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Planning my site: Description of functional areas and garden objects

Planning my site: Description of functional areas and garden objects

To begin with, that 4 years ago, we bought with her husband30 acres of land for permanent residence. Build a house, we moved. Then I was seized with uncontrollable desire to create a garden of your dreams. How do I imagine it? This garden malouhodny requiring no slavery in the land. The style - the landscape, close to the natural forms. There are no exotic, only plants that grow well in our conditions without requiring specific care. This garden I began to create, slowly, step by step, moving towards its goal. Over the years much has been done, I can not avoid errors and rework in planning, and in planting.

Much "auditioned for a tooth", and then it appearedinappropriate and ruthlessly liquidated with replacement with something more interesting. Garden mutated, it appeared the new functional areas, adapts to me and my family. About how to create my garden, about the stages of transformation and eventually my efforts, I try to tell right now.


Preliminary zoning

Immediately after the completion of the house, we have roughly divided the land into zones.

The functional areas of the garden

Land with a height of the second floor - visible almost all functional areas, except for the playground

The first zone - the lawn, which is located at the entrance tohouse. Lawn framed landings - two large beds and mixborders. On the lawn, we marked out and made the sidewalks, at the beginning - from the stone and then rebuilt them on wooden decks.

Lawn near the entrance to the house

Lawn near the entrance to the house is the "front" of the plot area

The second important part of the garden - a children's playground. It is made on the basis of the former fire pond, dried up long ago, but it remains on our site.

Playground on site

Playground was built in the valley, where there used to be a fire pond

The third zone - small, made for relaxation. There was a chance, because it was a piece of space near the site. Here we found a small pond with a fountain and garden furniture. The surface of the earth was filled with rubble, and to delineate the area around the track made of wood.

The recreation area with a fountain

A small seating area with a fountain - a place for relaxation with a morning cup of coffee

The fourth zone - "kitchen". Here are the center with a semicircular bench, cart with a mini vegetable garden, flower gardens with conifers, hosts and fruit trees.

Lawn with a fireplace and a mini-garden on a cart

Lawn with a fireplace and a mini-garden on the wagon plays the role of the "summer kitchen" at the site

The fifth area - patio for relaxing with spa pool. This zone is formed by accident, and was originally planned as a rosary. But, unfortunately, there grow roses refused. All the fault proved to be a layer of clay, which took place in the ground at a depth of about a meter, so the water stagnate in plant roots, they grew sickly and does not bloom. Therefore, a rose garden was demolished and in its place is laid wood flooring coupled with paths.

At the center of the plot is a wooden decking patio

At the center of the plot is a wooden deck and patio, which is used in the summer to relax by the pool

At its center is left free spacethere we planted spruce barbed "Hoops" with beautiful blue needles. In adulthood, it should reach 10 meters in height, which will decorate the New Year.

For planting spruce had to dig a hole 1,5h1,5 meters to overcome a layer of clay, and replace it with a normal soil. Near we ate we put the inflatable pool, a large umbrella, garden swings, deck chairs.

In the central part of the deck is planted "Hoops" Spruce

There is one area, the sixth until it is improved. This place is a pit dug under the foundation of the previous owners of the house. But we built a house in another place and left the pit.

The plans do playground here. In the meantime, to global changes, I dropped something on the perimeter. "Kolomna" Along the fence are planted in a series of several high grade narrow tui. They grow quickly, I hope, will soon shut down the neighbor's fence. On the left, we fence, planted lilac bushes - 3 pieces. Left and right of the hole, almost symmetrically arranged small mixborders roses, blue spruce, spirit, willow and hazel red.

Area cordoned off from the rest of the raised portionflower beds and trellis fence with a gate. I initially raised beds planted with roses, but almost all of them died during the first winter. Flowerbed get high, so everything was frozen. I had to change the roses mixed planting of globular spirits, cinquefoil, hydrangeas, sow-thistle, creeping juniper.

Not well-located part of the garden behind the fence

So far, not well part of the garden is located behind the lattice fence with gate

Now that you have an idea about myplot, tell you about the most significant of its facilities. I'll try to explain how they were made, what principles of gardening and arrangement used for this.


Playground organized in the first well,the remainder of the dried-up pond fire. There is always dry, no wind, so you can walk there even in very unpleasant weather. First we fill up there a little bit of fertile land, leveled slopes and bottom. Along the perimeter of the pit put a wooden fence.

Playground on the former site of the fire pond

In the first year we brought fertile land, spiked it into the pit, leveled and installed bearings

Already next summer was seeded lawn, made the descent of stone limestone. Entrance to the site is decorated with wooden arch.

Area after the installation of the first arch and gaming designs

After the installation of the first arch and gaming designs, children's playground has become a favorite place for games of our children

Children's Town, I designed myself andincarnation took the husband to the workers. the whole complex was made with houses, hills, slopes, swings, sandpit. Children (they have two) immediately appreciated our efforts, and now almost all of them spend there free time.

On site there is everything you need to play and active recreation for children

On site there is everything you need to play and active recreation for children

Mixborders and garden

Mixborders was laid on the left side of the lawn,which is located at the entrance to the house. Basis mixborders - conifers, they were planted first. Already in the first year of the arrangement of the garden we have placed here pine, arborvitae, blue spruce, willow and several ferns, brought out of the woods.

Conifers in mixborders

First, in mixborders were planted conifers, they create a form of "skeleton" of the composition

And then molested for several massperennials. At first - Speer nipponskoy, Hydrangea paniculata, white dogwood, sedum prominent, cuff. Later - bushes physocarpus "diabolo" and "Aurea", barberries Ottawa, maple "Flamingo". An interesting plant was blueberry for me that summer gives quite decorative and tasty berries, and in the fall - foliage colors in the carmine color.

Mixborders summer, during flowering perennials

Mixborders summer, during flowering perennials

Another group of vegetable - garden -It landed on the left at the entrance to the house. Initially, in the center of the black pine tree I planted, then already formed around the composition of roses (floribunda and ground cover), lavender, clematis, delphinium. In trellis let curl girl's grapes.

The initial view of the front garden with a pine tree in the center of the black

The initial view of the front garden with a pine tree in the center of the black

The following year, having wanted more color, I hoisted in the front garden phlox, dahlias and so much more. But in bloom I did not like.

Flowering front garden was too clumsy

Flowering front garden was too clumsy, so I decided to change the composition of plants

And in the fall, I took up the alteration. Removed delphiniums, dahlias. Replace the black pine on a compact mountain pine and spruce hoisted a few. Elimus added.

Front garden with roses

The front garden in a thick foam of roses - since the composition looks like now

To make your life easier and get rid of combatweeds, garden and all subsequent landings were carried out with the use of geotextiles. Initially, we shot sod lawn with a bayonet shovels, poured fertile soil. Then, the ground was covered with geotextile, at the landing site and did a cross-shaped incision is planted to the selected plant. Top geotextile mulched with pine chips. That's all. Chips looks very organic, and there are almost no weeds.

To plant the front garden and flower beds are not crawling on the lawn, plantings were restricted edge curb plastic tape. Very practical thing - does not rot, does not deform.

Other beds

Tsvetnikov on my site a few. I will dwell on a few of them.

Lawn outside the house is framed by two beds. One - near the well, several large host was planted on her, weeping larch, sow-thistle bushes, stonecrops, willow on trunks, Ligularia.

Start creating a semicircular beds

Start creating a semicircular beds, located on either side of the wooden well

The semicircular flowerbed limits "front" lawn and creates a harmonious composition with a well

A similar semi-circular flowerbed pitched on the opposite side of the lawn, adding to the bearded irises and large rocks, boulders.

The second bed of hosts, limiting lawn

The second bed of hosts, limiting lawn on the opposite side

Two more beds are located on the lawn with a fireplace (in"Kitchen" zone "). The first - a semi-circular bed in the shape of a horseshoe encircles the bench. Here I have a lot of host - green and variegated. These podsazheny irises, yellow and white dogwood, arborvitae, sow thistle, spiraea. On the right side flowerbed growing young apple tree, and on the left - Kalina on trunks.

The center back is framed flower bed in the form of a horseshoe

The center is surrounded by a stone retaining wall behind framed flower bed in the form of a horseshoe

On the contrary it is broken, another bed, framing the lawn with wavy lines edges. Here planted Prunus tomentosa, tulips, euphorbias, spruce and juniper.

Flower bed with undulating contour

Flower with a wavy contour in the opposite of the outbreak of the lawn

First beds have been shielded from the lawn curb tape, then I changed it to a number of boulders of stones, and then - on the borders of the ragged sandstone.

Rockery - "stone motifs"

This miracle of landscape art I also have. It is located on the edge of the "kitchen" area and is adjacent to one side of the wooden walkway, flooring.

Rockery - flowerbed with riprap and "mountain" landscape

Probably every owner of the suburban area,fascinated by design, are not averse to develop into a piece of stone garden. The problem of such objects is that they are difficult to logically geocoded. On many flat areas rather strange look nowhere who had taken rocks arranged in a pile. So I decided to do eye notable elevations, that is exactly the slides and put the stones of various sizes in the natural disorder. And amidst this chaos elaborate planted plants.

I have long thought of how to write in rockeriesgarden painting. And I decided to make it part of the composition, along a track-deck. On the one hand he has to "fall" into a raised bed of hydrangeas and conifers, and on the other hand - an ordinary flower bed in the form of a horseshoe surrounding the "kitchen" area with a fireplace. To somehow tie rockeries with raised beds is planned to put the wooden bridge between them.

Rockery was created as follows. On the pitch, we have marked the outlines of rockeries, removed the sod into two bayonet spade. Then fell asleep in the indentations good ground, covered her geotextile. Plan out the landing and made cross-shaped cuts in the plant locations. Planted Karelian birch, spurge, Berberis thunbergii, Japanese spiraea, cuff, juniper, thuja. On top of the geotextile poured granite gravel, pebbles scattered over it and spread out large boulders.

The bridge, which connects with a raised rockeriesflowerbed, garden added a note of a Japanese flair. But he did not look to a separate element, it was necessary to enter it into the landscape, somehow beat the stones, herbs. I came up with the following. To the right of the bridge on the raised beds have grown sow thistle, below it on the lawn, I hoisted the dwarf herringbone "Lucky Strike". Very much I liked his crooked, protruding branches in different directions, giving it a Japanese style.

Christmas tree near the bridge

Christmas tree "Lucky Strike" is located on the lawn on the right side of the bridge

To the left of the bridge, close to Rocard, I planted a bush elimusa (lyme grass) with blue long leaves.

Lyme grass on the left of the bridge

To the left of the bridge successfully entered lyme grass, bulrush afar resembles

Garden paths

I think an interesting device may sound tracks in my garden. I will write about them too. We started making them out of stone. Share on half of the area, but somehow we did not look like it.

Stone walkway in the area

Stone pathways initially seemed a good solution, but in the overall composition looking rough

We decided to remodel. Removed stone, removed the sod layer on a bayonet spade. Laid sand about 10 cm from the top - granite rubble. Such track looked very even nothing! And for some time lain in this form.

The only negative for my crushed stone pathsfamily was in a difficult passage for him child of transport - cars, bicycles, wheelchairs. So we decided to remake them into tracks, planks of wood. A foothold in the rubble of logs, covered them with black resin for the prevention of decay.

Laghi sheathed pine boards, the lower sidewhich has been treated by impregnation rot. Boards polished, sanded, thus aligning their surface and removing the sharp corners. After that, the colored composition of the flooring wood wax-based "Belinka" dark color in 2 layers.

Wooden-track decks

Every year or two tracks need to be painted again, then with them will be no problem

It was found that the wooden lanes have weightmerit. They are not slippery, and even if you fall, it hurts not to strike. The tree is always warm and dry - we made between the boards gap, through which the water got on the floor immediately goes into the gravel. As such, our paths are for 3 years - no rot!

At this point I will finish the story. My garden, like a living creature, will still grow and change. But the basic facilities already exist and as long as I am satisfied. The most important thing is that you find that pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, daily care for this garden is not too complicated to manage it myself, sometimes connect husband. What is needed? Drizzle, trim where necessary, fertilize, and sometimes - transplant. That's all it takes to stay healthy garden, liked and was a convenient resting place for my family.


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