Which plane to choose

Any building with their hands involves the presence of a good tool. If you like always something to build or repair, you will need only high-quality and reliable tool that will become your best assistant. If you are in the country planned to build a new pergola or to renovate the bath, in working with the wood you will need a tool like a planer. But conventional planer to prepare the Board will have to work long and you will lose a lot of strength. Fortunately, time does not stand still and in the world of modern instruments was the electric planer, which is several times accelerates the construction process and facilitates physical activity.

Electric planer is an essential tool for joinery, which makes planing boards an entertaining and enjoyable experience. After all the hard physical work takes on electric motor, you only need to control the plane. People who have not encountered this tool, choose the plane for home. It is important to choose a good model that will handle your household needs. For the needs of suburban areas, you need to know how to choose a planer to give, namely to choose a reliable tool which will help in a Grand country buildings.

Which plane to choose

This article will help to determine the choice and to know which plane is better. An electric planer is a multipurpose tool, so a number of them, the first thing that you need to pay attention. A good model must possess these features:

  • primary planing;
  • processing size;
  • fit;
  • sample of a quarter;
  • edge.

If all that is to use additional nozzles, the list of features and capabilities will increase greatly. Elektrorubanok their purpose is divided into two groups: consumer and professional.

They differ from one another capacity, the number of functions and duration of work. To understand how to choose a planer for home, will help this video:

When you select this tool it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria.

Specifications ↑

This is the first criterion that should draw your attention to the power of the engine, frequency of rotation of the drum and the width of the knife.

  • The power tool. If you decide to purchase powerful tool, you need to thoroughly study its data sheet and find out the true power consumption. For comfortable work with a plane, the capacity must be at least 400 watts. Most buyers make the big mistake of taking the power of the drum with the knife, which is indicated in a conspicuous place for the actual power;
  • the frequency of rotation of the drum. It is a quality characteristic of the instrument, the more revs, the better and higher quality processed wood. The main thing to consider when increasing load on the knife, a change of frequency, which naturally affects the quality of the work. All modern models of planes have a special electronic system that controls stable operation under various loads on the knife;
  • the width of the knife. Buying a plane with a narrow knife is not recommended, as you will have some time to process the surface that can affect the quality of the work. To take a plane with a wide knife is also not advisable because it is bulky and unwieldy machine, which is difficult to work with. Knife length can be varied, starting from 50 mm and 110 mm. finishing the Most viable option is the average length of the knife. It is more lightweight and convenient model of planer that copes with the treatment of wooden surfaces. If you do not know which to choose elektrorubanok, you must fit a plane with a knife of medium length.

Important! Good quality plane, will never be released under an unknown brand and cost too cheap.

Which plane to choose

Parameters affecting the quality ↑

This is the second criterion for a correct choice of the plane, which includes:

  • the chip thickness. Maximum chip thickness, which relieves the plane – 4 mm. the more powerful the tool, the more it can remove but the use of heavy and powerful plane is not very convenient and practical. The use of powerful planer allows you to perform a large amount of work. Now you know how to choose a planer for summer with grandiose plans for construction;
  • the shape of the knife. Is form of straight and spiral. Often used straight knives, but they do not always cope with the task, can receive the wave-shaped defects, so it is advisable to use spiral blades. And to save you time and money, better to buy a universal knife;
  • the rate of wear of components is the wear of the knife and the timing belt.
Attention! The more expensive and better the plane, the less you will have to change its components.

The nuances in the operation of the instrument ↑

This is the third criterion for choosing a planer, and takes into account the following:

  • maintenance-friendly replacement of the blade and the motor. You’re not often going to change these parts, but sooner or later have to do it. Buying a good power planer to replace them will be easy. What is not said about cheap models where the replacement knife will seem a puzzle. Also keep in mind that parts for an unknown model of a plane is not so easy to find;
  • the size of the plane is not the last thing to look when choosing this tool. For people who are professionals in the woodworking field, it is a very important point. To operate the compact plane nice and easy. Also these models have a lateral stop and ruler for professional work is important and useful devices.
  • the completeness of the kit – it is also necessary to pay attention to. Qualitative models of planers equipped with a spare knife with a wavy profile, which is used for the rough work.
Interesting! Expensive models of video cards equipped with clamps, which are easily converted planer in planer.

To better understand how to choose a planer, it would be useful to see the video:

Safe operation ↑

The fourth criterion in selecting the best planer is your safety. Thinking how to choose a planer in for repair, the issue of safety during use must come first. When buying a plane should not spare money for quality and safe model that has the following fixtures:

  • the protective cover of the knife;
  • retractable focus.

This model of the plane, gives you the opportunity to engage in the manufacture of wood without the concerns for your health.

It is important! While dangerous work should not be vigilant and should observe all safety regulations.

Which plane to choose

Newcomers to woodworking often ask this question. How to choose a quarter of the plane? Thinking is a complex process. While rebating the side of the planer moves along the edge surface. That’s the whole process. And in order to better understand this process, you can see in the video how to choose a quarter.

Many help in the selection of planer, forums with similar questions. On these forums lots of feedback, opinions, listing advantages and disadvantages, especially in the operation of a particular model, and also compare prices. On these forums there is a ranking of the most chosen tool:

  • Bosch;
  • Makita;
  • Skil;
  • Sparky;
  • Metado;
  • DeWalt.

Is the most popular brand of video cards from manufacturers, which have filled the consumer market with their products. This technique has only positive reviews and excellent characteristics. When choosing the best plane, you will feedback about this tool.

As for domestic producers, the market of this product confidently entrenched brand Interskop. It is a reliable and practical all brand of planer, which is a good analogue brands. Also Interskop plane easy to choose a quarter, well pleased with the relatively low cost.

Which plane to choose

Buy a reliable plane can be in specialized stores that sell only quality equipment and give a guarantee on their goods. Also, the planer can be purchased in the online store at affordable prices.

Here is the amount of information to learn all about the planer, how to choose, reviews and where to buy the good quality tool.

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