVC plastic bathroom can perfectly hide uneven walls that would be difficult in the case of using ceramic tiles.

Advantages of PVC panels for bathroom:

  • simple installation;
  • beautiful appearance, decorative;
  • easily installed on any surface, do not require alignment of the walls and time-consuming preliminary work;
  • the level of sound insulation of the premises;
  • easily tolerate changes in temperature, stable in high temperature air;
  • high resistance to moisture makes extensive use of PVC sheet for repair of walls and ceilings in the bathroom;
  • use of the material of the PVC sheet for bathroom the easy way to hide electrical wiring, water and sewer pipes, to disguise the flaws of the premises;
  • high ecological safety of fire and allow you to install PVC panels in residential areas;
  • relatively low cost compared to ceramic tiles.

PVC panels for bathroom

Directions of use ↑

PVC cladding has excellent water resistance, the material is not destroyed in the environment with high humidity and does not allow moisture to penetrate the fabric of the panels, thanks to this bathroom wall will not mildew, will not start a fungus.

To undoubted advantages of PVC sheet can be considered their low weight and durability (good quality panel will last at least 40 years).

It is not recommended to use plastic panels in areas where there are temperature variations of more than 20 degrees, because in this case, the plastic can deform.

Sheet PVC panels for bathroom, as seen in the photo, can be installed both vertically and horizontally, and even at an angle that will allow you to show imagination, creating a unique bathroom design.

Plastic sheet veneer is available with two coating options: matte and glossy. To finish was glossy PVC panel applied a special composition. Glossy coating better reflect light, so in a small bathroom space to create the effect of the increase in space. But on the matte surface will be less noticeable stains from water spray, which can not be avoided in the bathroom. What coverage prefer – the choice is yours.

Splits the material and the method of drawing:

  • Printed – decorative coloured coating is applied with a special paint with a shaft on which a pattern. The shaft is rolled on the surface of the panel, and the pattern is printed on the plastic;
  • Film – the picture is transferred to the panel using a special film, which it pre-applied. The film is applied on the PVC panel, when exposed to high temperature figure goes to the bar and the tape is then removed.

The method of manufacture of the panel are divided into the seam and seamless. The suture panels are special locks by which they are joined in a single fabric. The assembled web can be considered the gap between adjacent PVC panels. In the seamless version of the panel closely adjacent to each other, creating the impression of a single whole fabric.

PVC panels for bathroom

The dimensions of the sheet material ↑

Standard size PVC sheet is considered to be the length 2700 mm, width 250 mm, thickness 10 mm, but they are available and other parameters:

  • length 2600, 3000 and 6000 mm;
  • 100 width, mm 300, 335, 375 and 500 mm;
  • in thickness from 5 to 10 mm.

Stone material for bathroom sizes are divided into rack, tile (represented as squares, used for decoration of the ceiling, as well as to create interesting patterns on the walls) and sheet, typically having dimensions 1220х2440х3мм. Panels allow you to quickly decorate the ceiling and bathroom wall.

The texture of the panels can be performed under ceramic tile, natural stone, brickwork, geometric patterns or floral ornament, wood, wide selection of plain PVC panels in various colors. The choice of colors and pattern – on your taste. Typically, a bathroom has a rather modest size square, so designers are recommended to choose light colors, pleasing to the eye. A good solution would be the design of the walls in the color sanitary ware.

PVC panels for bathroom

If you would like to decorate your bathroom tiled, but I can’t do a good will replacement PVC panels under the tiles for the bathroom. At first glance the panels under the tiles indistinguishable from the tiles. Available are even plastic panels with frieze, having a convexity, similar to a tile that will allow you to make affordable and stylish renovation with PVC panels for bathroom, as in the photo.

PVC panels for bathroom

PVC panels for bathroom

Manufacturers offer a wide range of PVC sheets with different thickness, durability, method of drawing, colours. Before settling on any option, read our expert advice on the selection of PVC material for the bathroom. This issue must be approached seriously, as their quality will depend on the appearance of your bathroom, as well as the longevity of the repair.

PVC panels for bathroom

How to choose PVC tiles for bathroom ↑

First of all, consider the number of ribs in the plastic. Depends on the strength of the material. The more ribs, the more durable and safer material. Note that ribs have not been damaged during transport or storage.

Try to choose plastic of thickness not less than 10 mm, for the walls in the bathroom, it must have been strong enough to not break when accidentally hitting the wall, making it impossible to accidentally poke it with some sharp object.

On the front side of the product should not be scratches, chips, paint must not have any violations. Make sure that the surface of PVC sheet were the same color or with the same pattern from the same batch to avoid differences in color saturation or in the execution of the design.

Be sure to check not visible on the front side of the ribs. To do this, look on the front side at an acute angle. You should see smooth, without irregularities, the surface. Also check the back side of the panels, so it does not have any impurities. The lack of impurities means that the panels are made of primary raw materials and, therefore, quality.

If the reverse side of the panels visible, some inclusions, PVC sheets are produced from recycled materials, which means lower quality. At the edges of the panels should not be chips, cracks, roughness or other defects. In addition, pay attention to the price. Cheap goods definitely will not be high quality but also high price is not nowadays a guarantee for a good product. So try to buy PVC material for bathroom from reliable vendors, ensuring a quality product.

The use of PVC panels for bathroom ↑

Use to repair buildings as a new home for the first few years can shrink, which leads to deformation of the walls. In the case of the use of plastic sheets these defects in the walls will not be visible.

If you need to make repairs on your own, without professional help, because the installation of PVC panels, in contrast to laying ceramic tiles, available even to non-professionals.

PVC panels for bathroom

In your bathroom uneven wall, the alignment of which is impossible or too time-consuming, and required to hide communication, at the same time, being able to access them in case of sudden leakage of pipes or sewer systems.

Conclusion ↑

The material has a chance to supplant all the other cheap types of plastic trim for the bathroom. In appearance, weight and price is clearly ahead of the drywall and the tile. In the future, possible, PVC will completely replace a more sustainable and resistant material – drywall.

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