How to choose the right drill for the house

A drill is a tool that is used in the ordinary household repairs, more extensive operations, as well as installation works. With the help of this tool possible:

  • to create through holes of any diameter in materials of varying degrees of density;
  • to tighten or loosen the fastener;
  • to mix viscous mixtures for construction purposes;
  • to create a different thread.

All this is extremely important to know how to choose a drill for the house.

Improving the functions and the variety of models ↑

Every year they are improving in many plans: starting with high-quality performance increase and ending with the modification of ergonomics and choose the right gets harder. Also multiplies the number of models. Some of them have, in fact, quite difficult to call drills. In General, we are talking about:

  • professional and household;
  • with the presence of the shock feature;
  • corner;
  • drill-mixer:
  • drills-screwdrivers (many wonder how to choose a drill driver);
  • drills diamond drilling;
  • network;
  • battery.
It is important: classification in the list presented on various characteristics of operation, and other criteria.

We should look at the most popular types of equipment are presented separately, but first of all, it is advisable to find a very helpful video about how to choose a drill for the house.

Battery and electric drills ↑

Attention: as mentioned above, the drills can be both a network and electric, you choose. The first type are best manifested itself in the case, if the place of repair or any other works are available uninterrupted power supplies.

Device the same battery type is most in demand in times when there is no electric energy, and also the works that are associated with the need to frequently move. A similar tool «active», but is characterized by a lower degree of power and it is periodically necessary breaks for an additional charge. Such drills should choose, if you move a lot on the object.

However, the described problem can be solved using a certain amount of replacement batteries. So today we created an impressive number. Many do not know how to choose a cordless drill, so it is important to choose or to consult with a specialist.

Drills-mixers ↑

How to choose the right drill for the house

They have the momentum small degree and increased torque. This, in addition to creating holes in wood materials, metal and plastic makes it possible to efficiently stir the viscous mixture for construction purposes – from paints to mortars made of cement.

It is important: reducer mechanism in such devices is covered by a specific cover made of metal. A distinctive feature of the drills-mixers should also be considered as an additional arm that can be adjusted for optimal entrapment. This will help to answer the question of how to choose a drill-mixer, because particular attention should be paid to arm.

They come in both straight and angle-type.

The most important characteristics should include:

  • the power level of the mixer, not only consume, but to give;
  • the total number of speed – the vast majority of models have the ability to pre-set number of revolutions;
  • the diameter of the functioning stirrer is the significant diameter of the nozzle-mixer is proof of the better features on the predicted amount of mixing material;
  • modifications may vary and the total diameter of the spindle, it depends on the further selection of additional attachments;
  • additional functionality is reverse, which, however, may not be on most models.

Drills-screwdrivers ↑

How to choose the right drill for the house

No drills presents a type cannot do. It is of several types: rechargeable (i.e. wireless) and electric. How to choose battery or electric drill screwdriver later.

Unlike standard devices bumpless type is equipped with special mechanism that regulates:

  • depth;
  • the degree of navorachivaya.

Included must be the reverse. Cartridge set is designed exclusively for communication with nozzles which have a shank with six faces. Such drill is often chosen by installers of Windows.

Pros wireless type ↑

This type represents the device independently powered from one or more batteries.

In this regard, comfort and maximum ease in the manipulation of such tool, which does not depend on the electric network, was duly noted not only by Amateurs but also professionals repair and installation business. And professionals do understand the choice of drill.

And now more about the obvious pros:

  • – easy to carry;
  • big set of useful functions;
  • the possibility of replacing batteries;
  • extensive range of power.

If we talk about the brands that produce them, then there are quite a large number to suit every taste and color, so find and choose a drill is not too difficult in our days.

About electric species ↑

You cannot ignore the kind of electric devices, characterized by obvious advantages, namely:

  • the reverse function that is designed to release the drill, trapped in the material. Also, this option can be useful for extracting screws;
  • 21 mode, torque is solely dependent on the degree of density of the material. To select this feature possible in the process of navorachivaya and the reversing of screws;
  • relatively low weight (only 1.5 kilograms on average) have the original types of equipment. It’s good for speed of interaction of the operator. Therefore, the electric drill should be of great quality to possess certain certificates;
  • the device may be connected to the outlet non-grounded type. This happens due to the presence of double insulation.

Thus, each person chooses what type of equipment presented to him suitable, based on the benefits of each.

Package contents ↑

Some variations are equipped with a Keyless Chuck type, which is as easy to remove and bits it is recommended to install it in the spindle. They must also be automatic of a type to provide supply a variety of fasteners.

This makes the presented tool the most reliable and indispensable given the serial screwing.

Therefore, deciding which drill is better to choose for the most active use, you should stop its attention on the screwdriver.

Impact driver ↑

How to choose the right drill for the house

It is often confused with the punch. However, it’s a completely different type of device, the operation of which in the standard form drilling also added the percussion mechanism of the type which provides a much more effective and powerful passage of the drill. How to choose a hammer drill read below.

It is important such a mechanism is able to activate and deactivate at will the one who manages them. In this regard, it is desirable to carefully approach the choice of the hammer drill.

The mechanism effectively boosts the process (two to five times) at the beginning of the interaction with materials such as:

  • brick;
  • concrete.

In the vast majority of the modifications shown equipment the percussion mechanism functions only when the twist drill clockwise is one difference from the punch.

To buy this drill solved, most often, the ones who have an impressive amount of work that involve drilling:

  • concrete;
  • brick walls;
  • ceiling.
Warning: attention should be solely on proven brand Metabo, HILTI and DeWalt.

Other types ↑

Briefly tell about other not less interesting types. For example, the so-called drill diamond drill type.

How to choose the right drill for the house

But they tend instantly and easily «bite» in impenetrable concrete. Leaving the trail, which is a hole not big, but huge diameter. For daily needs this drill to choose not worth it.

Unstressed devices ↑

How to choose the right drill for the house

They are ideal for functioning on wood, plastic, and metal. Equipped with a reverse, in case of presence of necessary screwdriver bits such modifications will give the opportunity «to cope» with the mounting work. If you select this drill, you will not regret it, because it is more suitable on povsednevku.

Angular ↑

How to choose the right drill for the house

Designed to function in more cramped conditions than others. They are equipped with angular gearbox type. That is why the working heads are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees to the axis of the housing. This drill not everyone chooses.

With such a device to interact comfortable under the hood of the car or drill holes located close to each other the beams of wood.

Thus, for those who decides on which drill to choose, there is a wide field for reflection.

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