How to choose a grinder to give

Angle grinder (AG), otherwise known as grinder is a multifunctional tool used for cutting and grinding of practically any material, of various shapes and thickness. Easily handles PVC, metal, stone, slate, ceramics, tiles, finishing tiles, wood and others. Convenience, versatility, compactness made these tools is almost indispensable in the home, in the repair and construction of houses in the country.

The main characteristics and types of Bulgarians ↑

The main characteristics of the Bulgarians is the maximum size of the grinding or cut-off wheel and power. The diameter of the working disks amounts to 115 mm (household tools) to 230 mm (the Bulgarians). In this parameter there is a conditional classification of these instruments:

  • the Bulgarians under the disc diameter of 115 mm is used for fine grinding and precise cutting operations;
  • 125 mm – the most common size. Best suited for jobs around the house or at the cottage. The discs and brushes of any functionality of this size are most common in the market;
  • grinders a circle of 150 mm are a cross between professional and consumer tool;
  • 180 mm – semi-professional class, used for cutting thick workpieces and profiles;
  • 230 mm angle grinder for this size of disk less than ideal for small jobs. They are used for construction and repair works of large scale.

There are also grinders with pneumatic drive. They are capable of long operation without overheating, are mainly used in industry.

How to choose a grinder to give

The speed and torque directly depend on the size of the disc. With the increase of the diameter of the circle decreases, the speed of rotation increases the power and torque of Bulgarians.

Power angle grinders on the market, ranging from 500 W to 3 KW. The harder the material, the longer and harder work, the more powerful the grinder should be chosen. As a rule, cottages and homes enough tool capacity from 1000 to 1500 watts.

There is a network and battery grinders. The latter are used in conditions where electricity is not available or difficult to connect to the network. For example, for works on the road or height. Cordless tools have some serious drawbacks, their mass is much greater than the mass of the network peers, the continuous working time is also small. If conditions permit, to the house and garden is better to buy a grinder from a network or a combined power supply.

How to choose a grinder to give

Select disks for Bulgarians ↑

To choose the right functionality of the drives is equally important. The Bulgarians used the following types:

  • cut-off wheels for metal work;
  • cutting discs for wet and dry cutting stone;
  • circles for dry work on the stone;
  • combined diamond discs for cutting and finishing tiles;
  • wire brushes, metal, disc and Cup-shaped forms;
  • circles flap type;
  • discs for wet work on the stone.
    How to choose a grinder to give
Attention! A type of drive designed to work with specific material. Never use rounds that are designed for other materials. Otherwise, there is a possibility of breakage of the disc and the injury of its fragments.

What to look for when buying grinders ↑

  • To begin to assess the full range of work for which you want to use the grinder. For the home and garden, where you frequently need to perform work in various fields and dealing with different materials, it is better to purchase a tool with the possibility of smooth adjustment of speed. This grinder is the most comprehensive;
  • in good quality tool must be able to quickly and easily change the working discs. If you have to change circles, it is better to give preference to the grinder, where it is possible to replace the circle without using the key;
  • grinders shall be provided with electronic and mechanical security systems. Necessarily the presence of protective cover, it protects the operator from flying sparks, dust, abrasive particles, debris disk. In modern models often provide the possibility of mounting the casing in different positions.
Attention! Never use a grinder without protective cover. All work should be performed in protective glasses and gloves. To work with the fabric forming a large amount of fine dust to use respirators and other means of protection of respiratory organs.

How to choose a grinder to giveHow to choose a grinder to give

  • Grinders and high average power are equipped with a softstarter. The tool smoothly, without jerks is gaining momentum, the motor and the network is not experiencing the impact of inrush currents of large power;
  • in case of jamming of the disc grinder snatches from the hands of the operator, it can lead to serious injuries. It is recommended to choose a tool with protection from jamming, then in the event of an emergency the motor is automatically de-energized. The spindle continues its rotation, except in the reverse punch;
  • electronic frequency stabilization load rpm improves the quality of processing and increases efficiency. This system equipped with most professional tools;
  • pay special attention to the availability of protection against the secondary trigger. The sudden interruption of electricity supply, the grinder must be protected against inadvertent switching. Tools well-known companies are often equipped with a disconnection system in case of significant wear of the brushes of the motor and protection of the secondary start-up of the rotating manifold. Professional tools are protected against overheating of the windings. The machine is either turned off or illuminate a warning light or led that indicates the temperature of the motor. The system of protection against accidental activation, which today equip almost all Bulgarians, is implemented using duplicate keys, the user must press simultaneously with the starting button;
  • when choosing a tool for the garden and home should be considered ergonomics and individual characteristics of the operator. All of the adjusting device, the power key (off) should be located conveniently. It is preferable to select a tool, equipped with anti-vibration handles, working the mushroom shape of a rubberized material with special recesses for the fingers. Many companies produce models for left-handed users, where controls and operating handles are mirrored;
    How to choose a grinder to give
  • the grinder – a tool for working with large loads. Angle grinder, designed for long continuous work, should have good heat dissipation. It is implemented by the blower motor and other components exposed to heat. For better heat dissipation, some grinders are made in metal housings. The material is typically alloys of aluminium;
  • the working wheel is worn unevenly, when you work, there will inevitably be vibration. This leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of treatment. To buy a better grinder with anti-vibration system protection and balancing of the disk;
  • if you have to work with stone, concrete, asbestos cement and other materials, creating large amounts of dust, it is recommended to choose a specialized model. Motors, gearboxes, gears and other mechanical and electrical components of these instruments are protected from the abrasive effects of dust;
  • produces models with one and two handles. For cottages and homes better to give preference to the variant with two handles. These grinders are easier to hold in different positions, they are more comfortable;
    How to choose a grinder to give
  • before you choose a tool, it is best to compare several options. Ask passport data, pay attention to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Be sure to hold in your hands, run at idle. To evaluate the usability, visibility, to identify the presence of vibrations, background noise. Check the package contents, the presence of additional devices;
  • pay attention to the ability to self-replace the collector brushes. This will reduce repair costs;
  • to work on the plot and the house is usually recommended to acquire the Bulgarian domestic or semi-professional class production, Japan, USA, Russia. These machines are reliable, have sufficient reserve power for jobs around the house and the country.

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