How to choose the right concrete mixer

For home and country construction, from pouring the Foundation, building walls and finishing device garden paths, landscape design elements required to make concrete in large quantities. Doing it manually is inefficient and inconvenient, this way is difficult to obtain a sufficient number of high-quality mortar. This is the mixer device for the manufacture of concrete.

Types of mixers ↑

According to the principle of there are two types of mixers:

  • mixing devices of forced mixing (rotary). Used, as a rule, to make the plastic and viscous mixtures, solutions with small particles and high water content. Drum this unit is stationary, the mixing is carried out by the rotor blades located inside it. Concrete mixers of forced action are of large dimensions, used for construction works large amounts;
    How to choose the right concrete mixer
  • mixers gravitational action. The blades of this device is stationary, located on the walls of a rotating drum that eliminates slipping of the composition on the walls and provides a high quality solution. Concrete mixers, gravity action ideal for preparing any of the compounds as hard with large particles and a liquid with high water content. These units are well suited for the construction of private homes, development of land in the country and other domestic purposes.
    How to choose the right concrete mixer

Cement mixer gravity of the action, in turn, are divided into gear and girth. The first are distinguished by reliability and durability. With these devices it is possible to prepare solutions with large particles. The disadvantages include relatively high cost, complexity and high cost of repairs in case of breakage of the gear must be replaced completely.

How to choose the right concrete mixer

Ring mixers. The torque from the engine is transmitted through the gear on the ring gear of cast iron or polyurethane surrounding the drum unit. These devices are less reliable, as the crown is open and exposed to abrasive dust and cement, however, as they wear, it is easy to replace.

How to choose the right concrete mixer

There is also a classification by type of motor or actuator. This parameter allocate units:

  • with electric motor the most common in industry and everyday life. Power these units can be carried out from the network and from the generators;
  • with a gasoline or diesel engine, are mainly used for large-scale field work;
  • with a manual transmission. Used for domestic work of small volume, for example, preparation of solution for elements of landscape design on the plot, device, garden paths, erection of small outbuildings.

The basic characteristics of mixers ↑

The main characteristics, which is the choice of the mixer are: the capacity (loading capacity) of the drum, the dimensions, the material of the drum, the availability of spare parts, engine power.

  • The dimensions of the device depend on the size and volume of the drum. This parameter evaluates the ability to move the mixer from one place to another. Concrete mixers usually have wheels. The device can be disassembled for storage and long distance transportation;
  • The volume of the mixer is determined by the maximum amount of solution that can accommodate a drum. For small repair work at the cottage or home is sufficient to buy a model with a working capacity of 70-100 L. If you have more extensive work, for example, building a house on the plot, you should get the mixer volume 150-300 L. This unit can produce from 3 to 5 cubic meters of concrete per day, which is enough for the construction crews of three to five people;
It is important! Be aware that the volume of the final solution is about two-thirds of the boot volume of the drum. For example, if the volume of the working tank 300 l it is possible to get a one time 200 l of solution.
  • the power of the engine. From this characteristic depends on the quality and smooth operation of the unit. A powerful engine provides the ability to load the maximum volume of the mixture in the drum, ensuring continuous operation of the unit during the working day. To work in unstable voltage conditions that often happen in the country, the actuator is equipped with a stabilizer. For unit capacity of 150 l minimum engine power should be at least 1000 watts. Be aware that for more powerful professional models usually require three-phase voltage 380 V.

Selection recommendations ↑

Before you make the final choice, in addition to the basic characteristics necessary to estimate the amount, timing of the proposed works, the required composition and quality of the solution, seasonality and other factors.

  • The possibility of operation of the unit. When buying cement mixers, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of continuous or periodic operation of the device. If while blending you must stop the mixer and run it again, then you need to choose the Assembly with the possibility of periodic action. For works of small volume such devices are more economical, because it remains unused solution. If you have a large-scale work, for example, the construction of two-storey houses on the plot to choose the unit of continuous action;
  • if the need for preparation of a solution occurs from case to case, it is better to stop the choice on the ring mixer. These units are cheaper and produce a mixture of good quality. They are good for odd jobs at the cottage or at home, for example, building a fence, pouring of the floor. For long-term work is better to choose gear concrete mixer, they are more reliable and better suited for intensive use;
  • you should also pay attention to the availability of spare parts subject to wear. For example, the crowns of polyurethane or cast iron for the girth of the mixers;
    How to choose the right concrete mixer
  • for the preparation of solutions with medium-sized inclusions in large volumes is appropriate to choose the concrete mixer of forced action. For domestic purposes are better suited devices gravitational action. Depending on the model, the volume of the working capacity can be up to 300 litres, they can be used to obtain the concrete mix of excellent quality, with various additives, and any valid size of the inclusions. Home and garden is usually sufficient gravity mixers;
  • before buying you must consider the season when you will use the unit. Most mixers are designed to work in warm seasons. If you are facing the winter work, it is better to choose specialized winter model;
  • special attention when choosing you should pay for the operating voltage of the motor of the mixer. Single-phase models with a capacity over 1 KW, are relatively rare. If there is a possibility of a three-phase connection 380 V, it is better to choose with a capacity of 1.5 KW. Motor quality mixers necessarily protected against ingress of dust and sand with a special casing;
  • the neck of the drum working capacity shall be securely welded to the rim to not bend when falling asleep of the components of the mixture. The blades must have an elongated shape with slits in the middle. This design provides better mixing;
    How to choose the right concrete mixer
  • the material from which made the working capacity. The drums of concrete mixers are usually made of steel, by welding of specially-cut steel plates or solid, on deep drawing presses. In the first case, the wall thickness of the drum is up to 4 mm. Working capacity, custom exhaust press, more thin, their thickness of 1,5… 2 mm. it is Better to make a choice in favor of the unit with a welded drum, this option is more durable and practical;
  • pay attention to the quality and reliability of the locking position of the working capacity. From the angle of the drum determines the number and the quality of the solution. If the angle is too small, the amount of loading of the mix more, but it affects the quality of mixing;
  • if possible, better choose a model well-known company, this saves you from unexpected costs for repair of the unit. It is important to check equipment, to clarify the warranty.

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