How to choose scissors for PP pipes

Metal pipes are increasingly replaced by plastic, so when repair work or during the installation of the water system requires a tool such as scissors for PP pipes. Thanks to them you can easily cut a piece of a certain size with one hand, which facilitates and accelerates the process of installation of the system.

How to choose scissors for PP pipes

Choice depending on the diameter ↑

The first thing you need to pay attention when choosing the tool – diameter plastic products, which is designed scissors for cutting polypropylene tubes. To purchase the shears, you must know what are the cut elements:

  1. PN 10 pipes for cold water supply and also for installation of floor heating. Maximum coolant temperature in such systems reaches 45 degrees.
  2. PN 16 – items, designed to create wiring that can withstand a lot of pressure. They are used for summing up cold water.
  3. PN 20 is a product that can be used for both cold and hot water. But the maximum flow temperature is 80 degrees.
  4. PN 25 is a pipe that is reinforced with aluminum foil, so that the maximum temperature rises to 95 degrees. These products are used to create domestic hot water and Central heating.

In addition to the pipes is a lot of additional parts of propylene. There are also combined products that have brass inserts, designed to move on the metal elements of the pipeline.

It is important! Cutting of pipes should only use professional tools, because this task can handle only quality scissors.

Varieties of cutting tool ↑

The cutting equipment is divided into the following groups:

  1. Preciznije scissors. Such devices are equipped with a ratchet mechanism and is designed for cutting tubes, diameter ranging from 3 to 42 mm. These products are easy to operate with one hand, but a large volume of work quickly fatigue sets in.
    How to choose scissors for PP pipes
  2. Roller pipe cutter. Such a tool cannot be called scissors because of the peculiarities of the design, but to use it conveniently and with one hand after fixing the plastic element of the pipeline. Such designs represent an arc with multiple rollers for rotation of the cut parts and cutting one located on the sliding element.
    How to choose scissors for PP pipes
  3. Device with ratchet mechanism. Such products are more like a scissors for PP pipes 63 and convenient to use, since they are easy to manipulate with one hand. These products simplify the work and facilitate easier cutting of the pipe.
    How to choose scissors for PP pipes
  4. Cordless pipe cutter. Such tools are often used by professionals because they contribute to a more rapid cutting of the pipe and do not require effort at work. Cutting with rechargeable mechanisms takes just a few seconds.
    How to choose scissors for PP pipes
  5. Guillotine mechanisms. Such devices are designed for large diameter pipes (from 63 to 350 mm).

Manufacturers of scissors ↑

To choose the best quality model tool, it is necessary to consider products from manufacturers that used by professional builders and plumbers. Often used shears firms Kraftool and Henco. They are used by most builders because they are reliable tools that are produced by companies specializing in such products.

Scissors for pipes d 50 with a trade mark KRAFTOOL are created for people who are professionally engaged in installation and repair of water systems. If you need scissors for continuous or periodic tasks, you should choose products of this brand.

It is possible to pay attention on the product Hence. They are also known among the people, often installing the water system.

Product benefits KRAFTOOL ↑

KRAFTOOL company focused on creating high-quality tools that can withstand high loads even during prolonged use. One of the features of the company is to create attractive design for each tool.

How to choose scissors for PP pipes

The production of tools takes place in Germany, which speaks about the quality and durability of products. The scissors for PP pipes kraftool can be operated in extreme conditions and stay in the same condition in which they were after purchase.

Features products from Henco ↑

Henco specializiruetsya not only on the tools. It manufactures plastic pipes for various purposes. Scissors are an additional product, but this does not mean that it is less quality. Knowing the structural features and pipes and materials from which they are made, specialists are doing the design shear optimal and reliable.

How to choose scissors for PP pipes

If the choice is between the company and unknown, it is better to choose it. Scissors for PP pipes henco is not inferior in quality products KRAFTOOL.

Tips for choosing cutters and scissors ↑

The tool is operated for as long as possible, while purchasing scissors you should look at several parameters:

  1. Blade. It should be made of stainless steel. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the sharpening angle. To effectively cut it needs to be about 30 degrees.
  2. Arm. To work with the tool not to experience constant fatigue and discomfort, you should carefully examine the handle of the selected pair and try them in your hand. Best of all are the hand device with rubber handles.
  3. Support for the pipe. This element needs to be broad, so that the cutting took place under a right angle. If the pipe is not properly based on the scissors, they are not worth buying.
  4. Automatic reverse abstraction. If the scissors after compression remain closed, they will be uncomfortable when you need to make the cut in several sections of the pipe. So you need to look for a tool with automatic retraction to starting position.
  5. Clip. Meet a scissors without locking quite difficult, but the choice still should pay attention to it, as there are models without it.

If you have to cut pipes of small diameter (43 mm), to buy large and powerful tools makes no sense. But if they are operated constantly, the cheap purchase is not worth it.

How to use ↑

Operated shears for plastic pipes quite easily. For cutting of the pipe just need to click several times on the arm. After each push, the blade is lowered to a certain depth, remaining in this position. Below the cut was smooth, you should make every movement smoothly. If cutting with quick movements, the edges may be uneven or the whole slice is «beveled».

Also, the unevenness may appear due to the insufficient length of the blade. It should be longer than the diameter of the pipe. Otherwise, make the perfect cut will be difficult. If you cut off the tube carelessly, after sealing fittings it may begin to leak.

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