A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

For the installation of any pipeline system builders with experience and novice professionals is increasingly used universal pipe made of polypropylene.

Pipes made of polypropylene have a long lifetime and ability to withstand temperature from -10 °C to +90 °C . The installation system is by using tapered, fitting and butt welding. Therefore, it is important to buy a good machine for welding polypropylene pipes and master this simple process.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Features of welding ↑

Before choosing a machine for welding polypropylene pipes, should pay attention to the welding process. For flare and fitting (socket) weld in addition to the pipes will require additional materials: fittings and couplings. Butt method does not require additional parts, and therefore is considered the most simple, fast, economical. Welding requires special apparatus working on the principle of the soldering iron. With it, anyone will be able to connect the pipes without the help of professionals.

The welding process takes place by heating of pipe ends and their compounds under pressure. The obtained welding seam makes the connection solid and eliminates a leak in the future.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Attention! For welding required heating temperature not less than 260 °C. Therefore, if you want to save, you need to buy a welding machine with thermostatic control.

What equipment exists ↑

Manufacturers offer several types of welding machines. This allows work of any complexity.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Manual welding machine ↑

For home handymen and inexperienced masters there is a manual welding machine for welding polypropylene pipes. It is easy to handle and is divided into the following types:

Xiphoid. Xiphoid welding machine or iron consists of a heating shield, excluding adhesion, with holes for connecting elements of different diameters and temperature controller. From the operation of the thermostat depends on the quality of the connection material. It controls the limit of heating plastic. Iron has either a display, which displays information about the heating or indicators of preparedness. This camera has several configuration options.

One of the important components of quality sword-welding machines is their increased durability. But inexpensive models do not differ a stable job. This mainly applies to machines designed for the welding of elements with a larger diameter with the use of additional attachments.

Cylindrical. This machine is mainly used for welding in hard to reach places. The cylindrical heating element to put on the nozzle for connecting pipe ends of different diameter. The main quality of this device is that it is uniformly and simultaneously heats the surface. And there is the possibility of adjusting the heating.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Mechanical welder ↑

The mechanical Assembly is suitable for welding pipes with a diameter from 4 cm to 16 cm pipe Connection takes place by heating under manual pressure. Pipe is fixed by clamps, which evenly distribute heat. The pressure is monitored by a dynamometer, which is part of the unit. Also included is electrocortical, through which the pipe ends are smooth. Quality of seams depends on the evenness of the ends.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

The electro-hydraulic welding machine ↑

Method of welding such a device a similar mechanical. But with electro-hydraulic drive, it creates a lot of pressure, which is able to securely connect the product of the greatest diameter. Such a device has a removable heater, movable clamps for ease of welding lap and T-joints.

Attention! The electro-coating apparatus is different, the main requirement is strength and material excluding adhesion (non-stick coating). Typically is metallized Teflon.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Equipment for socket fusion and electrofusion welding ↑

Socket (coupling) is the most reliable method of joining polypropylene pipes in small spaces. The welding process is that a special fitting, in which there are heating elements, warming up from the inside and the pipe outside. Thus, ends are securely connected, and the top is formed an additional protection in the form of a clutch.

If socket welding is required for elements with a small diameter, it is reasonable to use a manual camera. With the help of special nozzles can connect pipe to 12.5 cm in diameter, but manual alignment of pipe and fitting sizes such discomfort at work such a welding, often turns out bad.

If you want to join large diameter pipes, it is best to use electrofusion devices with additional devices. These devices are a special centering device which provides a complete coincidence of edges. Such devices are equipped with special displays that shows all the welding parameters. This is expensive equipment for professionals, which works in automatic mode.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Which grade of the device you will approach ↑

Each manufacturer offers their own version of the Assembly for welding of polypropylene products:

  • the simplest kit. Includes the unit and key to attachments. Suitable for soldering pipes not more than two diameters;
  • the average kit. Is the most convenient machine for household work. In addition the apparatus includes nozzles, often the most popular diameters and a convenient carrying case. If necessary, you can buy special attachments;
  • the professional kit. This set, which is used by professional workers. Contains all the necessary tools and a full set of nozzles. Sold in a branded case. The same set of purchased parts will cost much more than the one sold in the kit.

Each welding device is provided with the manual. Starting work it is necessary to carefully study the document. Since all the nuances of the work described in it, is better to study, because these characteristics are necessary for the best operation of the apparatus.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Attention! To purchase a set you need depending on the volume and complexity of the work. For home use it is better to buy handmade and inexpensive model. To work in the editing team use professional kits.

Power equipment ↑

The larger the pipe diameter, the higher should be the heating rate. With a capacity of 680 watts you can safely join pipes with a diameter of 49 mm. the Power of 850 W will need to weld polypropylene products up to 75 mm When welding pipe 125 mm or more will require a capacity of 1200-2000 W.

Numerous reviews when choosing a machine for welding polypropylene pipes, it is advised to calculate the required capacity by a simple formula. The diameter of the bonding of the pipe must be multiplied by 10, get minimum required power. Add to received power 40% and you can buy the tool. It turns out if the pipe diameter is 49 mm, 49х10 = 490, 490 * 40% =196, 490+196 = 686 W need.

Attention! Do not ignore your own safety. Choose machines with insulating material on the handle.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

The choice of the manufacturer ↑

The quality of the instrument and all accessories will depend on the strength and durability of adhesions. With proper, high-quality compound construction will last up to 50 years. So before you decide how to choose a machine for welding polypropylene pipes, you should carefully approach the choice of the manufacturer.

The best manufacturer of welding machines for welding of polypropylene pipes is the company Wester. She had long specializiruetsya in the production of welding machines. The equipment of this manufacturer has received worldwide recognition and is used by professional installers.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

The advantages of this device are in high quality, security and functionality. Also the quality of the Teflon is very different from quality producers in other countries. But not every person can afford to purchase it due to high prices.

The alternative in this case would be the welding of polypropylene pipes Candan production of Turkey. Very good machine with a reasonable price. The kit includes additional hardware (nozzles at different diameters, tape measure, level for installation of the mixer, hexagon, stand, cutter).

Attention! Try to avoid equipment made in China. The probability of forgery. If you are unsure of the manufacturer, it is better to pay a little extra and avoid unpleasant surprises.

A machine for welding polypropylene pipes to choose

Conclusion ↑

Working with plastic can cause burns, so carefully study the user manual and observe all safety requirements. You can additionally seek the advice of professionals or people with some experience with welding of polypropylene pipes.

For more detail about how to weld polypropylene pipes, we learn in the next video

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