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Decorative garden: how to created a vegetable bed at my dacha

Decorative garden: how to created a vegetable bed at my dacha

Even at the stage of acquiring house, I decided thatStandard garden on it will not. Maximum - a few beds with herbs. And the potatoes and tomatoes is quite possible to buy on the market, not digging in the ground from morning till night. Yes, and what to hide: Many vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, by the middle of summer, do not look too neat. Bare stems, yellowing leaves - all of this I have seen too many neighbors. And I would like to plot bring aesthetic pleasure, and without exception every garden.

A year after the purchase of villas, I was engagedplanning problems. Slowly, planting flower beds, I did the track, in general, to comprehend the basics of landscape design in practice. Watching my refinements, the husband periodically reminded that we are not all as humans. And though it would be necessary to plant onions petrushechku yes. Since this time the knowledge of landscape art, I had more than enough, I decided to make a nice husband. And to build the same garden. But difficult, and decorative - with the beds, flower beds, planted with plants that are able to save the entire season a decent appearance.


Planning my ornamental garden

Promised - then you need to do. I opened the almighty Google, with its images and found many pictures of ornamental gardens. Immediately brushed rectangular raised beds, standing in a row - no interest, as for me. I decided to do some composition with meaning. And so, on the Internet, I saw wonderful photos raised garden, flower bed in the form of the sun. In the center of the ensemble - a raised flowerbed-round sunshine, and from there depart elongated triangular beds rays, their boundaries delineated borders. Inside beds - mixed planting of flowers and garden plants, mostly green. Green is growing very fast, the seeds can be podseivat at any time of the season, young plants reach maturity in just a couple of weeks.

And so I set about trying to create agarden-sun. First, all planned out on paper. The tracks will be laid out between the clubs from the paving stones. The width of the two circular paths - 60 cm, radial - 40 cm diameter of the inner circular flowerbeds -.. 280 cm at a distance of 60 cm from it will disperse to the sides 16 sectors rays, length 300 cm smaller side of each sector -. 30 cm, big - 150 cm. concrete curbs will be used for framing sectors and the central circle. With their help it will be possible to achieve geometrically precise shapes and sizes of garden sectors, as well - to make possible their "elevation" above ground level.

Immediately I say, that work to createelevated tracks and sectors, laying curbs, I decided to delegate a brigade of builders. Myself, I took the role of organizer, planting plants in the garden, I also, of course, will itself.

Forming sector decorative garden

With mercenary brigade we were lucky. They worked so smoothly and quickly that the fault was not to anything. The day marked out all the elements of the flower beds, dug sector-rays and dug concrete curbs.

Excavation work on the decorative garden

The excavated beds segments on the future of the decorative garden

I want a border to serve if not alllife, exactly two decades. Therefore, the choice fell on concrete. To tell the truth, afraid that the framing will look cumbersome, but the resulting composition was quite nice.

Dimensions borders - 20h7 cm, length 50 cm. When set, they were buried at half height, that is 10 cm. The remaining 10 cm above the level of the tracks. Since many elements of the semi-circular, borders had to be cut in the stone-cutting machine, at an angle, and then attach the corners.

In the inner space framed by flowerbeds spiked further ground to the surface proved to be upbeat.

Borders frame decorative garden beds

Around segments stacked concrete curbs

The picture emerges already! You can proceed to the tracks.

Creation of paths between the beds

I have long thought of what to do track. The requirements for them are: the ability to move safely, decorative and durability. The first thing that occurred to me - not to strain, and fill the whole thing of decorative mulch chips. Kind and nice, and helpful, and friendly. Weeds sprout through the mulch does not, looks neat powder. But then I thought that mulch paths not particularly resemble after heavy rains, the dirt is. And pour mulch have from time to time. Another option - to asphalt tracks. It is difficult, too, is not suitable. But paving stone blocks - just right. In this and stopped.

He gave instruction to the workers and they started creating tracks. Technology is as follows:

  1. As indicated by the outline of tracks dug trenches. Dig need to clay, that is, removing all the fertile layer. In our case - to a depth of 15-20 cm.
  2. The bottom is lined with geotextile to powder, which will be on top, not seeped through the soil. Otherwise, paving pressure can sink, change the angle.
  3. In the geotextile layers is filled with sand - 5 cm, rubble - 5 cm, again sand - 5 cm approximate thickness can vary, depending on the situation and his own eye estimation..
  4. Sand and crushed stone cushion shed water from a hose, to completely wet.
  5. Cushion roller compacted so that it is not ontraces remained when stepping. With insufficient compaction, eventually prosyadet sand and cobbles on it will wobble, and then completely fall off. Rammer - an important part of the job!
  6. Above is poured a mixture of sand and cement - about 3 cm in height.
  7. In this mixture is laid paving stones, each element is driven in a rubber mallet.
  8. The joints between the paving stones are sealed peskosmesyu.

All these actions were carried out, after which the beds for my ornamental garden was ready for planting. I opened the field for landscape experiments!

Cobbles on the paths between the beds of decorative garden

Paving stone blocks paths between the beds garden

Planting ornamental garden

Unfortunately, the yard was already autumn, the seasonIt came to an end, so the settlement of vegetable crops in the first year, I decided not to do. And since the spring bought at the market strawberry bushes and planted them half-rays sectors (8 pcs.). The rest of the sector is covered with black non-woven fabric ( "spunbond") to the weeds do not grow and did not spoil the view of the garden.

In the central flower bed I will have a flower garden,so there I lodged 3 stam lilac «Palibin», prikopat few roots and peonies planted bushes Heuchera. For the bright spots on a great circle of the sun were planted bushes blossom forever pink begonias. I bought a ready-flowering seedlings in greenhouses, where it is quite inexpensive. It is a pity that our winter begonia can not stand each year, if you want to save the song will have to buy new bushes.

Strawberries on the decorative garden

Strawberries on the decorative garden bloomed and gave a good harvest in the first year!

I admit that this year I was very busy landscaping the other parts of the site, so the garden went on my second plan. So it stood, half-covering materials tightened throughout the season.

But next spring, I have already prepared a plan of planting, start sowing. The beds rays planted various lettuces, carrots, onions, beets, parsley and dill.

Mulching beds decorative chips

Land in the central flowerbed I zamulchirovat decorative chips

A very important event in the care ofornamental garden - watering in the heat, it is desirable every day. Without organized regular moisturizing harvest you certainly get. But the beauty and vibrant lush greenery will be forgotten. If you spend time in the country only on weekends, the best solution in this situation - the organization drip irrigation. I along beds stretched hoses, the water is fed from the collecting barrels.

The main thing is not to water the plants on top of the day, whenthe sun is shining. Otherwise, on thin sheets of paper will burn. If watering from above (for example, using a circular spray), it was only in the evening or in cloudy weather. Decorative garden - it's not quite the usual beds, is a kind of flower, but only for vegetables and herbs.

Central decorative flowerbed garden

In the central flowerbed flowered peonies and lilacs

In early June, all kitchen garden grew green sundifferent shades, peonies and lilacs bloom, fluffed Heuchera leaves. Heuchera me different - with green leaves, yellow, purple. They landed on the rim of a circular flower bed in the center, framed by the composition of peonies and lilacs stam. Generally bed-flower makes a unique flavor to the decorative garden, dilutes the color green with the bright colors.

At the same time despite the fact thatRays segments planted one green, each culture has its own color. Oak salad - brown lettuce - light green, bow - dark green. Parsley - carved, dill - fluffy, and in the summer it also blooms with yellow umbrellas. Everything is so different, that looks a vegetable garden is not boring, monotonous.

Decorative garden in early summer

Green is growing very quickly, so early in the summer of decorative garden looked quite full flowerbed

Different shades of green on the decorative garden make it bright

Different shades of green on the decorative garden make it bright

Riot decorative garden in mid-summer

Riot decorative garden in the middle of summer - greens grown and closed all the gaps, flowered ukorop

Of course, in the next few years I will change everythingmiksovat may podsazheny to green along the contour beds. And while I do not like anyway. This is a very unusual and pleasant feeling when you realize that all this beauty that blooms and greens - your doing. And, thanks to his own work, get organized not ordinary beds and vegetable designer flower bed. Perhaps my achievements will help someone build a decorative garden. Go ahead and you will succeed!


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