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The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Starting to repair the bathroom, we strive to make it quickly, but not to lose in quality finishes. Besides, it often happens that financial difficulties do not allow to fork out to buy expensive materials, but still need to add the cost of labour. If you are faced with a similar situation and do not know how to handle the ceiling in your bathroom, the best option is suspended ceiling panels PVC in the bathroom.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

What gives PVC ↑

The use of plastic sheets has begun relatively recently, but they have already gained wide popularity in the construction market due to the good ratio of price and quality. They are used for finishing and residential premises, and offices. Easy to install and attractive appearance allow you to quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensive to decorate any room. In flats the material is suitable for the decoration of the ceiling of the kitchen and especially the bathroom.

Advantages of PVC panels:

  • Remarkable moisture resistance, which allows their use in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, showers);
  • The stability at elevated temperatures, resistance to temperature changes;
  • The ease and rapidity of installation (installation of panels PVC, even for the beginners in the construction business);
  • Low weight, allowing easy transport PVC panels and mount to the sheet;
  • The use of PVC panels for bathroom ceiling will help to cover the irregularities of the ceiling, conceal pipes, ducts, hide the wiring;
  • Installation of the ceiling in the bathroom of PVC panels will increase sound insulation and protects the ceiling from the accumulation of moisture and formation of fungus.
It is important! The bathroom ceiling of the plastic lining has another advantage. It is not only easy to install, but if necessary can be easily disassembled, having access to communications requiring urgent repair.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Upon completion of the necessary work you can install the plastic sheets back and the decor of your bathroom will be safely recovered.

Characteristics of the material ↑

PVC panels for ceiling are divided into matte and glossy. Glossy leaves reflect the light, so the ceiling they will fit better. Although the matte options are also very nice looking.

Panels are also subdivided into seam and seamless. In seam facing for connection to the sheet is made of special locks, and in the finished fabric are visible seams between adjacent panels. In a seamless embodiment, they form a single fabric for a snug fit to each other.

The method of drawing plastic panels are:

  • Printed pattern is applied to the surface of the panels using a special shaft, which is rolled across a surface;
  • Film for transfer pattern uses a special thermoplastic film, the pattern transferred to the surface of the veneer under high temperature. Such variants are more resistant to abrasion and detergents.

The range of building supermarkets you will find many options of colors and patterns for every taste. Panels are available as plain and with various designs. This can be a imitation of marble or wood, geometric or floral patterns and even whole pictures. Choosing a color scheme of PVC panels for ceiling in the bathroom, give preference to light tones.

The classic option is, of course, a white ceiling, it is ideal for any walls, but with your imagination, you can pick up an interesting color scheme for ceiling PVC panels in the bathroom as in the photo.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Buying plastic sheets for ceiling, pay special attention to their quality, as on the ceiling, a marriage or a flaw in the material will be particularly noticeable. Verify compliance with the characteristics specified in the accompanying documents, the actual purchased product.

The ceiling panels differ from the smaller wall thickness of, respectively, the stiffness and strength of them below, it should be borne in mind, when you buy, bring them home and install. It can be easily damaged if mishandled.

Installation of the ceiling in the bathroom panels PVC ↑

PVC sheets are attached to a wooden or metal frame. For the bathroom is preferable to use metal, as it is not subject to decay and destruction by fungus, therefore, will last much longer.

Preparing ↑

In addition to panels, you should stock up on PVC profiles. They are made from the same material as the sheets, are designed to make aesthetically pleasing and beautiful transitions in the corners of walls and ceilings.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Please note: for ceilings it is necessary to purchase a special ceiling panels. They have a much lower weight than panels for walls, due to its smaller thickness. Sheet thickness is 3mm, at the same time, the thickness of the plastic walls can reach 10mm.

Due to its light weight ceiling panels provide less stress on the mount. But the disadvantages can be attributed to the greater fragility of the sheets to the ceiling, they can easily break during the installation if to prevent carelessness in work.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Before you begin installation of ceiling PVC sheets, consider what fixtures you are planning to hang in the bathroom, what will be their power as to their positioning, not to overheat the plastic cladding. If you install recessed light fixtures from the rough ceiling, you need to retreat less than 10cm, and with a better margin when laying out the new ceiling.

You need to pre-calculate the required amount of materials.

To calculate the number of PVC panels, you must determine the area of the ceiling (multiply the lengths of two adjacent sides), then divide it by the area of the panel mentioned on the package, add 20% for reserve and rounded off to the whole panel in a big way.

If the length or width of the ceiling is less than the length of the PVC sheets, you can visually count how many pieces you need.

For metal fabrication we need to frame profiles of two types: UD-profile 2,5×2,5 and CD profile 2,5х6см.

To calculate the required amount of metal profiles, we need the scheme of the ceiling. On it lay off straight lines parallel to one of the walls, given that the distance between the profiles should be approximately 40-50cm. By multiplying the length of the wall on the number of direct, get the required amount of profile 2,5х6см. To determine the number of rigid profile 2,5х6см, calculate the perimeter of your ceiling in the bathroom.

In addition, you will need the screws for fastening ceiling panels PVC in the bathroom and plugs for attaching metal profiles (stock).

Wooden beams and brackets for installing a barrel ceiling in the bathroom of PVC panels should be avoided as this would harm the reliability and durability of the structure.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Ceiling tiles (usually 3 meters) – divide the perimeter of the ceiling by 3 and round in a big way, get the desired number of baseboards.

The installation of the panels in the bathroom ↑

Tools needed: drill (can drill), tin snips, screwdriver, hangers, a knife, a hacksaw, a level, liquid nails (or glue), a mitre box, cloth.

Work in the bathroom is performed in the following order:

  1. Using the level around the perimeter of the walls and mark with a pencil or a marker the site of attachment of rigid profiles. They need to be attached to the walls horizontally, will depend on it, even whether you have a ceiling. The horizontal line on the wall is a new level of the ceiling;
  2. The line along the walls of the anchoring screws hard profile 2,5×2,5cm;
  3. Then fasten to the ceiling and stenosoma profile profile 2,5х6см using screws, the distance between the profiles should be 40-50 cm;
  4. Plastic moldings attached to the wall, the joints will need to be trimmed to the corners of the room to join them well, so there are no gaps;
  5. Plastic PVC sheets to cut the size of the ceiling. It is better not to cut all the panels at once, and cut each separately as they are installation;
  6. The first PVC sheet inserted in the recess in the baseboard, screws with press-washer fasten to the ceiling profile.
  7. Then the next sheet cut to size, inserted into the recess in the fixed panel, fasten to the profile. So set all PVC panels, except for the last;
  8. Latest PVC panel will need to cut not only the length but also in width. Then insert it in the hole on a plastic plinth and move to the previous panel that there is no gap. The last panel is not screwed.

To get to understand all the nuances in the work before you start to repair yourself, review the options for installation of ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels in a video posted on the websites of the repair.

The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels

Conclusion ↑

Perhaps it is difficult to pick up the material, so suitable for the manufacture of the ceiling in the bathroom. A beautiful appearance is complemented by high resistance to the atmosphere in the bathroom, and most importantly, the material forgives most of the mistakes made in the manufacture of the ceiling in the bathroom.

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