Choose electric scissors correctly

Choose electric scissors correctly

The process of cutting metal by hand is quite time-consuming and sometimes takes a long time. When performing large volume of work, need to buy electric scissors as hand tools will be difficult to do. Electric scissors have several advantages in comparison with the similar hand tools:

  • the reduction of complexity, as cutting or cutting of metal will be performed automatically;
  • the possibility of cutting corrugated and profiled material;
  • the accuracy and quality of work above;
  • the ability to perform cutting in 3 mm sheet, when cutting hand tools – the thickness does not exceed 1 mm;
  • increase productivity in several times;
  • cutting is performed without deformation of the sheet;
  • no cuts on hands and ease of use.

How to choose electric metal shears? The main factor that influences the choice of a particular model of scissors is the nature and specificity of work performed. Then you should pay attention to the kind of scissors their specifications and features. Device electric scissors video:

Kinds of electric scissors ↑

The entire modern range of electric scissors is of three kinds:

  • for cutting sheet steel;
  • blanking;
  • slotted.

Electric sheet shears consist of two of the blades, one in the process of moving and the other remains stationary. Static (moving) blade is fixed on a support and a rigid sole having the shape of a horseshoe. The process of cutting is similar to cutting hand tool, difference – electric drive.


  • high speed and reliability, so this tool is often used in the dismantling process;
  • compact;
  • precision cutting in a straight line;
  • reduction of fatigue masters;
  • no additional waste;
  • it is convenient to cut the wire, folds and other materials;
  • cutting blade can use a long time: the knife has four edges that are scrolled if one of them dull.


  • start cutting only from the edge, and with a bit of speed metal are formed «steps» when performing straight cuts
  • the tool cannot be used to perform maneuvering tasks: curved cuts and profile blanks, but only for straight cutting;
  • some masters consider them bulky and somewhat heavy.

Shears, video:

Cutting electric scissors are cutting metal with a static base and inside of the movable punch resembles a hole punch (for work). During operation, the punch cuts the metal surfaces are in the form of chips fall down, contaminating the clothes of the master. This fact many workers are annoying.


  • good maneuverability, the ability to start cutting from anywhere, making a hole;
  • suitable for cutting of profiled and corrugated sheets;
  • well carry out the curved cut and shaped cut to shape or pattern;
  • quality cutting without twisting metal and burrs regardless of the thickness of the metal;
  • functionality, the cutting elements are quickly replaced;
  • reversal of the tool – minimal;
  • the working area is well visible.
  • good power and efficiency.


  • when cutting metal left in the groove, the diameter of which is equal to the size of the punch;
  • hard to hold the straightness of the cut;
  • when differences in the thickness of the metal – small patency.

Cutting scissors video:

Slotted electric scissors are cutting metal with two knives, one of which has the form of U-shaped and fixed. In static is the second knife moving knife is performing the cutting of metal. In the process, the chip is removed using the built-in wire cutter.

Choose electric scissors correctly


  • perfect execution of the cut, which does not require further treatment;
  • figure cutting: accuracy and precision, without distortions;
  • easy to work with any kind of metal, as smooth and relevant;
  • you can start cutting from any point;
  • a well-cut apertures;
  • the ability to cut in hard to reach places;
  • versatility (used for installation and finishing works).


  • ability to perform cutting only thin metal which thickness is up to 2mm;
  • largest angle of rotation;
  • rapid wear of the movable knife.

Slotted scissors video:

Specifications and features of electric clippers ↑

What are electric scissors to choose from a huge range of these goods? After examining the types of electric clippers, you should be familiar with the specifications and features of this tool are:

  1. The power from the battery or from the network: it is convenient to use the battery tool, both in terms of cutting material in tight places, there is a risk of damaging the cord. The lack of quick battery consumption.
  2. The magnitude of the power is from 300 to 650 watts. The more power, the thicker metal can be processed.
  3. The cutting speed depends on the stroke frequency snap. The more turns, the more precise and neater to cut the line. Some devices have an adjustable stroke frequency, which increases their versatility and increases the spectrum of action.
  4. The maximum cutting depth when the device selection is very important. As violation of this indicator during operation will lead to tool breakage.
  5. The maximum radius specified in the passport model. This figure affects the maneuverability of the tool, which also must be considered when choosing.
  6. Ergonomics. To choose the right electric scissors need to pay attention to the picking tool, the shape and size of the body, the presence of riffles, linings, removable arms. Additional arms increase comfort in work.
  7. The starting node. During operation, the tool must not be disconnected due to vibration. The switch should be in a comfortable position, to avoid accidental clicking.
  8. A special plate – plate, to protect the hands of the master.
  9. The functionality of the cutting elements due to adjustment of gaps between them, quick replacement of knives, matrix, punch. The availability of spare parts included.

After examining the features and characteristics of all types, their technical parameters, you can select the electric metal shears. By purchasing this tool, it is necessary to consider the nature and volume of work performed, as well as the experience and personal preference of the wizard.

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